Friday, 21 July 2017

On the impending legalisation of marijuana

Found in drafts - belatedly published…

An article on the impending legalisation of marijuana - in the Daily Bell.

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As the movement to legalize is a top-down transnational edict what - really - do you expect? A libertarian society?

I recently came across a US Gov patent for medical non THC marijuana (just google it) that reveals that of course so much is known of the actual mechanism of disease and cure that is in effect withheld and screened off with toxic treatments scamming $billions at cost of health just as the banks and corporations suck up the Commonwealth and health of the Planet.

However, I have to ask where the power to do all this 'comes from' and see that in a sense we give ours away and then suffer it to be used against us. It is a pattern within consciousness that projects denied hatred and then suffers to be split off from wholeness and integrity of being - and dedicates to the persistence of such a split sense of 'control/survival'.

In Mythic terms, Lucifer operates a loveless mind - that masks and mimics any form so as to turn it from the movement of Life to a psychic substitute of conformity and control. To a lovelessness all forms are the same - excepting their temporary use in stamping out the absurd and idiotic delusion of 'love'.

If it offends thee - pluck it out. But see - of course - exactly WHERE the offence lies. Yet isn't that what 'taking offence' is designed to obscure?

Happy Easter!
if you dont have a corresponding receptor for that nutrient - then may a sense of blessing rise in a form you can recognize and appreciate. Your body-mind is already a rich pharmacopoeia of communication. It is already operating your mind's prescription in which what you take to BE your mind, is a symptom of the distortion and filtering of Communication. True self acceptance is freedom from the fear-pharma.

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