Sunday, 19 February 2017

What lies beneath

I read the following article

How to institutionalise the world
by Darren Allen

and felt glad to meet Off-guardian's willingness to give focus to the issues addressed - but felt it presumed too much that was already conflicted - so wrote my own offering to the themes of what lies beneath...

Inner conflict embodies separation trauma; the denial or suppression and evasion of which calls up the masking persona  as 'survival' within a world of split minded conflict to which the living is sacrificed and lost love and power are sought in substitution of 'external' conditions, gratifications, validations.

Mind as evasion operates the persona in terms of positive achievements but always secretly defined or framed in negative belief. Such is addiction or identification in externals by sacrifice of self as the means to 'get' what they are believed to offer.

Until an addict recognizes and owns their addiction - they live the denial of it and their minds operate self-justification and shifting evasions of diversion or presentations of listening or understanding that are simply ways not to listen while seeming to be in relationship. I could say everyone is addicted to their own thinking - until the lack of true foundation for such thinking is seen and accepted - not merely thought about. We do not recognize the addiction when we react as if it is in fact our true function of mind when it is conditioned reaction - whose conditioning traces back to the imprinting of fear in guilt, hidden by denial, protected by thinking that embodies the strategy of 'surviving' in terms of the particulars of the separation trauma of its core beliefs.

The use of thinking - which at root is communication - for the limiting, defining and control of communication is a breakdown in communication. The very attempt to define and control operates the lack of listening and of truly spontaneous response. It systemizes and manually overrides a 'fallen' nature - where the error of mind is projected onto nature and attacked - and then validated in all the 'proofs' of guilt that a preset belief puts there.

Key to all is the nature of mind as the distorting filter of the true - and of joining in ideas - many of which are tacitly induced and communicated - is how they are strengthened as witnesses to a reality of interpretation - where the filters of that interpretation are hidden and covered with defences of diversion and taboo to ensure against exposure to reliving the pain or terror of the mind our thinking rose to blot out.

I have written of the covering over of our sovereign nature and its sacrifice in 'gaining the world' - but the quality of our true nature is a directly felt recognition that cannot be defined or described nor needs any such mind to perfectly be itself. The reintegration of the belief in fragmentation within the felt recognition of being exactly You - is of an abiding in and of this quality of being - that in simple terms is the call to joy rather than the call to sacrifice.

Because fear and guilt were hidden in the evasive manoeuvre - the reintegration or undoing is an exposure or bringing to light of what was denied within the desire for healing, wholeness of being, sanity of true presence.

The shifting from fear-defined self to a conscious recognition and acceptance will generally meet extremity of conflict. Particulary while the old mind-framing is used to 'make sense' of (demand sacrifice of) the new.

Releasing the mind is simply not using it as a basis from which to act until and unless it is within a clearly felt recognition of being. If you want to fool yourself, you can and you will - but if you have opened relationship with true, you will not tolerate self-betrayal regardless how good the alibi or the cover story by which to seem right.

Fake news is the mind that wants something ELSE to be true - and gives that priority over true. If one only looks OUTSIDE to resolve what for each of us is an inner conflict then we seek to make sure never to find. If we look inside without the context of real relationship we are certain to find endless conflict upon which to make fantasy of escape that likewise has no real intent or capacity to be truly found but makes the search into an endless diversion from simple self honesty now.

Losing face is a socially invalidating experience - but the mask is not the source of worth - so much as the need to act as if you had it. True worth extends and is recognized in reflection. False presentations assert or impose to be validated in reaction. Conditional 'love' says "if you break my conditions, you will meet withholding of worth, the receipt of guilt for causing pain and rejection or open conflict'. Society operates collective agreements and conditions - some of which are consciously acknowledged, most of which are tacitly asserted and conformed to.

Consciously held culture embodies the worth of Life even if alloyed with the fears and limits and distortions of fear of loss of worth and life. True culture is not a system but lived values that are uncovered in real relationship. Systems that truly serve Life do not demand the sacrifice of life to protect and maintain the system!

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