Monday, 22 January 2018

Silent weapons for war by stealth

An article on the Guardian's coverage of Apple's corporate plans for UK education

"Silent weapons for quiet wars" runs beneath the sideshow of conflict dynamics to institute global technocracy, wielded of course by the insiders to the setting up and operation of such systems of control.

It is on a need to know basis - and the narrative to any level of access privilege may assume it is privy to more than others but is no less fed and led. Partial thinking can belief its own thought. The idea that energy systems can be exploited and harnessed to serve intended outcomes can mask private gratifications. Such private gratifications can become a 'power class' running on a common belief in power struggle as the core or stark fact of human existence under death - and so a death cult operates the attempt to coerce or induce the sacrifice of the living to support a private sense of alignment in power over life, hidden behind the mask of serving humanity. 

This can be seen as the 'elitism' of a power class predating upon the rest of the population - and the resources that are for all - and our children and generations to come. It can no less be seen in the demand of the population for 'unconsciousness' or protection and escape from innate responsibility for living. The latter is less obvious because it is in our own mind and hides by being focused upon as the minds of others - whether perpetrators, victims or 'saviours'.

A true salvation from the cycle of victimhood as power, is awakened responsibility of receptive awareness. It remains true that the meaning of a thing is what you use it for. But unless we wake up to a true gratitude for the meaning that living is, we operate as if built in meanings run a prison planet.

If we want wishful fantasy to overlay or cover the true, we then generate false currency and seek to strengthen it by inducing or recruiting others to share in it. The true remains always and forever true - but this has no meaning in a framework of distorted and filtered 'meanings' put together by all the king's horses and all the king's men. True is known by alignment and extension of expression. 

Meanwhile the investment of identity in what is not true, masks who you are the inherently the uncovering of, when you are willing to align in unified purpose rather than attempt to force alignment on fragmented and conflicted purpose.

The Ideas that are basis of our experience of the world, change and evolve. But beneath all changing appearance it remains true that you give and receive as one - that is what you give out sets the measure of your receiving - and what you insist on 'receiving' in place of true will set the measure of your thought, word and deed as your experience of your world.

Tyrannous thought dictates through a sense of 'an offer you cant refuse'. This may be an inducement to privilege - with the understanding that to not take it will result in personal pain and loss. Discerning what is due to Caesar and what is due to God (Inherency of being) is not going to arise from Caesar's thinking or mind-framing.

There is a choice here, but it is never the choice as fear-thinking frames choosing. All roads lead to Rome indicates the nature of power structure on Earth, but all roads lead Home is the alignment in the power within Life that we forfeit in attempt to have power over it.

A lifetime is a journey of experience and discovery at a deeper level that the narrative overlay of surface thinking and is always engaged and lived now. Collectively, we cannot but enact the conflicts that lie within us, but in the recognition of this is a new choice of no longer persisting in reaction, but instead listening where life is - instead of running where we think it is or should be.
So the Guardian is but another guardian of a a narrative manipulation? Then if you look there, look to see the truth that denial implicitly reveals (as indeed Jonathan Cook has in some degree above).
The desire for true is a receptivity and alertness and not a demand in comes in the forms or the channels of the old way of thinking and seeing.

It isn't that journalism can demand the truth, so much as journalists can refuse to settle or accept less than true , and thus persist in holding to account, by giving true witness. Inconvenient truths may be denied, and so speaking truth to power is wise not to operate personal grievance - which is so easily subverted, or used to self-invalidate or self-incriminate.

This calls for feeling what we feel and finding a way to integrate and align more deeply - instead of splitting in terror or rage - or a well intentioned but blind attempt to order all things in shades of grey. Consciousness is a scope and spectrum of experience. Control by limitation is tool we have become unconscious tools of, and so 'everything is backwards'.

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