Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Healthy brain function

Green Med Info offers depth of information but also magazine trivia - this page on 7 ways to keep your brain young prompted an extra 'tidbit' of possibly useful information - along with comment on the foundations of health - which cannot be apart from life or being as a mere system of mechanical relations however subtle and complex those relations.
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As a piecemeal factoid snippet, Vit K2 (mk7) is found to remove calcium from soft tissue deposits - arteries and brain included - and move it to where it belongs. So not being deficient in K2 may be a significant factor.
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Synergies of effects can operate positively or negatively - and simply adding 'good' things wont in itself set a good foundation. A true foundation is where we live FROM.

if we are seeking 'health' as an evasion of fearful consequence - then we bring those fears with us in the very acts that seem positive. The call to wholeness is the call to joy and health is not an evasion or absence of symptoms - but rather a freedom from being negatively defined by conflicted self OR its symptoms. Focussing in what we don't want - as if a positive act is the nature of 'mind-capture'.

And focusing exclusively in the physically framed sense of life, deprives even our physical brain of its wholeness-as part-of a greater communication and sharing in Life. And so seem to be a brain, enclosed in a body, condemned in time to suffer and die and so understandably dissociating from such 'reality' in seeking to set a narrative over it.

In its chronic or persistent activation, fear operates 'mind-capture' by its fight/flight response. All else is suppressed by the sympathetic nervous response - but the balancing and restoring of a greater embrace works to protect even amidst such stress. Chronic fear works against this embrace or rebalancing, and blocks healing - so as to make stress a negative addiction rather than a positive catalyst to the need of a greater embrace.

In life a flexible mind can serve a relational integrity - where a rigidity breaks down and separates off. This fact has reflections in our biology.

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