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Psychopathy of a split mind

My writing below is into the commentary on
Our Leaders are psychopaths
(The Corbett Report) 
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I have skin in this game, but also wise to that it masks the light. It uses a mind that is not my own to tell me who or what I am.

The very structuring of this 'mind' is the evasion of Intimacy associated with terror of pain of conflict and loss. Backwards!

The fragmented and dissociated mind of recoil from terror is associated and entangled in loss and lack, abandonment and rejection, heartbreak and shame, rage and impotence.

The 'entanglement' of a dissociated displacement is not in someone 'else's mind - but the insistence on seeing and attacking it there is the primary orientation of blame and guilt as the manipulative 'mind' of self-survival - within the terms (the game) of of a split (off) consciousness - at war with Itself but flagged up as at the hand of an 'alien will' or 'blind and hateful adversity and enmity'.

As I see it, in personae, we all carry all of the parts (archetypes) for each other in unique but also generally recognizable configurations. What is triggered in anyone within any given situation is not really a continuity of 'self' so much as an assertive and imposed continuity of a personal and collective dissociation from direct open relational communication.

A terror-driven sense of existence in search of an identity is every kind of human exploration of identity - including the cognisance and manipulation of identity as a conscious deceit. Thus as someone commented here, the more 'intelligent' the more the self-specialness of grandiosity, supremacy and elitism is given power over true relation under the personal belief we know - or that our perceptions and conceptions of reality are validated by 'power' to influence the outcome.

The cost of the corruption of power is the loss of life to fantasy gratifications acted out upon the lives of others - but no less upon our own original or true nature. So 'denial' consciousness is a negatively defined sense of self and life masking in a positive sense of justification - regardless the form it takes or the apparent intensity of hate masked in righteousness.

It may be helpful to consider consciousness made by and of denial as an 'operating system' or indeed 'matrix' or 'game' or 'dream turned to nightmare from which can we not escape - (because the attempt to escape limitation and division IS the setting of the belief in it).

Action and reaction are a version of cause and effect but in psychic-emotional terms the cause/effect is a synchronicity UNTIL the dissociation and displacement of a fragmented or partitioned 'consciousness' via personality construct generated by attack given (assigned) power.


The nature of the false flag originates in the blindness to one's own thought, intent and desire resulting in conflicting results where the conflict is assigned to rejected and denied self or 'other' who is 'displaced' by projection as the experience of self/world OUTSIDE a 'self' associated with 'control' over - rather than balanced within.

One facet of this sense of self is of a 'golden age' prior to a sense of violation, usurpation or despoiling by the 'unworthy, hateful or un-valid interruption of oppositional or unsupportive will. This fantasy of a private vision is the wish of an un-conscious identification - an un-watched mind - that not only uses and subordinates life (Self/other/world) to its fantasy - but aborts of kills it own Will under the allegiance to a false sense of self - AND envisions this as vengeance and victory over an 'enemy' made of its own denials - that can ONLY come home - no matter how much death is called on to save or validate 'power over a life-unrecognized.

Every attempt to define the evil as a deceit to awaken from investment in subjection - becomes subverted in form to serve the more insidious defence of deceit - behind the masking of validity.

The mind of fear may seem anything but - and the deceiver is a form of the wish NOT to know (to evade or hide awareness of) as if to be and experience DIFFERENT than Is - and the movement of Is that is the spontaneous innate nature of an innocence of being. Here is the narcissism of self in image persisted at expense of the call of true relation. And here is the seemingly fixed 'private mind' of "DO NOT DISTURB, I WANT IT THUS!".

In the moment of our 'justified' attack - we seek to deny or repossess that which we feel denied or deprived. And perhaps a moment after a terrible guilt and fear - for the mind is an ever shifting focus in which only a facet is momentarily illumined under the frame of its own self-definitions.

Guilt and fear - and their progeny have been used to limit and divide the Infinite of freedom of edgeless being to fixed meanings - fixed forms and fixed compliance under penalty of pain and loss. The attempt to become free of guilt and fear generate deeper subjection under self-illusion - including the 'normalisation' of guilted fear as 'reality' or the human condition - when its reaity-experience is an active conditioning of which we are largely ignorant an 'run by' rather than free-willingly attuned to.

But is that true? For in the 'matrix' of a false Mater it is a practical working model - but at source and in truth we are free-willingly attuning - in every thought of accepted focus - as our acceptance of self, reality and relation.

A tyrannous mind would set in its own image - but if you no longer WANT or value this in yourself - you will not obey its dictate - but release allegiance or meaning to the freewillingness (non-coercive) recognition of true being - in which you are identified perfectly or integrally within wholeness - though full acceptance of this uses time to waken - rather than to generate ever more 'delay' and distance between a true need met. For nothing can substitute for your reality as the giving and receiving of life. I could say love - but love is truly being with what is here to its recognition and grateful embrace and not a manipulative ploy by which to gain reinforcement for a mind in secret - withheld and withholding.
Nothing I write here is to the insistence and reinforcement of the assertion of guilt, blame and punishment as the source and nature of power. But true joy in life felt shared and known, intuits a wholeness and initiates the growing of consciousness from a different foundation and to a different purpose and outcome. Though in truth it is the joyless that is the 'different' by which a reversal subjects the Creative to its own miscreations. Defining and taking 'joy' in false associations for fantasy gratifiction is addiction not power - though a 'usurped will' aligns all functions and abilities to serve a false 'king' until the release of the spell by which exposure of illegitimacy calls down penalty of illegitimacy and so 'retrains perception' for survival under penalty in place of discovery in unfolding fulfilment.

If my prose does not currently run on your operating system - here is a summary in 'bridging symbol'; "Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King's horses and all the King's men, could not put Humpty together again".

In narrative terms, the Fall (consciousness in limitation and separation) - however symbolized - occurred far back beyond the reach of memory, but in actuality this instant restates itself over and over in forms of redistributed energies and 'meanings' - such that shapeshifting of doctored accounting, assigned (and accepted) 'meanings and automatic reactive responses - all orchestrate the 'invisible hand' of an 'anti-life' agenda running as a power and protection racket - to order.

The rejection of love unrecognized, the attack on Life un-recognized the loss of power to reflecting response in like kind, all operate a recoil from Reality rather than the extension of Reality's Embrace. Giving is the measure of receiving - not an assignment of relative status within the framework of a loss or worth. For giving is the uncovering of an Innate worth that automatically and wordlessly extends recognition of the same - without joining the choices that another may use to deny and dissociate relational awareness.

Evil is backwards by choices kept hidden. Spells hide the deceit in terms you WANT it set - while crying foul at being forced. This is the splitting of 'mind'. "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do" is the releasing of currently recognized unconscious guilt to Source Nature - and not a 'political' or social act in a world set in judgement over what you and they do. The 'world' and witness of our true nature is a reintegrative consciousness/reflection. The two 'operating systems' do not meet or communicate - but the fear/denial can only run upon at at expense of (awareness of) acceptance/embrace. It frames choice in terms that serve its own agenda to hide that you are a being OF choice and can choose not to listen to it or accept it as your own thought or foundation from which to react.

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