Thursday, 10 August 2017

Is Trump a psyop?

Is Trump a psyop?

But more importantly - are psyops the last ditch attempt of a false sense of power rooted in fear of powerlessness?

For those who align in an awakened responsibility FOR a true conscious awareness of being - the devices of the means to deny or undermine this become the breadcrumb trail Home. How so? Because your own 'back-doors' of self-definition in fear-based identity are a reactively triggered persistence and propagation of  your own participation in division that rules out - as if to rule over - its little kingdom. Little because no matter how grandiose its presentation it is indeed full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

The pervasive and systemic 'ego' of reality (self) in image and symbol - is a virtual operating system of derivative 'meanings' each of which conflicts with its original Context and with the other 'meanings'.
Power is who gets to define the reality of any given situation  - AND who accept thats definition.
So look to the Word that issues from your own mouth (and mind) in vigilance against (self) deceit - for no matter how it comes to you - it is your acceptance that gives power to idea and all the rest follows.
That ideas or perceptions or experience come into the mind is not their acceptance as true. You are the living context in which even the most 'unthinkable' or hateful ideas can rise to fall off into meaninglessness. So the resistance to feeling and knowing the belief or definitions that you live from is the fear they are true and their hiding and projecting (false flag) onto Others and world. Now are you best and surrounded by hated and feared 'enemies' and driven and justified in trojan wars that hollow you out from within under the lure of power over all that is perceived as the intent to deny you - but it is You - not they who pile on denial upon denial and sink under the weight of an insanity grown in place of what you took to be your power and protection.

If that is too abstract - consider the task or function of waking an insane one from their insanity. You cannot just tell them or intervene in their dream of dissociation and override their freedom if their freedom is the ONLY power they have for the acceptance of Sanity. (And any attempt to use coercive deceit joins IN insanity under the illusion it is up to You to change your brother or sister).

So the Spirit of Guidance to re-awakening wholeness is not coercive - but reflective in such a wise as to prompt and illuminate the true nature of choice amidst the strategic obfuscation of confusion as a covering over ruled out or mapped out denial - that you cannot see because your mind is its effect. But your brother, sister and world can reveal to your willingness to see - in any moment or instance of Sanity reflected. For nothing is as your mind would make it - and your mind is not your own while you let it run you unwatched as a presumed truth or reality.

Fears are to be honestly acknowledged and brought to a curiosity - unless you would persist the fig-leaf of nakedness by false clothing denied? the hidden fear is the fear that runs as 'shadow power' - and the guilt of running your masked agenda is the lock upon your judgement as final - but there is a 'Higher Court' that far from dealing damnation or annihilation - is the Release of an Insanity. You don't have to DO anything for truth to realign all things true - but of course what you DO is the always current choice or acceptance of who you believe yourself to be and where you believe you are coming from.  For the fruit is the effect or result, reward or experience of the roots. Shallow roots cannot be 'deepened' - don't pour New Life into old paradigms or you make of sacrifice a religion - whereby all that lives is subordinated and fed to the idea of 'too big to fail'.

Wholeness of being is revealed in Silence - not so much of any forced denial of noise - but the release of the conflicted thinking in willingness for Sanity. This will itself reveal or illuminate all the 'conditions' and 'demands' your mind asserts - which then become open to curious enquiry and revision. The focus in this current life experience will shift and change and in some sense 'die' to what was, no matter how you choose to live your life. And that choice is always yours - within the parameters of all choices already running as background defaults.

Blame operates the denial of freedom of thought - while guilt is called on to operate instead of your awakened responsibility. A mind trapped in its own thinking is not only insane - but absurd - to the recognition of its impossibility. In the 'mean while' is a tragic waste in fear, pain, struggle and loss.

"Let there be light!" not to recreate what already is - but to illuminate the true from false in desire to no longer 'make' truth as if to assert or impose and defend it. Truth is already Given - but in a tempt to get something else we take on the mind of something 'else' and then to 'get away' from knowing our own invalidity of thought so as to experience all things otherwise - under the wish of a self-specialness that is then presumed and seen in 'other' and competed with as a pecking order or hierarchy of 'power' to offset, escape or outsource pain and shame so that a fragmented self can play out its moment of 'power'. But all power is of God - (choose your own pointer) as the extension and recognition of the truly Good. To behold is not to perceive - because what is recognized in truth is in no way separate or other to You.  Does this make Trump a part of who I truly am? Of course - just as in a dream, all scenes, props and cast of personae arise from your own mind. So who are you - a character in a script written my monkeys on typewriters? Or of a cruel and sadistic - or indifferent and abandoning 'God' - that is your task to align under and somehow 'love' in martyrdom, or operate as the 'tenant landlord' while the Master is away? These are but strategies of escape from the intolerable conflict of a breakdown of communication at the very heart of You. And attempt to solve such conflict in external terms is 'running away' under guise of some salvaged sense of power that persists the very thing it seemingly defends against.

Disturbance is either the call to war or the call to wake. One runs automatically as a default of conditioned habit and the other goes completely against the grain of everything you have ever learned - yet holds the recognition of true within its spark of recognition. No one can make or 'morally' manipulate another to look within to face their own shadow - and see it for what it ISN'T ! This is the Gift of Noticing and the timing is when time runs out on the willingness to pay the price that fear demands - because it can no longer hold your allegiance.


If you wanted to set up a foil against which to appear free and democratic and prop up the props that keep the movie rolling... present images to laugh at, deride and feel superior to. N Korea as reported. However - plastic media reportage is not limited to N Korean broadcasts or of 'news' about N Korea.
While the props for the triggering of conditioned reaction can be fabricated - they can also be limited collateral sacrifice to the  god of fear/god of protection from fear - ie: world wars.

What exactly is 'mind control' but running as if your mind is in control.
Power is who defined reality AND who accepts such definitions as true by (re)acting as if they are.
Narrative control is like a soap - first you have to draw in an investment of identity with idols, villains and sympathetic resonances. One en-tranced you start living for what happens next.
On a day, perhaps like today what I thought real will fall away and what rises from within calls me in. Perhaps I 'fight going into that good night' or perhaps I know there is no where really to go to and no one else to be.
At the last Trump, does the lord of lording it over everything reveal itself ... hollow and meaningless? Does the 'Lord in the Heart' recognize all things new when the props of fear fall away to reveal the wires and levers of a mind of deceit?
I can only live my own choices - and yet I meet the world through the world such choices reveal  - and reveal me to. Masked - unmasked. Playing out the personae or knowing and truly being known.
Do we come to participate in the 'end of the world' (as we knew it) because of all the perspective-points in time - this is where we are drawn to, now and now? Or was it to the beginning of the world that we are called? Same thing - different perspective.
The mind can be seen as a conditioned robotic reflex. It can also see itself and shift perspective in which creative freedom rather than mechanistic systemic definition projects and reflects the richness of experiencing Existence.

Perhaps the 'world' is shepherded by the power to prompt and guide within the reflections of your own insanity - such as to wake to it - and no longer run its thinking un-awares - as if its is THEM who are insane.
Paradoxically the recognition of one's own insanity is the opening of the awareness that is not engaged in its drama - nor coercive against your choice to seek and find identity in story.

Is Trump the means to release those who are ready from engaging in this reactive not-so-merry-go-round?
I feel we (in true being) are the power to define and accept what is true for us in any situation - even though we may be already unmindfully invested in definitions that seem to have power over us because giving power away seemed  a way to evade guilt and consequence. (IE Let someone else lead when it suits me to follow).

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