Friday, 21 July 2017

On the degrading of lives by pharming psycho-emotional conflictf

Peter Breggin, MD

My commenting into the above theme and comments:

I might call the blindness of the egocentric sense 'the evasion of responsibility under the belief that truth damns, is fearful and must be denied'. Power is then given to anything which 'saves us' from an exposure that our mind is predicated upon the avoidance of, escape from or hiding from.

This is 'running away' from a feared intimacy of being while believing we are as a diversionary surface mind paints itself.
But awakening responsibility is the revisiting or noticing of a fear-blind reaction of habit or conditioned thinking that owns what was ours all along - within the freedom to release it for a better choice than what was made under conditions of duress.

This demand for 'unconsciousness' via any and every means is active as the driver of our society, economy and world view. Its characteristic is blame and shame, with hate and pain running beneath. It seeks 'magical' ways to seem free without having to address the causes of limitation. It 'redistributes' denials in ways that seem to be positive assertions.

Abiding with, and feeling into the difficult, that otherwise triggers the recoil of our attention and the covering over with a judgemental narrative 'reality' is from a different foundation than the mind that believes it thinks alone. No matter how I or anyone may articulate the journey of willingness, there is no one can substitute for you own.

Alarmism feeds our fears and blames but a true alarm awakens to a present awareness from a misperception. The willingness for true presence is not a set of demands - but a willingness to release them when we notice we are enacting them.

Fear seems to be something that happens to us - but is truly something we set ourselves up to suffer the conflict of. Unlearning deeply trained habits is an orientation for Life and not a quick fix - but in any now moment the immediate result is of remembering and opening from our true willingness rather than persist a narrative sense of control under threat or siege.

Speaking truth to those who give power to a false sense of control as personal protection (at expense of true) needs to embody what we say and not just be right in a way that makes them wrong - even if they are identifying insanely. Or we join them.

Love is the capacity to be with what is real here - unconditionally - if only an instant -  and our willingness for true relation is not the same as fighting the shadows of what we most hate or abhor in ourselves. Our willingness is a channel through which Life moves and knows itself anew.

I have met deep psychic-emotional suffering in my life in a number of ways and find that that is part of waking up from being run by hidden fears. But the first such episode - whilst breaking of my personal and social sense of reality and the 'self' I seem to be in it - also opened a quality of truth or Life that for nothing would I want to cover over or lose... even though back then I was terrified and unmanned by my conflicted mind in being. So I never risked 'medical' or 'psychiatric 'help'. But I did experience deep helplessness over some years, that opened a living re-education.

I see that when I 'bottomed out' - a false foundation was fully exposed... and immediately replaced with true. This 'grace' is nothing to do with my deserving or any thought or act of my own - but an ancient hate was silently replaced by a present loving. That did in no way add to me in my being in the world - but it does abide beneath appearances as a basis for the undoing of what fear made - as it arises or unfolds in this or that situation, relationship or encounter.

To undo fear by acting from a different appreciation. To pause from making decisions when conflicted or emotionally triggered to react and feel for your willingness for true, for wholeness of being that always opens or stirs a recognition from which a good step can be taken.

Running on auto pilot seems easy because over millennia it has become entrained as a second nature. But its cost is a self-denial that inevitably rises from beneath while reflecting as our world - to deny and deprive us of our joy in freedom and recognition of Life in each other as our self.

Reversing this reversal first calls for a true foundation - and the rising in our world of the exposure of the false IS the Call to a true foundation - which IS the Call to Joy - though the 'ego' sees only the fear of loss of control. But what has this 'control' brought us, honestly? When fear calls for hiding, it delays healing to some other moment instead of accepting a fresh perspective upon this one.

As long as we think someone or something ELSE has to change, we persist in refusing our own transformation. What then is asked of us? Be sure you are never called upon to be someone you are NOT and so you recognize who you ARE as a resonance of freedom to BE who you are - regardless external circumstances - for you are the freedom that gives meaning as you are willing to accept it for yourself.

A deep sense of self-unworthiness is pervasive to the underside of the mask that looks out - whether conscious or not. Trying to cover over or fill a sense of lack only reinforces the belief in lack - even if you run a pharmaceutical company, are a doctor, a psychiatrist or under the belief you have become 'more' while others are 'less' and have the right or the duty to enforce their 'good' upon them.

Psychic-emotional conflict is the underlying need for reintegration and healing, even when there are physical manifestations to address within a larger picture of dis-ease. Yet everything that our 'mind' is and does is predicated upon denying the reliving of this - so at most we may 'see' it in 'others' and attempt to fix them. So we need a renewal of our mind rather than a new set of clothes for a naked wannabe emperor.

Fear runs its world through the mind that mask its fear and hides in appearances. So to be afraid and recognize it - is an awakening relative to merely running without recognition. If this is a beachhead, then commit to expand it - and notice where it is 'lost' to blame thinking. But also notice that when you are found again in your willingness - you are simply back on track and didn't 'go' anywhere while engaged in old habits. Let habits become choices and let choices become present alignment with a felt sense of worth - even if all that can be felt is that worthlessness feels crap and there must be another way to see than this.

Most 'politics' is a diversionary sideshow from political agenda masked in white coats! Discernment is KEY - but remember, it takes one to know one, so the discerning of true is not a guilting and manipulation agenda.
The 'capture' of the mind is reflected in the capture of the institutions that were intended to serve us. If you get me on this - USE awareness of deceits to uncover your own 'entanglements' or 'hidden correspondences'. Like a computer - look to the integrity of your thinking and be vigilant for back doors by which you are robbed of your peace and set in reaction to a false framing of your existence.

Nothing I wrote is about 'living up to' something that sets you up to fail. But persistent aligning in what you do enjoy or appreciate grows a base from which to be curious as to how you invalidate yourself. Perhaps blaming others as a cover story when you withdraw permission to be the true of you - and resenting them as a way of not addressing your issue directly?

The way to your brother is through the centre of You. Without the extension of worth, you cannot know you both have it - and are it. There is no 'private salvation' but fantasy thinking enacted over the unrecognised true. Hence the politics of private agenda is mutually agreed fantasy thinking passed off as a currency of legitimate exchange. So yes to the redemption of our word and world.

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