Saturday, 11 November 2017

Prescription for Impotence

My comment:
Re-education and rehabilitation as result of waking TO the nature of a subjection in sickness and impotence under a global corporate capture and ‘control’ over humanity – via ‘broad spectrum dominance’, is a crash course in awakening FROM it rather than reinforcing it’s pattern of distress in further masking OF it.
Mind-capture is a term that might serve for the underlying structure to all else that automatically follows, for note that ‘market capture’ or ‘market share’ is now coined ‘mind-share’ for branded identity.
What we take to be our mind ‘runs us’ while we think we are making choices. But those choices are framed by largely unconscious presumptions , beliefs and definitions of self and world. How so?
Are manipulators causal as free agents – or is there deceit by which they are no less ‘captured’ and as those who in truth ‘know not what they do’ – for truth is masked out of the mind of its own deceits.
The archetypes of conditioned mind are associated with separation trauma that the personality structure is invoked to dissociate by denial and displacement. Personae operates a masking over of intolerable conflict as an ‘adaptation’ to a displacement model of tacitly induced definitions that operate as ‘blame distribution’ and ‘power struggle’. And while this model is invested with the force of our particular ‘shaping’ charge – such as rejection, abandonment, betrayal, guilt, disconnecting isolation, terror, shame, hate, rage, impotence. Talking (writing) about this is not the same as its experiential movement – of denial of the movement of being.
‘Psychology’ implies a presumption of sanity in separateness and in study of or in definition or narrative control over psychic-emotional conflict. But an embracing sanity abides in the truth of the relationship – which is the inverse of the model of control.
The model of control is the mind we think we can use – but which uses our own mind, to frame choices so as to suppress and deny the movement of being – that it was first born as the suppression of and escape from. And so it is the protector from chaos, the righteous subjugation and excommunication of ‘evil’ or ‘all the King’s horses and all the king’s men’.
But no matter what forms it has grown over millennia of development – it is under our employ at the level of our true sovereign will. But assigning or giving power away to leaders, experts, notions and nations, is failing to witness where it is – in order to seem to protect some fragment of power for a secret self.
Coming out of the closet of fear-in-hiding or giving true witness, is not an ‘identity assertion’ but and extension of a true recognition in place of a masked response. We extend worth to recognize it in ourself. So of course under the masking of a fear-defined sense of self “everything is backwards!”. A lie must multiply to protect itself – while it is accepted as (necessary to) self.
All of the filters and distortions of fear generate tangible and visible effects as our experience. The reason that ‘conventional thinking’ cannot imagine this is because the truly Creative is deeply associated with terror and rage, shame and heartbreak. And so ‘creative’ fig-leaf thinking redefines, rebrands, redistributes and presents itself to itself in substitution for the intimate knowing of being that is our true inherence.
As I see our situation at this time, we are opened or ‘undone’ to the territory of our psychic-emotional ‘denials’ whether we like it or not. The mask of ‘control’ falls away or disintegrates to reveal its device.
Realigning in the true Will is a reversal from its suppression and subjection – regardless the particular forms that that takes. Sexual, emotional, psychic energy is Life – and in this context I’ll say vibratory Life. The suppression of psychic-emotional energy – (aka feeling) – becomes the conditions of unwelcome – regardless the prayers or self-manipulations of the personality.
Rather than focus on the difficult – and ‘make fear the master’, sharing in and gratitude in the ‘easy’ grows trust – and with it, free awareness in which to honour and align in the movement of being rather than try to make it a slave. Opening to feeling being is being moved. Emotional reactivity is conflicted limitation seeking release or escape.
One can only live from what is – which is a self-honesty in the face of judgements and beliefs that run a negatively defined sense of self and world – a sense of lack, inadequacy or disempowerment. Free attention (mindfulness) notices that such thought runs or that such reaction is triggered. Bound attention runs as if such thought is true.
If you want to truly live, you must start now. No more rehearsals. Now is the only time you have in which to find willingness for unconflicted being – the peace of which is dynamic, alive, embracing and though covered over, never truly lost.
To even a spark of willingness is the response of being. We may experience this as synchronicities and alignments, prompts and insights and new ways of seeing that do not first require others or the world to change. When released of the demand we change, we find our freedom. Give this as you receive it. We grow the light of willingness as a culture of a true recognition of worth – regardless the packaging or presentation.
Nothing here rules out opening to changes in lifestyle, diet, fresh air, sunlight, nature and good water. Toxicity may indeed be pervasive in our world at this time – but our immunity is our Life. Honouring our current limitations while growing the capacity to grow.
Love is the capacity to be with what is real. It is also the revealer of the true. Abiding a little more in the unsettling or challenging – as a willingness of desire to be shown – is NOT fixating attention in a negative reinforcement. Even a moment of expansion remains a gain. Pushing past one’s limits is unwise unless the quality of the movement to do so is recognized true.
Perhaps Life has caught your attention. Perhaps the stirring of desire is where you did not expect. If you wanted your ‘old life’ back you would not be feeling – but ‘thinking’. There is a resurgence of health and consciousness information, new, rediscovered and redeemed from suppressing disinformation. Education is an exciting expansive journey of discovery – IF – you own your journey.
Cures for supposedly incurable conditions are not readily accepted or adopted – but the reverse! This is not just ‘Them!’ but symptomatic of profound investment in the conditioned image and model of self and reality. Forgiveness is primarily self-release. Grievance always invests in the wound. There is a choice here. While there is life there is choice, but in habit-reaction we know not what we do. Noticing habit – makes it a choice. No blame – but yes to innocent curiosity.
Global impact is guaranteed. You can choose to pump up the wounding of the cycles of grievance or to strengthen the willingness for love’s witness even here. The attempt to push or force or manipulate outcomes is witnessing the fear and distrust in Life. Grass roots movement grows a witness to being. This is no ‘astro-turf’ manipulation of ‘mind control’ this is a real conversation.
The war on consciousness is systemic but founded in deceit. Vigilance against deceit is natural to valuing the true of being in yourself – and therefore in others.

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