Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Iron Cage of Hopelessness

Escaping the Iron Cage of Hopelessness
By Edward Curtin

- - -

When 'narrative control' can be recognized as operating 'fake news', it becomes possible to see that the model is fundamentally wrong - and grievously so. Our mind-model taken 'as if' reality can be held to 'as true' only as an act of perpetual war of assertion against truth - excepting filtered distortions that support our identified and believed investment - or such 'truths' as suit us.

In science we say we 'model' reality and theoretically know the difference between them, but investments of energy and attention in identity will not yield to truth and so instead operates the identity in conflict - as if victory over truth is the power to determine it. But all forms of mind-control are variations on the idea of limitation and diminished awareness in which a lie may be bolstered or supported by the sacrifice of life, consciousness and joy in freedom of being. False 'meanings' adulterate, corrupt and usurp inherent Meaning that is our nature and joy to live, give and share in - AS our living - and not as added or painted over 'dead' or fixed self-concept in substitution for life.

That we find ourselves 'painted into a corner' is the work of our own thought - which is given power by being acted from as if true and shared or accepted in mutual currency. In this way we 'create' our reality-experience - but almost completely unconsciously - as a result of limiting and masking off areas of consciousness associated with terror and rage, heartbreak and shame. The narratives of justifications for a gullibility of blind conformity agreements, or the cynicism of an active hatred in refusal to look, mask in seeming scepticism - but without any actual willingness to change our mind - but more to adjust and develop our persona.

Allegiance to the false is the only means by which to persist unaware of true. But while grievance and self-specialness paint the iron cage of hopeless and meaningless futility, a mind suffers as being done unto without any sense of what - at a deeper level - it seeks to 'do' to life in the very structuring of identity in image, in personae and in masked consciousness made out to be reality - period. That is - it is a brief period ending at a full stop. This is an accurate account of a wish held to be true and lived as such. It's inevitable yielding to true is no consequence of sin - but recognition of error as error and true as true. In this is no co-fusion between what has no existence and what has no opposite.

Identity itself is 'deconstructing' in light of exposure and 'reality' is not what it had so solidly seemed. Where we receive identity FROM is a matter of focus in desire and intention. The development of a capacity to hold an automatic or habitual focus in the false and assert it at expense of true is the 'mind, world and abilities' that seem both protector and self - and yet ARE the destructive and divisive thinking that paints the cage of a power it WANTS true and then suffers subjection to.

That which has been designated 'unconscious' rises to conscious awareness - and as the reliving of ancient hatreds - with all the triggered reaction given power to 'run as protection and survival' - in our name. But dissociated entanglements of recycled-conditioning operate the false matrix of a masked reality - where a mind of guilt and pain usurp a simple and honest curiosity. The power built upon hiding and wielding guilt and fear is the seeming power to hold back Life and Truth as if to be a creator in our own right - rather than co-creators in Light.

The former is always a state of conflicted self - no matter how forcefully asserted - and costs the feeling of the awareness of being - of connected presence that is always felt in being yourself - and drowned in the dissonance of the persistence in trying to be (or escape!) something you are not. If something 'rings true' it is no mere emotion-backed mental gratification - but a felt alignment.

The intent to discard Consciousness is not an actuality so much as a wish not to know - as if thereby to 'escape' - but the idea of limitation is made of this - as is the idea of lack from the a tempt to be 'more' in self inflation.

Despair calls on death (and war) to release it - where hope of change allows the idea of changing a mind given to recycling futility. To do only what aligns and resonates true of you, is not a mental exercise - but a desisting of mental engagement in yielding to the true of noticing the mind-in-act.

A negatively predicated identity is set in seeking to avoid what it does NOT want as a seeming positive spin of fear and lack of worth or power. A positively integrating attention is attending wholly in what it DOES want - as a FELT quality of connectedness being lived now.

The mind of the deceiver is not 'THEM' but will operate as such while you want it there. There is nothing new here in that whether we choose to believe untruth is itself hidden from us in the act of doing so. Therefore rewaking to make a different choice is against the force of all that has been learned before - yet not as a forceful opposition of assertive entanglement. ONLY the FELT quality of true connected presence (in whatever forms) will know again or re-cognize the true nature of the choice to align in the true of who you are. But the wretchedness of the pain of the loss of such can and will provide a means to release allegiance to the false.

When false is associated with self-betrayal rather than evil seen in others - the call to vengeance fades to a basis for the desire for truth to grow within us - as a result of yielding the seeming power to usurp our own Source and Nature of being. The 'mind' cannot 'do' this. That is our 'salvation' for only the wish and belief that it can, keeps us chained to its fear and guilt-driven dictate.

The attempt to escape MADE the error real to us. Reliving 'trauma' within a fresh and connected willingness IS releasing it. One doesn't 'DO' something TO it to change it. All the king's horses and all the king's men CANNOT put Humpty together again - but sure as hell will institute death and taxes as the dictate for sacrifice to an idol of power. Did he Fall? Was he pushed? Is it the father of all false flags? How much do we WANT our grievances  and the power in identity they seem to give? How willing are we to overlook and discard a Felt-connecting presence NOW? These two are the same in different form. Some forms of pain seem more 'real' or 'true' than others - and give rise to struggle to get a better place in the cage or make the cage a better place. Freedom is Firstly in being - and naturally extends when accepted there. One cannot escape guilt made real - no matter where it is projected, dumped or redefined as our 'nature' or as  'a viral meme of self-genesis. Guilt is the 'escape' from love's awareness now in the belief you created your own being and have the power to do so.

Steer into the skid - while feeling for true connected traction. We never had the control we took as if our own - and so we never lost it. Phishing cannot 'lose' what it seemed 'nearly' to catch.

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