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Supplemental to health

Dr Kendrick on Supplements and minerals as part of his what causes heart disease series.

Some of my commentary (problems posting today so not all these got through!)

There are synergies to vitamins, that work better together, and balances between minerals that make supplementing more of a complexity than considering them separately. 
Then there are synthetic substitutes that are likely a liability. I have seen reports of adverse effect from folic acid that is not in fact folate. Eg:

Bio-availability issues may mean dosage is much less or of negligible effect. Other factors can mean that our levels of vitamins may be significantly lower as a result of exposure to toxins, current and chronic inflammations, pharmaceuticals, and 'biologics'. (&etc).
Some toxins - including antibiotics and Roundup (glyphosate) at least interfere with and are destructive to the the gut biome - whose role in our functioning health is only just being recognised and which in full healthy function may change the entire perspective. Whose 'thinking' are you following?

Indeed the 'germ theory' of disease as accepted is another wrong turn as I see it - at least in the way it has been interpreted, marketized and weaponized. It may be being used in place of owning up to toxicity. The world may not be as we were brought up to believe. Some of the history of Science is bunk.

But the 'strain' on our vitality in maintaining core functions under a broad spectrum of toxic food and exposure, de-natured and nutrient deficient produce, and strain of psychic-emotional conflict, is an argument for considering that vitamins and minerals via food may no longer be adequate from much of the food many can access.

The immune system is a term that has certain known factors woven into a 'defence and attack narrative' - but now commonly attacking self (auto-immune disease). Again all kinds of stories that tend to fuel symptom suppression or a spanner in the works with 'side' effects thrown in as a bonus. The proclivity of our story-led imagination serves the marketing budget for 'innovation'. If people take on the story, they queue up to be saved. 

I see charge capacity and conductance of vital force (immunity) as the very nature of health, and do not separate this from the electro-magnetic nature of the subtler communication structure of the body (and I might add, the Cosmos).

So as well as having hope in a restored alignment with our biota as a potential vector for healing, I also see the realm of electromagnetic/electric/energy healing as a 'frontier territory' that science is re 'discovering' - but working hard not to allow in (resistant to even consider). EG: "electromagnetic therapy primer - Liboff". This work includes the recognition that almost unbelievable small currents and fields operate significant and demonstrable effects on the basis of resonance rather than intensity.

In seeking to escape a core or primary responsibility, we operates out-of alignment with our self and life. This manifests in conflicts, encapsulated or stuffed down conflicts and layers of lies/defences, diversions and false saviours.

Awakening responsibility is listening, feeling, noticing, curious, and honest as a basis for joy in life - which is being who we are rather than struggling to be what we are not.

So the effects of joy and gratitude and ability to embrace and engage life's challenges are somewhat chemically known, but are also 'electrically communicative' in resonant systems. We may not need healing 'devices' when we re-open pathways of resonance.

I believe that when we cease to extend our presence into life, we suffer the lack of it in our world. Somewhere 'downstream' is a Prodigal wasteland. How much of 'health seeking' is looking for ways to prop up a sense of self or system that is inherently out-of-true? (sickness management).

The iatrogenic death toll proves to me that mind capture is an active component in assisted self-harm - because hardly anyone connects the statistic - which I expect to be understated - with their choices and behaviours.

Minerals are taken from the soil by crops that are then removed. 'Fertilising Big Ag style' is to grow the plant for market - not to feed and nourish the soil.
Then you have top soil run off - and blowing away. There are other vectors operating from lack of ground cover and ignorance of the nature of water in its ground cycle (If Schauberger was correct in his own findings then he accounts for mineralisation from below - otherwise you have organic detritus - which is soil fertility - and the results of glacial action, volcanic action or other cataclysms from the past). Waterways can bring down from mountains etc - but this still has to be transported from the waterway to the vegetation or else nourishes the sea life.

How would precipitation replenish mineral nutrients in the soil? (Apart from industrial pollutants and weather modification technologies?)

Many hold that minerals are best absorbed via eating plants that take them up - or animals that eat the plants. Or perhaps 'best' here means at the most bio-available form of ionic suspension?

But hollow food makes hollow people. Looks like food. Looks like people - but the forms are in a sense pale copies of their ancestral potentials. 
Can you tell what is in your soil with your

Look up liboff's work. For the framework within which to appreciate there are genuine downsides and upsides to even minute electromagnetic exposures - depending on resonances and not on charge intensity.
There's very interesting findings and a few documents downloadable in which to overview.

He distances himself from some who have been demonised in the past for success outside the Model, in attempt to reach scientific acceptance. But science has never been the determiner of the Model, so much as status, wealth and power. If those three are not associated with the direction of research then it's a lonely furrow to uncover anything that reveals the existing narrative is false or indeed fraudulent.

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