Sunday, 12 April 2020

Life Is Communication

Just to note in this little health thread, toxicity is the other side of nutrition - and toxicity can and does produce conditions assigned as infectious disease.

Because our body is within our field of awareness and responsive to our thought and experience, it is also sustained or toxified by the use to which our mind is put as the purpose we accept and align in.

A sense of self-conflict is a lack of wholeness - and a lack of health (fear of loss) seeking OUTSIDE itself, can only reinforce its starting point.

For this reason trying to prop us a conflicted foundation with externals leads exactly to the world we suffer by unconscious exchange of false premises in need of reinforcement - and therefore control.

The idea of 'fixing' a broken system has developed All the king’s horses and all the king’s men engaging in futility as a 'War on Truth' but presented as the mind-frame of 'War on the demonised and falsely flagged cause'. For without such 'war' self-seperating isolation from the Field of Awareness - which is Light and Communication of being - would be over - or rather - awakened from in the recognition that self-isolation was never true - but had all the truth and power we gave it - who are one with truth.

Locking down in a limiting and limited frame of self isolating separation in conflict that drives the seeking of control as the basis of life.
The healing of a false foundation is in looking on it as it is, and recognising it is not life - FROM the always already Communication Of Life that is  you are.

All genetically coded communication and instruction runs within the unique correspondence of its 'operating system'. There are commonalities that connect all living things but as unique expressions of the whole in the many and the many in the whole. Hierarchy of context is not that of control. We stand under life because we receive it. Communication is a giving and receiving both. Maintaining the flow and integrity of the channel is the balancing of inner and outer as one.

The attempt to Do our being is getting in our own way, and the replacement of communioned qualities of being with behaviours by which to judge and be judged.
The mind of judgement substituting for the heart of discernment. A self-separating control - and subjection, for the navigating of the balance points of all that you are.

Love has no way to translate into the old wine bottles of judgement - excepting to serve the illumination of the choice being made and its contrast with the experience of being-at-one in the peace or joy of any unselfconscious movement of our being - where we neglect or forget to 'get in our own way'.

I write this on Easter Monday in a time where the Church is dead. But in truth the Living Church is consecrated in any and every relationship where two or more gather in a Field of unified and unifying purpose - such is the natural impulse and movement of love's desire to know and share itself as One in Many - and Many in One.

The release of a world of fear, pain, struggle and loss, is to the renewal of the mind - as a more integrated capacity to align in willingness for workability - instead of sacrificing a 'fallen sense of unworthy life' to an ideal - or idol.

Repeating patterns of futility with ever increasing death and taxes, is at some point a call to re-evaluate the foundation, premises and predicates from which all else automatically follows.

Can we stop a virus?
Is a variation of 'can we deny life is Communication?'.
Blocking, denying and then substituting for communication with false witness is within the realm of our capacity to use the mind to limit itself, and to give life to dead narratives that operate a masking of make-up on a corpse, no one dare remove.
But do we WANT this.

True desire can be covered over but never lost, because it is of our being - which we did not create - but stand under, and appreciate. What we truly want is the field of alignment of thought and purpose as decision. But by focusing in the frame of what we do NOT want - and fear - we are negatively polarising under a dissociated sense of protecting or fixing all that remains of a positive identity taken from chaos and conflict or pain of loss - which is then cast out, denied and defended against as our salvation.

The breakdown of the masking reality is the revisiting of 'separation trauma' from the gift of a new perspective - if we find and are found in willingness to receive and accept truth we do not manufacture. The only 'block' to letting Life into its Own is the willingness to persist an allegiance in futility of a self convicted conflict cast out and attacked. Is it not better we are mistaken; than proved 'right' by misery, masked in a self-vindication that has NO peace in it?
A self-hating humanity gives only to get rid of - seeing others and world and body as somewhere to dump unpaid toxic debt, that it may persist.

Give only as in truth, you would receive.
Truth is Alive!
As the resonance of our willingness to receive and align in extension, rather than a self isolating lockdown of control given power.

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