Friday, 21 July 2017

Post truth is another term for 'because we SAY SO!'

Why did NIST decide WTC steel could not conduct heat?

In a post-truth society all that is required is to align within the assertions of perceived power, regardless their truth - because the end-justified means are given faith and allegiance in continuance of the existing paradigm of self, world and power, which operates a segregative and separating exclusion of 'mind-control'.

Those who hold that truth is something other than the power to set narratives of personal identity within conditioned patterns of survival, control and self-specialness are obliged to release their allegiances to a false power truly exposed as such.

Expecting or demanding a rational process of communication from the fear-defended is a mistake - but willingness to communicate from and honesty of being is a correction of mistake.  However, willingness cannot force another to listen - but can bring witness to such willingness as is present.

Infiltration or corruption of 'truth' movements is evidenced in 'justifying' hate, anger and withdrawing of humanity and consequently withholding willingness for communication - and this 'mindset' is the 'paradigm' of the perpetrators of hate-crimes and deceits.

The 'reasons' put forward in support of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory are only given such status because of the power behind them.

It looked to me on recorded video as if steel girders can turn almost instantly to dust - but I have no way of verifying the videos for certain so I don't rest my certainty there - but in observing what the event was and is still being used for. That a mass psychological operation has been carried out is not in doubt for me - even if the exact modalities of its various strands remain open to probabilities of conjecture.

As for what I myself choose to use it for - that is my freedom to explore and uncover - but reverse engineering of deceits - including psyops is a way of illuminating the way the mind is being employed and conditioned to be used. Because very few are willing to look within - very many are willing to react from conditioned identities in ways that further the splitting and weakening agenda of a 'mind' unlike our true nature - to which the true is sacrificed and predated upon by deceits willingly identified in and defended.

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