Saturday, 4 February 2017

Water of Life

Drinking too much water is said to be harmful says this article
to which I commented in passing:

The term 'water' is used for a variety of conditions. Look up structured or EZ water, find out about water 'memory' as well as its often cumulatively toxic additions as a result of flouride, chlorine etc - but also pharmaceuticals leaching through sewage treatments.
Water is life - but what have we done - and are still doing to life?

Hydration is a vital part of our being - but just putting 'water' in does not give us vitality or being.
Feeling our emotional and sensory body, watching our thought, as an aligned awareness of balanced response to the inner and the outer, as one, is the natural state of aligning in unified purpose.

The fragmentation of 'problem-defined self, separates out and loses the awareness of the wholeness - which is a unifying field. Reducing the extension of Meaning to a jumble of shifting and conflicting 'meanings' is a condition of 'darkness' or lack of conscious awareness in which all sorts of fears take on disproportionate effect - and result in wishful or disconnected responses such as big pharma or overdosing a 'health' advice. However, any comparison on deaths by water - even including drowning - will be minute relative to 'official' and even mandated 'health-care' procedures.

Social control operates through our fears - and fear of disease is one of the prime points of leverage. But open and clear purpose, freely held and shared, aligns societies in a politics of education and consent - with freedom in which to live and share a sense of worth. The aligning of our media with 'official' reality of purported 'scientific' consensus, operates a kind of mesmerism. Journalism was a sceptical work of uncovering and checking the veracity of news. But when the supply can be choked off, behaviour can be controlled. So too with the privatisation and control of water. If you need it, a fear-agenda wants to control it - perhaps under the idea of protecting it. Fear-agenda is a subscription service.

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