Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Cosmic Rays - Renewal or Death?

Is there a Cosmic Shift associated with the sector our Solar system is moving through?
Cosmic rays reaching Earth increased 13% since 2015

I let Imagination run here:

Top tier science knows this - could it be the 'why' for such extensive grids of reflective geo-con-trails?

Why mitigate the influx of Cosmic Informational Communication?
Because 'consciousness' as we presume to 'know' it will be rendered obsolete for 'consciousness' as we presume to 'know' it cannot maintain itself without an underlying energetic of support. The wish-fear-belief in the physical as independent or causative disintegrates as the Field Awareness is revealed by the drawing of the veil. When denied self rises to be released - the core separation trauma is re-visited and breaks the mind-a tempt to control the heart of Feeling being. The device by which a sense of personal power operates over and against Life is exposed as a false flag.

Honesty of 'not knowing' is a zero-point receptivity through which new information reconfigures 'consciousness'. Be innocent of knowledge that a fresh and true curiosity beholds all things new!

Another way of saying it is the release of Earth from its 'quarantine of isolation.'
'Heaven and Earth' shall pass away - as separate states.
So if there is only ONE THING going on - (with Infinite ways of beholding it) - are you willing to perceive life through the true of you or through a lens darkly?
If the latter is accepted as a choice - despite seeming to be the human conditioning, then it can be released to a more truly aligned desire - indeed to a true currency or presence of worth and appreciation.
If the former is accepted in lieu of choice then a sense of being denied choice plays out as the sense of being denied Life - for choice remains the connection to the Creative amidst the mind of the a tempt to operate under a sense of disconnection.

Though it may be at times deeply disturbing and challenging to accept, re-wakening reverses 'the reversal in consciousness' of the ego-centric identity to an integrative recognition in which the separation device of denial can no longer run hidden. So look to the currency of reaping or receiving for that sets the measure of your giving or sowing.

Of course you can argue death renders all meaningless - as if to make some meaning from aligning there. Or you can release the meaningless to be revealed in Meaning that is yours to share in BECAUSE you are willing to share it.

Is a free Imagination not 'a tuning' to resonance in the Field of Infinite Probability?
And is 'just' or 'only' an imagination the promptings or envisioning that is aborted of its movement as your desire, perception and action?

But note the desire and perception in act that is operating our world is no different in its inception - no matter how 'many' align in its acceptance as 'Reality'.

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