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Mis-creation, mis-identity and missing the point of living

 To the main article:  The Matrix Revealed: victimized or inspired? by Jon Rappoport

Jon wrote:
“This is, in fact, an objective of mind control. It seeks to trap people with their own knowledge. It seeks to make insight a self-defeating proposition.
(Therefore, Jon presumes)… “If they can create Reality for me, I can create my own.”

You cant trap people within their own knowledge but you can insinuate false or distorted ‘knowledge’ into the currency of their thought by appealing to fear or fear-based wishing.

The premise that “lying is creating”, fragments Mind to the self-run matrix of private creations in private minds.

Creation is of a wholeness of being – and yet if run through a self-contradiction … LIMITS – amidst the illusion of power.

If the mind can ‘create’ false reality, then unsubscribing or withdrawing allegiance from it – restores awareness of true. The FELT recognition of true is the Movement of being that creates or Sources you WITH all that you are aware of and focussing within.

So yes to that a world made of lies can serve a different purpose!
But that purpose is giving only as you would receive – which is NOT a ‘mind-job’.

The transformation of the mind is the pausing of mind-reaction to allow the abiding in the Movement.

Inspiration and imaginative freedom is freely given and received – not patented and weaponized under the power of a private agenda.

The mind CAN serve another purpose that that which brought it into operation as ‘false creator’.

The defence of masked denial in assertive narrative reality CAN be undone to an embrace within multi-dimensional synchronicity. In place!

The fundamental nature of mind as foundational to all experience, is hidden by the realities… it makes in secret! So live openly in light within yourself and bring the ‘denial’ mind into a free awareness and see if it is truly aligning your joy now – but see that until and unless you do, you live under its rule and will see as it dictates to stay hidden.

The world is your feedback – both on the screen of consciousness and apparently ‘outside’. Attacking the messenger is missing the point. But false presentations with hidden payloads are not to ‘run automatically’ as if true – either in our thought and behaviours or in our receiving of information. It is impossible to not get back in the measure one gives out. Mind is not partial to what you ‘run on it’. The Sun shines on ‘good and evil’ alike. But you cannot know – and intimately know – the nature of being AND split off in private agenda. The will IS the capacity to discern balance points within wholeness and NOT compromise of Spirit to idols or ideals of coercion and deceit that undermine self-worth – under false pretence – and reflect as a world of like kind.

Bob Clem says:
Please humor me for a moment as I can grasp what you are saying on some level, but perhaps it’s my own cynicism , but although I have seen through the false realities and societal controls , I cannot separate the the everyday reality of dealing with the people who are still locked into these belief systems , it’s the unwitting minions, not the power brokers who give me so much grief , the acting out of their illogical assumptions of mundane experience as will of God.
My Achilles heel is their never ending ritualistic abuse of their own thought process and interpretation of the rules of interaction and that this is somehow my subconscious or God or the universe itself as being sadistic, and although , I know logically this is not the case , but that I am somehow undermining my own efforts here , that my reality is what’s being projected here and I can’t seem to circumvent this tail chasing reactiveness. I can’t stop blaming the idiots who constantly interfere in my life, to be blunt,
any feedback is greatly appreciated

Why do you need to force another to align with your accepted reality-experience?
Why are you unable to communicate from who you accept yourself to be without seeking and demanding validation and reinforcement of your beliefs?
I don't dismiss that the experience you have is maddening - but rather invite you to go deeper into what YOUR beliefs are creating as your experience of others and world. (Which may or may not find reinforcement in others).

Beliefs are held because they fulfil or serve a function at a deeper level than they operate.
The belief in self-guilt cannot BUT operate a sadomasochistic version or interpretation of existence.
The belief in the assertion that such guilt is in the Other or at the hand of the Other is the attempt to escape it while believing it real. This is the management of guilt-sickness-symptom rather than the healing or undoing of a false identification.

If you would truly serve the undoing of the need to believe in a false and destructive sense of power - then you must yield your 'beliefs' to the willingness and desire for truth.

Attempting to fit truth into a narrative or story reality is a reversal in consciousness. We can 'live' in the acting out of story reality but only at cost of denial or sacrifice of awareness of true.

If you're tired of the strain of maintaining a lie - then you cant persist in seeking the truth of it!

If I am having an experience 'out-of-true' in the sense of dissonance and misalignment - then what must I be holding in belief to be drawing or attracting this interpretation of whatever is ACTUALLY occurring and being experienced in consciousness?

The attempt to FORCE reality gave rise and gives rise to the experience of being forced (subject) to it. The polarising result of action and reaction is evident as identification AGAINST.

We have the opportunity to re-learn how to truly live. From the movement WITHIN - that our previous 'training' learned to deny or invalidate - and still does if you don't pay attention.

Learning to attend to that movement of true willingness in others is true hearing and seeing. When you feel truly seen or heard you KNOW you are truly embraced or acknowledged by another - or indeed by your true Self or Existence. For these are never separate. You cannot embrace your being and reject that of another - though of course you don't have to align in the choice of another and can leave what you don't want while embracing what you do.

Sovereignty of Will has been called the Will of God and Jesus exemplifies releasing the mind of reaction in trust and willingness for the true movement of being. A mind of reaction is a mind in denial of its true source and movement. But a mind of aligned action is at rest in the movement of its own true being and knows itself one with that movement - which is very different from wielding 'power' against perceived evil. Why did he say 'resist ye not evil'? Because standing wholly in truth is not at war with false - nor drawn into its framing concept or self-image.

What bugs you in others is what you have not forgiven or truly accepted and embraced in yourself. But that is not to condemn you doubly; but to call you to address your foundation first - because a mind at war with itself is no foundation at all.
It's ok not to know - in fact it is the condition in which a false mental assertion is paused, that the movement of true knows Itself - through you.

Grasping to possess is the way of losing wholeness and then assigning blame to the perceived and believed cause of loss rather than undoing the cause by releasing the grasp.

I cant  - nor would I want to - live your life (or make your choices for you. But in truly living what is given me to be, in any moment of receiving it -  I meet within the context of such purpose.

You receive what is your 'measure' and by your choices you grow or diminish your capacity to embrace Life. But no one else sets your measure for you - excepting only if you give the power of your Word to their power to do so.

That this operates at levels of mind we call 'unconscious' and deny awareness to - does in no way mean it is not active. the 'black ops' of 'rogue elements' within a fragmented loss of true governance is a pervasive un-sanity. But none can reach that which is unwilling to be reached. However, the desire to be known is native to being or we would not come into being to fulfil it, so listening for willingness  - through our own - is rebalancing and reintegrating to the wholeness of being that cannot be truly recognized through Humpty Dumpty mind.

Did he fall? Was he pushed? Did he jump? Was it a false flag? A psyop deceit?
None of which are relevant to wholeness of being.
If you wait for conditions to be 'right' (including the aligning or agreeing of others) you put life on 'wait' forever and a day.
The Call to Life is always. Or always the now of your being. Notice the mind that fragments into past and future to use 'now' just as something to get from or dump on. Give due to true joy in life and don't let guilt-thinking deny or deprive you of your being-right.

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