Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Chosen Ones?

An article by Gilad Atzmon on boycotts and politics in the music profession:
Politics in Music

My comment:

To be negatively defined is to assert self righteousness over the hated - under the illusion that it is aligned with love.

Invite, call for, give witness to and exemplify a choice and an awareness there IS choice - but don't be baited into judging 'over' and against others whose freedom is one with your own. For if you deny it another you must and shall lose (awareness of) your own. I seek to illuminate the nature of choices - not to make your mind for you or judge you unworthy if you make choices that I don't share - for you are your own uncovering to yourself and if I am part of yours or you of mine - then that is in the ways of our freedom to discover. Perhaps another may help me see what I recognize I am NOT and so release to rest and act more clearly in that I am. But what I accept for my self or reality is innate to the power of awareness in focus of desire and experience. This is really 'One, Shared and Known' but accepting conflicting purpose seems to be the power to deny, defy and replace or usurp Innate Meaning with conflicted, assertive and shifting 'meanings' arising as the self-justification' of the power to deny, defy and replace or usurp Life. In this 'world' Everything is backwards. But its release is the uncovering of Meaning intimately felt, directly known and truly lived.

That I find some behaviours hateful is always also something to do with MY learning and conditioning - and this needs to open a curiosity or in-sight into what lies beneath - for behaviour automatically follows the perceptions rising from the core self-beliefs and definitions that are currently active and accepted true. Blaming the behaviour as the scapegoating of our OWN hates onto others is the way of refusing to look within. Such is a personality set in denial of its own foundation - or to put it another way; set in a false foundation OF denial. How can they know what they do - regardless what they do?

Acting FROM unconscious acceptance of what seems self-evident is in fact a conditioned reflex operating under the illusion of freedom and self-protection or 'love' under conditions of threat or challenge.

So if you are paying attention you may see that the idea of the 'chosen one/s' is an a tempt to assume priority of self OVER our existence - over our thoughts,relations and our world, and focus exclusively in manipulative adjustments within a (fig-leaf) consciousness by which to seem to have and be such a power... temporarily and at a cost.

The 'will to power' is the alignment within the currently accepted definition OF power - as framed in the ability to influence outcomes by coercion, deceit or both - INSTEAD of changing our mind about our mind. Until a sense of lack arises and is accepted as true - power Is perfectly shared because in unified purpose is nothing separate or counter to its extension in All to All. But this makes no sense (an finds no welcome) within the 'consciousness' arising FROM within a sense of lack, loss, abandonment, rejection, shame, denial, betrayal, attack, rage and impotence.

To such a focus in persona survival under the name of self-protective love, the conditioned robotic golem of the 'othered' is a tool, an asset, a useful idiot - a source of information or ammunition, but never an equal, and without the focus in self-specialness set against the invalidated 'other' the 'shared identity' in a seeming self-specialness or supremacy disintegrates to what it really is. Fear or threat derived 'unity' can NEVER become power, love, or true fulfilment and actually operates against the grain of a true alignment - as a fear of loss presenting in masks of fantasy gratification, self-inflation or the use of victimhood as the reinforcer of identity in vengeance to fuel eventual victory via 'sacrifice'.

Hence the hatred (and un-owned fear) of the 'other' is needed to seem to 'have' the masking power over an otherwise naked or revealed lack and exposure in deceit and in hate.
"And who told you you were naked?" Is the stirring of true curiosity from which to challenge not the naked emperor - but the predicates to a self-validating illusion.

"All are Called, but few care to listen" because the attention is fixated in the idea of a personal sense of power - even if collectively organized. The predicate of such 'power' is a mind drawn from denial - that thinks and sees only as its separation identity dictates - as guilted or hidden fears dictate must remain hidden. The mind thus becomes a narrative control in place of the extension of the willingness to behold  - and recognize and feel and know and share in being. There is a choice here that was made in fear but can be unmade in a true, free and willing desire. And in a sense is noticeably released in embracing a wholeness of being in the call to joy that is for all - but neglected by the call to war that self-specialness implicitly invoked relative to Who you truly and uniquely are.

"Be careful what you wish for" might better be said as "be conscious of what you are the willingness of". The mind of a fake 'will' distorts and filters, suppresses and denies the true movement of our being... to our conscious appreciation. Take off thy 'head-set' and be truly moved!

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