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Problem based illusions

Mainstream medical journalism is an illusion
by Jon Rappoport   

My comment into the above linked page is not focussing in the fraud, corruption and misery around the globalist monopolised 'medical' establishment - but seeing that also as a symptom of a deeper misalignment.

The false foundations built upon as if solid, are not just their problem, they are part of a problem-based identity that perhaps everyone shares in to some extent.
The wish that something be true coupled with intense emotional force, is mis-creative - that is it 'creates' effects that are a reversal of the truth. So no wonder "everything is backwards. everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". ~ Michael Ellner.
The attempt to fix the problem by force or by guile IS the problem in disguise - but while you WISH for the power to regain or be restored to power for YOU and take it from those who you believe are taking it from YOU - or fighting for the diminishing resource. You are accepting disconnection from Life and loss or lack of support as IF it is being done TO you.

"But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
~ (Lewis Carrol - Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

Where EXACTLY is "here" - is it a world done to you within which to be the 'Doer' or is is a specific focus in consciousness through mutually reinforced definitions that limit, filter and distort the direct feeling and knowing of Existence? Habit  - or autonomous routine - is set by persistent and repetitive choices. But we are not a creature of habit but a creator of choice in which habits can serve a useful purpose.

If one looks on the horror of the symptoms as causes - they sprout more symptoms - because that is the meaning assigned them. Fear of symptoms is fear denied, externalized and projected away as if to get rid of it and wall it out in belief one's life depends on it! ALL else must be sacrificed to meet the emergency! Health is sought as absence and control of symptoms called 'disease' from a defended or threat-driven sense of self.

Any movement toward health as a balance within wholeness of being meets this 'denial' as an evil - because it is predicated on the definition of evil as the fear that must be hidden, cast out and stamped out. No matter how 'effective' the war - the fear never really left the mind that thinks it. Fear and division within rise up. A sense of control breaks down - ramps up the sacrifice to 'defence' of a fear grown insatiable and uncontrollable because the true creator of the nightmare sacrifices their energy and attention as identify in character.

The entanglement arises from the belief one must struggle to escape. Struggle is the conflicted blindness that set up the 'trap' and makes it real in belief. Giving up struggle seems like giving up life, power and all the investments in struggle by which to become an 'Independent Authority' - unknowingly usurping the true Authorship of your Source. And so releasing the coercive sense of fight is not fatalistic or passive or surrender - but an active desire of receptivity that yields to the true movement of your being - and it FEELS the recognition of You! - Unmistakeably and uniquely You!

Your mind may think it has its power back to run off and fight another round, make a better wall, show others your inspiration. But from the true vibration of the recognition of You - which resonates all of you as an honesty of being - is a perspective to watch the mind. Because when you can see insanity in act - you are no longer insane. You are the living Choice and don't need to get power against or at expense of. You don't need to get from anyone else and now you are not in the range to be Gotten from.

You're waiting for how this solves the problem of life in the world?
The point of recognition, connection, willing choice, that is characterized by enlivening, joy, inspiration a true sense of happy purpose and peace of your own being - is your response-ability and if the mind 'hijacks' your awareness it is not a guilt or blame call - but a call to look at the active definitions and beliefs, so as to refresh or align in freedom of being.

This is the uncovering of the 'more of who You are and what Everything is' as a journey of your own acceptance and understanding. Creativity is not problem solving - but it is the uncovering of perspective in which everything is seen in new light and the problems either do not exist there or are resolved to a practical and relational responsibility - step by step.

You cant say "the problem is not real" - at the level of the belief and experience of the problem - so that reality-belief has to be honoured because You made it - but has to be NOT joined with at the creative level. Self honesty cant be by-passed with good intentions forcibly imposed as if to make you good and deserving of health - or any other saving grace. You are already worthy - but out of the feeling of the experience of the being of You it doesn't feel Good - and blame and fear persist the dissonance as if opening a new kind of power.

So in a sense you can forcibly short-circuit native awareness of being in a forced intention as a sense of self separation - and grow a consciousness in the dark - so to speak - whose self-consciousness inhibits and fragments and limits to 'control'.... until the tide turns - and the structural 'integrity' of the illusion, disintegrates, dissolves, fades to what seems a 'rising' awareness within which to re-align, rebalance and re- dedicate as the re-opening of channels of communication within being that are you.

