Monday, 10 April 2017

Is it bad for you?

The dietary video this was written to is without merit but the comment has a general message:

When fear tells you what to do - and what not to do - you no longer need a mind of your own or a heart to discern true - for you can now spout from - or hide behind - a presumed 'authority'.

When diversions keep your attention locked in what doesn't matter - and assigns it undue importance - you get a world where everything is backwards!

Balance from within is your living responsibility - where trying to force balance from without... is false - and futile.

Not blame but a true ability of response within the gift of being.

Taking some bits of some information that has some merit in some circumstances as if it is a conclusive knowledge is dressing up in play clothes. The desire to me more than you are is the fear you are less - and the release of such fear allows the more of what you truly are to embody. Having learned to seem to be what you are not, makes a situation of the need to re-learn or re-cognize who you are.

The biology is very complex synergy - just as the life-denying 'control mentality' sets up negative synergies. We are still uncovering radical new perspectives that cast all we THOUGHT we knew in a different light. So keep some brackets around ideas that resonate true with you so that there is room for expansion and change.

Confusion is a useful tool for the need to evade clarity - when clarity is confused with a fearful exposure. Clickbait keeps you clickin like a chicken licken - so do what you do and choose as you choose - from a truly connected place in yourself. If you don't know what that is - you are lost in a thinking-matrix as if to protect from feelings you buried back when.

Let anyone and everything 'tell' whatever they like. You are the quality of recognition as to what is truly resonant to you. Why trade your life in for a fear-minded sense of self-inflation?

Energy and joy are more than related. If you have to force yourself to perform or fear that you wont or cant - get down more honestly with what you really want. The mind can make symbols for connected being and seek to act them out - but then find no connection there either. Start from where you want to arrive in a more expanded appreciation - like gratitude - for example.

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