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Beneath the mask

My joining into the themes beneath the article and comments:

How the Left Killed the Anti War Movement


Using the term 'the Left' indicates a mind attempt to define relationship as in presumption to predict and control it.
The adoption or acceptance of identity labels is the loss of communication and relationship to a presumption of mental dominion or primacy.
So 'the Left' is a symptom of the mind that kills any movement of human solidarity in willingness for Life on Earth - (capitalized to indicate a true-living co-operation rather than an enslavement existence).
The built in sabotage against truly accepting and embracing what is here to truly life is identity gotten by defining against a hated or feared outcome, that usurps the natural and unfolding identity arising fro living the true of our willingness for life.
We become polarised and divided against the other without recognizing this is symptomatic of such division within our self.
The false or or fixed identity defends itself with all the energy or charge of the underlying hate, fear and anger of the inner conflictedness - while harnessed to the symbol and 'rightness' of the  movement of our being to truly live.
This usurping of reality by the mind occurs in most every moment - as the assertion of a sense of definition, prediction and control. It is not wrong within its place - but if it is invited, invoked and employed to 'run the place' then the fight and flight binary mode suppresses all else to its never ending war.
The desire to strengthen and prevail one's personal assertiveness of mind, opinion and influence is the investment in the personae or masking level of consciousness. It is generated as the escape from inner conflict or psychic-emotional trauma, as an attempt to mask off communication breakdown and forget it.
The personae level or surface appearance is the framework in which symptoms of dissonance and distress can never be truly addressed or resolved - but only 'magically' rearranged and redistributed - magic in the sense one can believe and experience as if real change has or is occurring.

One of the features of a negative loop, is that any energy given it is used by it as fuel. Any attempt to limit, strengthens it. Any attempt to kill it, propagates it, any attempt to understand it, strengthens its status as something worthy or capable of being understood and all insights are subverted and incorporated into its own defence against disregard - for it thinks with the forms of your insight - but at expense of the true-felt movement of your being.

The mind is a phishing 'attack'. Always check that the thoughts are true-felt connection and no 'attack' has stolen your identity to pass off in your name.
Conservative and progressive movement is a wholeness of being. But progress based on a demonising  invalidation of who we are and where we are can only 'progress' such a motive. Conserving a false or phished identity can only sacrifice the living to the dead concepts and symbols of corrupted law.

But the law is made for Man - to serve and hold and guide us into the law of our being.
When insanity frames the narrative so as to seem to 'run the place' - we need to look more deeply - more honestly at where we support it - especially in the trojan forms of seeming to be against it.
The currency of our thought and identity masks its own kind of 'toxic debt' lies.
The Movement for embracing Life on Earth is not in corporately or collectively framed identities of getting - or of getting away from.
Using 'evil' to make righteous and gain power - is being used by evil unwitting. The reversal of live is a war against Self - but when you hate or blame yourself - have you truly split into two? Or is such a split mind an imaged concept of your reality?


 I like the joke for its revealing that beneath the presentations and appearance of alliance in common interest – – often in response to a perceived threat or rival – a deeper level of private agenda operates.
Private or masked agenda is that which is working the mask – as a strategy of survival or personal advantage – because open desire and direct communication is believed to be unacceptable – either in one’s own sense of self, or to others such that one would meat attack or obstruction.
The range of strategies available by which to evade, avoid and protect the mask is the society that is invested in it as defence against deeper fears of its own evil and thus of feared evil in others. This gives power to evil by investing in the pretence it is not in oneself (while fearing it is) or that it is in others made scapegoat or enemy – so as to identify against them and claim moral superiority or self ‘righteousness’.
The capacity to ‘see’ in the other the evil one does NOT want to discover in oneself (or be exposed to others in), is the direction and guidance OF the ‘shadow self’ as the strategy of hiding under emotional force of guilt. This teaches ‘should’ and ‘should not’ as coercive demands and taboos – in the nature of the angry and jealous god who must be appeased for ‘blessing’ or favour, or else suffered as a source of guilted wrath, rejection, pain and penalty. This model of conditional ‘love’ is the private agenda. “I want it thus!”.
The power to enforce our wish or desire on reality or on our narrative experience of reality, is curtailed by equal and opposite reactions. The ‘power struggle’ of a territorial or hierarchical pecking order is a constantly shifting complex of interactions whose common element is conflicted self in search of resolution amidst the symptoms of a largely unconscious self-evasion.
Fears take the forms associated with their being first experienced. We all have unique patterns of fears and yet we all have a personality structured to both mitigate them and integrate us to our human world – which is a complex mapping of both individual and collective reality agreements – from which the personal sense develops.
If we heard what the fears were that underlie any assertive identity behaviour – we would better understand the other – and they would have the shift of being heard and met with understanding – not rejection. Fear divides to rule over our mind and rule out the nature of love’s being when it is hidden in shame, privatised to outsource its pain, excluded from light over and over again. So the simple need of a fear-denied aspect of self to find acceptance becomes the basis of a (generally masked) rage against life that perpetuates its own terrorisation.
Joining in common hatred of the ‘other’ is a false joining – in which a social mask substitutes for the true. No one can truly meet another in hate dressed up as a special relationship – except to use and be used by each other for private gratifications of a blind sense of need for personal validation. Owning and knowing our true being is not an assertive identity so much as a recognition of worth – from which we see others in a different light.
Our core sense of worth sets the limits on our conscious participation in Life – and no substitution of self-specialness relative to the perceived lack in the other will more than mask the lack of true foundation it is made to conceal.
When is a strength a weakness? Whenever it loses its balanced relation to the whole.
When is a weakness a revealing of true strength? When its incapacity gives way to a fresh appreciation of wholeness – as a balanced perspective. According power to the ‘mind’ of private agenda can only lose awareness and sensitivity to the whole. Without true feedback, destruction does not even recognize its own act.
The framing of desire for peace through genuine communication – as a process of transparency and accountability – as ‘anti-war’ is itself war-minded. The framing of a culprit as the ‘killer’ of such a movement is war minded. The fundamental nature of the war-minded is to protect conflict from (true) communication. Guilt, fear, terror and rage are its leverage over the connected hearts and minds. The suppression of the feeling being needs expression within a genuine desire for communication. The ‘mind’ simply wont allow this – regardless the backlog of denied life and the insanity of over-control. But whose mind is it? “Who told you you were naked?”