What is implicit here is that ideas don't do it - living from who you are uncovered to be is in a sense allowing to be done through - like a dancer, a singer, and artist. You don't want to be independent at odds and isolated from Life - and your uniqueness is NOT threatened by that of others - and in acceptance of yourself - you get past the personality mask - and so you can appreciate people and the world from an undemanding sense of discovery - as you are moved.

#2 (In response to Vaclov's cryptic rejoinder)

“from the geoethical point of view
a new working contact
of mentors in medical hypnosis
with specialists involved in research
of effects of the Sun storms
should be recommended.”

Hi Vaclav Nemec
Do You understand what you are saying?
Or is it but your way to signify what you mean
in coded message?
Within a concept-captured mind
what I write must be meaningless.
It doesn’t refer back to the same presumption of self and world.
The bridegroom comes when ye thinketh not
or to put this in reverse:
Thinking blocks communication
as a successful illusion of communication.
My words are chosen to sketch reflections
of pre-verbal meanings,
within life.
Felt meaning
Of a movement of relationship.
They are not encrypted,
but cant be read in encrypted minds,
of the successful evasion of relationship,
investment of identity
in derivatives of derivatives
that conceptualize
an absence of Meaning
within the illusion
of stealing the power
to determine it.
All by yourself.

To Vaclov's response: Here

I wrote:

Thankyou for further engaging. Some reference to the ‘electro-magnetic’ nature of the manifest Universe is the closest I got when tuning to what you may have meant.
Galactic and micro cellular influence don’t weigh in much in the arena of conflicting narrative identities. The informational nature of energy exchange is hardly recognized. Perhaps you sense our Sun is not just a radiant light bulb.
Billiard ball physics reflects billiard ball mind – of the force upon bodies as the universe of reactive result. This assertion of separate actions and reactions suits the mind of the actor in role of hero and indeed the allopathic approach was called the heroic interventionist approach when empiric medicine was what was found or believed to help the body heal itself.
The idea of malign influence from without is the idea of applying a like poison or a knife or the withdrawal of life function to the ‘evil’ symptoms – as a kind of witchhunt where poisoning the patient to eliminate the disease is simply collateral damage, and has grown to become a kind of inquisition where ‘medical’ sentence can be laid as a charge against the life of the being where life itself is redefined as a syndrome to medicalize and toxify, and the life itself sacrificed to illusions of protection that themselves toxify and thus rob us of life.
Abundance of Life energy flow is the condition in which disease does not develop – so disease begins with the idea of denial and deprivation as a result of an outcome of self-conflict in which guilt and fear lock a dissociated personality complex in a struggle to regain or maintain an assertion of wholeness. The very assertion re-states the sense of lack. The past repeats itself.
Life energy thus becomes a source of fear and threat to the survival of a sense of self-lack in struggle – excepting it can be ‘harnessed’ to a pre-set agenda of power and protection.
The Sun is a radiant source of life and health – but notice the demonisation of all that is healthful in the mind of reversal. Relationship is a balanced communication – not a resource to control and plunder. Our relationship with the Sun is literal and symbolic. Receiving energy is not ‘getting’ but transformational exchange – that is to say it moves through you to create within a larger dance of relationship.

and to John's comment I added:

Germ theory remains germ theory – but a global empire has grown from its belief.
Pasteur lied. Don’t let the truth get in the way of a story that can be used to dupe the unwary.
I haven’t read that particular book but the significance of the microbiome is paradigm shifting.

A further comment into the theme...

I read that the energy cartels (monopoly control of market) - with its enormous financial resources subverted the primary educational establishments with 'philanthropic' gifts and grants with ample research and study grants and the career opportunities.
Corporate capture of the law brought this about - lawyers who work to usurp the law to serve private agenda. The same with Banking. All arenas of influence are effectively captured.
The 'medical' cartel may be larger and more influential and destructive than the military industrial complex - but are they not part of the consolidation of wealth and power in the very very few?

My primary sense of value is in needs met.
Whatever system - if needs are not met - miser-y.
I don't mean abstracted schemata of classified 'needs' - but the core needs through which the worth of living appreciates by appreciation. Need is not neediness - for the former is a point of fulfilment and the latter a manipulative leverage.

'Capitalism' is an ism. I just wrote here about isms:

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