Saturday, 18 February 2017

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

My Amazon review after watching

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

This documentary is well made and understated in the desire to allow the issues involved to become openly and freely discussed, so as to bring transparency and accountability to the science, the politics and the business of vaccine manufacture, in regard to safety, efficacy and cost effectiveness. Mandatory injections of healthy people (especially babies and pregnant mothers) - with cocktails of known toxins but also (hopefully) unintended contaminants - constitutes one of the greatest health risks to human health - while being promoted and protected as a religion - free from scientific scrutiny - and as part of a captured medical regulatory system that legislates to outlaw or deny the growth of anything that threatens a virtually global pharmaceutical hegemony.
The freedom to choose to vaccinate should be protected - along with the responsibility and accountability of vaccine manufacturers and providers for culpable negligence and malign intent. Note that vaccines withdrawn from Canada for causing meningitis were then sold to Uk - same results and a few years on, withdrawn from use in UK and sold to Brazil and elsewhere. WHAT is this but murder?
If vaccines were founded in true scientific findings - the science would not be hidden behind laws pretending to offer protection against fear. Fear that is persistently and consistently injected into our minds by a media who is no more independent than doctors - with those few exceptions proving the rule. Sovereignty of being is lost to fear and traded in for fake saviours - who may or may not hold 'good intentions'.

If we persist with the causes of sickness in the belief they are protecting us  from imagined causes of sickness - then we are too sick to recognize health - and see instead only a state that can and will be corrupted - and so we get there first - to 'pre-empt' disease! The kind of 'consciousness' that is generated by the inoculating of fear and associated guilt in ALL its forms - is a dissociated and fragmented sense of disconnection from naturally felt relationship and communication. These fears are of deeply felt trauma and yet suppressed and denied their expression and acceptance as valid communication.

In the name of abating or countering such fear we worship false gods - but then a baby cannot articulate its experience but only seek to limit pain and loss with WHATEVER is to hand to then shut down on the possibility of ever reliving such pain again. This is a religion of masking terror - that goes to any extreme to protect the MASK. And can never begin to heal the terror - nor ever will for all its 'power' is based upon keeping it secret.

The autism or self-ism felt outside and apart from relational being, is tragically lived out in those whose extremity renders them unable to ever function in society without constant supervision and support - but is no less true of the 'socially adapted' autism that is invisible because it is so 'normal'. When a baby screams and hits their head over and over - they ARE articulating their need. They are in an extreme over-toxic exposure of inflammatory damage and need urgent and appropriate support to antidote the toxin and clear it out of the body. Patent run science is not the agency through which such treatments arise - but they already exist and are known of - but not employed.

There are 'scientists' who would rather let children die than resort to quackery that saves their lives - who then is the quacktor? When the law or the model or the system or the program is made the power to which humankind is sacrificed - a reversal of LIVE is accepted in place of truly living. No matter the circumstance - this is a choice. Those who seek to deny choice seek to deny their own consciousness of Life - in favour of a dictate they willingly sacrifice self ... and others to - in exchange for the partial and temporary 'protection' of a fear-stamped mind.

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