#2 - follow up:

The framing of 'political' for action is the issue I see. If one accepts such framing by operating within its confines, then only that which has 'political traction' can find support. Likewise with false framed economies nothing real is 'affordable'.
So yes you say in your own way much that I say - and yes it is at the level of accepting identity so framed that operates the system within which nothing works or only seems to work before the system absorbs and subverts it to serve a systemic and joyless agenda.

Not to take the bait of false framing thought, is to remain free to see and hear from a deeper or more inclusive perspective. The benefit is a life more abundant - and part of that is the disposition of radiance along with the capacity to recognize the worth in others where before a reactive mind would blank out.

Labelling is not seeing and the symbols or images of reality have ONLY the meanings we ascribe them - and walking around in such a dream of a life is open to every kind of manipulative intent from 'backstage' of where one thinks to be free to act. The fruit of action is not validated by its effect so much as embodying worth that is recognizable in its effects. So keeping your 'channel' of communication open amidst the deceits and fakery that would break in to 'divide and rule' is fundamental to anything else one is then moved to do - or moved to refrain from doing.

Breaking the mesmeric spell of 'fake mind' is the key. Operating on fake news is operating from an unsound or false foundation. Fake currency can be passed on and become generally accepted - particularly when speaking truth would expose the 'emperor' and be treated as a proof of illegitimacy. Our in vest-ments evaporate when their lack of substance reveals a wishful delusion taken for true.

I see that we are quite capable of doing to ourselves what we then blame on others or ascribe to others.
To what degree does a ‘fallen’ nature (misidentification) self-destruct? What else CAN it ‘do’?
Who cannot afford to give worth and share in it has to put others down to seem to have it.
A ‘story’ about events cast in a certain light, seeks validation and reinforcement through being given attention, agreed with or argued about. Addiction to story is called ‘identity’ or ‘face’.
Don’t let truth get in the way of a good story!
Humpty fell – or was he pushed ? Is it a false flag to keep the king supplied with men and horsepower?
The war against Life on Earth is the Economy-stupid. A reverse economy for live spelt backwards.
Evil does not create or extend the creative – but limits, divides and conflicts to feed upon its sacrifice in denial and destruction.
Fantasy acted out upon the body – and the body of the world. Story invested with reality and locked in with guilt.
Where the fantasy is held dear – is where it is undone – not in the symptoms.


Identifying forcefully over and AGAINST something or someone is a symptom of masked rage. The mind attempts to force reality – to shut down and control the experience or outcome so as not to re-live a terrifying or deeply conflicted sense of self and world. I note that such a world is arising to our experience despite – and BECAUSE of such psycho-emotional defences. A hate-fuelled self and world.
Beneath anger is hurt and pain of loss and that which is hurt is of the nature of a hurt, denied, rejected, betrayed or abandoned love. Such a broken sense of love AND the sense of guilt/blame around its loss, corruption, and perceived weakness or unreality sets the love-hate conflict of the human conditioning – and of triggered reactions arising in defence of a sense of self already conflicted, fragmented or isolated – but under a narrative control of a seeming unity.
Manipulation of reality is 1. A joke. 2. Oxymoronic self-contradiction. 3. An exercise in dissociation and displacement. 4. Experience of being likewise done unto, and defined victim by subjection to oppositional will. 5. Entanglement in attempts to resolve an unreal or misperceived conflict in terms of the eradication or redefining of its symptoms. 5. Unreality operating the denial and sacrifice of the true as if the power under which all must align. 6. Loss of will. 7. Victory over Life in ‘death’. 8. How dark do you want to go?
To what degree is humanity a machine running an insanity? The the degree you and I consent to use and so be used by insane thinking. It is not the human being that is in error – or faulty – but the thinking by which our true being is usurped by doing (reaction) of a false foundation. I ponder this here with you – but cannot make another listen – nor change anyone’s mind in any degree they are not already the willingness of. But I can cease investing in the game of the power to change the world by changing my mind – or rather – allowing it to be renewed.
Persisting what does not work and can not work is running out of time. Time operates the delay of the inevitable by making things to do before attending the true call and nature of being. So many and so tangled as to believe there IS no truth or call to be. Only its pre-set denial as foundation from which to give power to illusion – and suffer it.

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