Saturday, 27 May 2017

Whistle blowing - aligned in true witness

I looked up Ben Goldacre - after a reference to him - and after reading the home page and current article - dropped into a 'random' article on whistleblowers. 

Peep peep.
by Ben Goldacre in bad science, big pharma, whistleblower

My comment:

In a focus of willingness for truth - we create a correction society. (an error correction culture)

In a focus in guilt and blame we have a fear of penalty - and the power struggle to evade, deflect or mitigate it.

Love of truth is characterized by intolerance for self-betrayal.

Fear of true exposure demands masking deceit or persona - that seeks to manipulate or acquire mutual reinforcements as defence against losing face - validity and all that is associated with it.

Fear and blame establish value systems or 'social realities' of exclusion and privilege as part of enforcing compliance as a tacit or contextual conditioning.

These observations are at the root of the human conditioning - which is self-perpetuating or "history repeats itself".

Love of truth is an inner alignment with a felt resonance or quality of coherent being. Truth is its own reward - if accepted as the true foundation for all else.

To have the forms of success or achievement and know its fakery - is sacrifice to the assertion and defence of a lie by which to not know what you know. This calls on ingenious complexity to hide, disguise or falsely attribute - in place of creative freedom of shared discovery.

I have to live with myself as I accept myself to be.
I do not have to give attention and allegiance to a blaming and guilted thinking, that deprives and denies a true sense of connected being. Correction - in an individual sense, is being presently connected and in communication with what is here - in place of dissociated overlay of complex obfusactions.

We operate through personality constructs that are part of learning, adapting and manipulating our world. Bringing this to light not as a sin or a psychological pathology - but as a call for correction - in all involved - is also releasing the power-deceits of scapegoating or invalidating others to seem to be righteous or superior.
Fake reality is all the rage! - but in that wordplay is a serious note - for the suppression and denial of our natural feeling being under the stamp of an unnatural illegitimacy should and does generate terror and rage - where the call for correction is persistently ignored and engineered out of consciousness - leaving nowhere to be. painted into a corner, trapped in thought made flesh by fear-driven belief.

Throwing off or releasing what has no true belonging within us needs a clear accounting - including the willingness to challenge our trojan horse assumptions - for there is the 'best' hiding place - where none think to look because they 'already know' or dare not to look because investment in the model is the power of the day, and the requirements for inclusion and support.

While Reason is synonymous with Sanity - self-justifying rationality can serve insane premises - and generally does.
Discernment is a heart and mind as one. The divorce of heart and mind is a fake emotionality AND a fake rationality. So when I notice that operating in myself - I do not choose to use it as a basis for actions or decisions - to listen , feel and in simple desire be curious for the true or corrected and connected communication or perception - that can take a good step now.
So if fears obstruct the communication or act of true witness - leave blame aside and be curious as to the true nature of the beliefs and assumptions that embody this particular reflection of experience. Keep a channel open for new perspective and insight from which one good step grows another. Wholeness of being is a good of a different order than that assigned to fantasy ideals, or by war against evils that 'attack' or react against the assertion of such. We do not escape symptoms by hiding them in false causes but by uncovering the true - and being a witness or embodiment of its qualities in your relations.

Recognition of true worth grows a culture of worth - even if the outer forms and appearances of disease persist. There is an inner freedom that cannot be described or compared. Whatever else - this is to be in life and truly know it.

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