Sunday, 24 December 2017

An observational theory of sickness

Why would 'health' break down, be blocked from functioning or become something 'else? (Because 'something else' is running instead of health - running on top of what we would otherwise be, and is getting in the way?).
Is that too simple? I don't see it as a theory of anything, but more an observation. I can only share my observations but of course to you it is an idea that may or may not have merit to investigate further. Your observations are your own self-honesty - insofar as we can see our own bias in action.

Good intentions can pave the way to sickness and death - and often do.
Wishing doesn't heal, but willingness may.
As I understand, the body does what is needed unless something blocks or denies function. The complexity - in real time - of what the body is coordinating as millions of processes millions of time a second is not - in my opinion, going to be replaced by manual external micro-management. But interventions can help as well as hinder.

The belief that the body is sick is so deeply ingrained in the mind, that the mind never looks to its own self-definitions - but works out from them as a given. I am not indicating blame to a personal 'mind' so much as collective responsibility in which we are all participants in.

In symbolic terms, ideals of self - and health - can become idols of self-lack in search of some 'other' state than the one we have now.

The belief we are a weak, sick or frail body is the collapse of the mind into defence within its dictate. If we live from that belief, do we limit our life to it? Is that self-programming into sickness?

The 'immune system' is our life force in act, but perhaps we see certain aspects of its healing, as impending sickness and death? Just as depression can be seen as a brain disease instead of a part of a larger process of going within that we generally have little cultural wisdom to hold and abide through. And thus becomes a 'something else'. Perhaps a sense of lack, worthlessness, inadequacy failure, loss. Perhaps a conflict of rage in powerlessness. Is that a deep sense of self-hate? I have uncovered all of these within my self but have never sought pharma or diagnosis or because that makes no sense to me. I have not had a charmed life but have stayed open or found the way through to the charm of beauty in life no matter what. It's the only life I have so do I choose it or lose it?

I see fear-mindedness works a negative voodoo pervasively and insidiously in what is left of our 'culture'. It's not just the fake news, but the fake mind that suckles upon it. Protection rackets? Or attending a call for help? It's something of both, but the dedication to life cannot break free of its rules and regulations.
I believe we have to work within our beliefs as part of growing the ability to question them. I see that fear can mount upon fear in pain or dread - and I see that growing the willingness to check in with emotional reactions and inner interpretations is towards freedom from reactive triggering, or capacity to release investment in it if I notice I am already reactive. No quick fix - but a stitch in time may be a poor choice not taken.
I don't see that we live to be healthy, but the other way round. What is living? Or perhaps more relevantly, are we living the life that is in us to be? And if not why not? I don't mean grandiose schemes - but finding joy in our everyday and embracing challenges as 'life' rather than a violation or derailing of life. Are we going to suffer our relations or be truly presenced in them?
Why cant we be honest with ourselves/each other? Do we 'know' too much to more simply be with, and find something true?
A sense of mortality can keen the sense of focussing on what matters while it is in my realm of choice. Delay can become never.
We just watched 'Disconnection' on BBC Iplayer. Such a messy human reflection to watch, but it made its point.

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