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Reclaiming Soverignty of Being

What is Needed is a Progressive Vision of National Sovereignty
an article by Thomas Fazi, via Green European Journal
reposted in OffGuardian
where I commented :

 Vaska said:
Most of the European Left seems to have fully adopted and internalized the globalist perspective, so much so that I don’t think there’s a genuine Left left in Europe at all.

Could 'globalist' be replaced by 'technocratic' - which postures as a pseudo scientific 'expertise.
That applied science of technological development effectively 'shrank' our world to one of instant communications, and networks of transportation is the primary enabler of financial and corporate power as a globalism OVER people rather than a global diversity among people.

The undermining of sovereignty of being is the 'alien will' of a wish to be outside, apart from and have dominion over. It is a self-specialness that is necessarily insulted by a life and a world that does not support it. It is the framing of everything in terms that rationalize in order to capture and direct a false identity. For sovereignty in truth is the free and whole will - that cannot have any meaning apart from and over its relations that are one within its being.

The alternate to truth is shifting and warring illusion - where invested identities struggle for light of acceptance and support - as much as to align in judgements of allegiance or rejection. The 'oppositional will' becomes thus negatively defined in what it is not, and by what it fears or is against. There is no free will under tyrannous dictate - but such dictate asserts coercion to be its protection and just vengeance to enshrine hate in the clothing of power and justice.

The idea of consensual dialogue is an idea of willingness - for it it were coercive it would no longer be dialogue but coercion masking as dialogue such as to frame and limit communication in terms of an imposition upon.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction holds true in any action of push or pull upon another - but not of the act of the shift of the whole to adopt a new perspective. So the result of coercive framing or deceit, is an entanglement in fragmented complexities that 'demand' or call forth the necessity of power over feared or perceived chaos.

The more control is asserted, the more chaos of suppressed communication - not recognized AS communication in the form of symptoms needing to be addressed as genuine calls to listen and re-align true. Instead the symptoms are framed as 'causal' or redefined as the nature of reality in terms that support war-economy and sickness farming at expense of the freedom to feel and know and align in the true of the life that moves you. And it is freedom because it is accepted as an integrative recognition and not the frame of guilt and compulsion - however so well disguised.

Regardless how, who and why, the playout or unfolding of the ideas that we accept true and live from unfolds lawfully - in terms of consciousness - but the idea of the subjugation and replacement of consciousness by an alien 'will' (the wish to be other than you are) gives up its true power to an idea of sacrifice or rejection of life in order to get 'more' for itself at expense of others and the whole. Or to 'get even' - or war with - a sense of rejection and denial inherent to engaging in coercion and deceit upon self, other or world - that are really one life fragmented to an incoherence and defended against awareness.

So is the natural desire for our true will being subverted by appeals to an 'old identity' - for the deceit is one up on our recollection when operating as our defences - and is adept at re-framing on the fly so as to preserve narrative continuity regardless of false exposure - while it is wanted as protection and aligned with as power.

I recently heard the phrase 'there is more politics in medicine than there is in politics'. I sense that many here see that politics has been framed in ways that operate a sideshow and mainstream programming device to the actual politic of stamping an organisational conformity and compliance on the face of humanity robbed of (or induced to exchange) its Soul or true feeling awareness of being.

True dialog and being together has a listening or receptive that correlates with 'listening within' rather than acting out a scripted identity triggered by self-inflated gratifications or fearful associations. Yet the latter operates the mind to deny a voice be heard, or a stirring of recognition be allowed, felt and aligned in. Reclaiming our mind - has to pause and desist using the 'old' or accepted thinking, long enough to feel it - discern it - rather than be driven by feelings it encapsulates (which includes the suppression of emotion as it does the manipulations of it).

Without the stirring within - and its acceptance and aligning in - there is nothing but the mechanical playing out of loveless ideas - whose instant of seeming allure fades to reveal a caged hopelessness the guilt of which then hides in some false framed diversion.

The true need - as with all truth - is already moving to its recognition and acceptance and alignment. Any attempt to push or pull from a personal sense of power - is the cage of a personal sense of power - and that is NOT sovereignty of being - but usurpation of a function we don't have and cannot enact.

I write to the stirring within - and not to the development of a personal sense of power to frame and direct life in concept. The territory of our living is not the mapping of models by which to assert power over, but the uncovering of shared purpose in fulfilment of need - which positively defined is unfoldment of true desire as fulfilment of desire. The movement of our being is felt desire that aligns as a focus of attention and intention. The model is a rigid and fixed image and concept that CANNOT relate and respond - except its conditioned reaction dictates to allow.

Sovereignty is not applicable to a collective when the individuals sacrifice to it. But is where we bring our wholeness freely to our relationships and therefore they are holy or whole in the sense of being a true context rather than something to exploit, use, get from or escape and defend against. What is wholeness of being but nothing added and nothing taken away. Come as you are and meet in like kind. But always listening or noticing within for the substitutions of mind.
I used to think I was who I thought I was. In relational honesty I discover myself anew - and yet recognizably so.

Progress must never invalidate any of the steps by which it unfolds a fuller and fresh appreciation of being - or else it embodies the very invalidations it presumes to stand upon in 'victory over'. How could we love or equally embrace all that we are except as the unfolding of an integrative blending of perspective - in place of a segregative of self-specialness that must reject to seem to have existence?

Identity is the point of a phishing ruse - don't accept what is not true of you - but bring curiosity and willingness to what isn't - but yet persists in being enacted or chosen. Instead of one or another form of guilt and deflection. This is the same as saying feel the fears that say 'Stop!' and listen for yourself to see if you want to proceed or to pause and look around. We cannot coerce fear into shape, and have to work with what we actually hold belief for - while growing in the capacity to feel and know our true relational being - to live on purpose and know our purpose as our living. Freewillingly in love of true intimacy of being - instead of sacrificially to get validation for a sense of lack seeking outside itself.

How does any of this translate into our living together or dying apart? However you are truly moved to live. But that is the sticking point because the new wine cannot fit the old paradigm - which insists on defining what and how in terms of an already invalidation of being. I don't know HOW I write or think or feel - it is both a spontaneity and a wholeness. The masking off of a control mentality is killing the life it depends on to pass off as, in order to seem to be real. Yet we do this to ourselves, largely unmindfully - most all the time as we re-enact time to be.

Sovereign being is the heart of wholeness. Imposture is a partiality of a hollowness. The symbol of the sovereign will has been stamped in false currency such as to not know who you really are or what you really want - for all is framed and set in conflicted self and world that we want to escape or prevail over.

Corporate cartel monopoly power is a face-ism over hates and fears kept in the dark - but active beneath the face of regulated protections and services. But a living body is not a corps - so much as a cooperation of all its parts. This is a truth to uncover - even in the play of conflicted and contradictory self-idea.

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