Saturday, 12 August 2017

Tricking the Heart?

I saw this article :

Simple protein called “cardiotrophin 1” found to trick the heart into thinking you’ve exercised like crazy, rapidly expanding heart function and repair 

on news of ways to 'trick' the heart into regeneration and repair - which is significant to me in acknowledging the already function of regeneration and repair - albeit in a product designed to 'trigger' it that may or may not support its natural function.

And commented to the themes of the article:

The site "Heart Attack - New Approaches" by Knut Sroka MD offers a better understanding of the heart than the official narrative model - in my opinion - for the parasympathic system does not need to be 'tricked' to be restored.

Also K2 has been shown to remove calcium from artery plaques - and put it where it belongs.

The wishful (fearful) model generates imbalance, damage and dysfunction that then seeks a magic answer so as not to address the behaviours - but more importantly the underlying self-definition and belief that the behaviour is an automatic response of. In effect the ego of 'model' protects the fear against the healing. (Under the masking belief it is engaged in self-protection).

The idea the heart is a pump is a simplistic narrative concept that hides the electrical nature of the flow of the blood through capillaries. Our idea of self-power 'sees' self-powered objects and others as its world - but the polarities of charge operate within a wholeness of being that IS LIFE.

As result of being negatively polarized in stress, by trauma, masked over in assertive thinking, fuelled by need to escape overwhelming fear - does a sense of exclusive polarisation operate an identity in denial - that fears and defends against its sense of being denied by its 'world'. This is like being inside out and seeing as everything in reversal - as if effects are causal, and true cause has been hidden under narrative concepts of a self trapped and subject to its own thinking.

That which IS Life is not subject to time - but an attempt to escape or overcome an illegitimate sense of life can effectively undermine its own awareness of existence in conditioned reaction - that defends against exposing and reliving the hated and feared basis from which an illegitimate sense of self arises to its 'loveless world'.

Tricking the body, others, and nature is all part of tricking ourselves. For it 'remaps' our consciousness as the manipulator, exploiter and power over - and thus what we sow becomes our harvest in suffering such a world reflection.

Coming off of the meds of old belief structures may bring an instantaneous release or a process of many small (instantaneous) shifts over time. We have to feel our way. Grow in self-honesty. Bring experience of unconscious beliefs to conscious noticing and recognition.

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