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This Thing Called Power

G. Edward Griffin – This Thing Called Power

My comment into this youtube talk on freedom and power (30m)

Yes to Edward. True reflection on the meaning of the ideas we use is the way to awaken from powerlessness that masks as the limit on loss. Fear of loss of power clings to the little they have and thus subscribes to the littleness given them by fear-defined sense of self.

Power given to the WISH to override and use others is the power to be-live or play out the fantasy of self-specialness and this is the corrupting of thought, language and deed. The true power of the mind is not in 'separating' off from in order to prevail over - but can be given to such an idea and experienced as if true - as a separate 'mind' at war with its reality.

The true power of mind - that now I call Mind - (to differentiate from the private assertion of a withheld and fearful sense of threat-defined-force), is to give and receive truly - to give or receive truly in alignment within who and what you are. This is the freedom to be who you are and KNOW it - and the recognition of who you are in the extension of that worth, meaning and appreciation to others.

Your true individuality is NEVER absent or apart from relationship - but is a unique expression of the Individuality of True Being - of which your part completes the whole as a gift of life - as is no less true of each other. Fragmentation is the loss of the part-whole relationship to a 'war of parts' in which communication is sacrificed to defend against a further loss of power, and rally to prevail over that which is seen as depriving or denying power - no 'seen' in fragmented terms as competing powers in which the only communication result is winning or losing - and all else sacrificed to seek the former and evade or avoid the latter.

Seeking power is the addiction of the fear of powerlessness. Resting in power is the right of the unconflicted - and so the fear of powerlessness attacks the Rest or wholeness of being with every kind of lure and baiting, because it has no soil or support there - no point of leverage there, no back-door hack by which to use your own thought to induce you to reach for the illusion of 'more power' under the fear of 'less' power.

Resting in power is not a mental construct that withstands attack so much as a freedom from the belief in attack as meaningful or sane communication. For what you give out - is what you get back. Such IS the power of Mind - and yet the fear that what you have done against Life renders you unworthy OF Life and deserving of penalty IS the back-door hack of fear and blame based thinking, operating the perception of each other in terms of LACK of worth, lack of deserve-ability of communication and justification of withholding or denial of right - EXCEPT as transacted to establish conditional limits within which to NOT meet exposure in one's own sense of LACK.

So society operates a reverse game of pass the parcel - in which not to be the loser who gets the outsourced pain of denied responsibility - projecting out as the payment in pain for someone else GETTING. But only as one plugs in and tunes to the 'matrix' of the mind of manipulation AS IF it was freedom.

Freedom is the extension of individuality and not its claim to private possession. Who grasps at the Living must lose awareness of their true part, while fragmenting their mind in fantasy association. But when we neglect or forget the de-fence of fantasy, Reality Resumes our natural awareness of being. Reality Is - firstly to Be - and all else that arises from and within such a Felt Participance - holds and shares the qualities of being. We KNOW by our fruits - not by the fig-leaves of clever thinking by which to assert and inflate a sense of LACK as power to deny Communication.

Toxic debt - owned and brought present - is a false investment - no matter what the dream assigned it or believed true. This is not 'Too Big to Fail' - but the FREEDOM to Be - painted with fear, guilt and pain of loss. The mind of thinking apart is a paintbrush for a false and destructive sense of Self - that can be noticed, recognized and released from the power to operate You.

The nature of force is the realm of action and reaction - and force is called for to hold against or withhold allegiance to, habitual or conditioned reaction of loveless or manipulative intent - but in the context of a genuine relationship - of a self-honesty within that then guides and extends as the relationship 'without'.

Mental theory operates to take power from spontaneous action when self-doubt or lack of trust breaks the continuity of presence to a fragmented or dissociated conflict. The illusion of power is invoked to HIDE and evade the conflict - while persisting in the condition that generates it. The experiential 'territory' of conflicted self is not healed or fixed or prevailed over by theories given power under guise of getting power for oneself. But is healed or undone to true presence. Be still and Know - is not speaking of static denial of the Life - but the absence of coercive force or manipulative intent. SEEN truly - these fall away of themselves - but seen through a false framing narrative - they compel allegiance under threat of terror and guilt - that hardly has to unmask to operate the carrot and stick of enslavement to the idea of power over Life.

Self-convictions can be totally wrong. Reality can be completely mis-perceived. The mind can deceive under belief to suffer its beliefs true and die under them. What then of the freedom to accept or reject ANY idea in the true light of the being that rises spontaneously to our recognition - before a mind sacrifices the Living to dead concept?

We cannot outthink a mind made to hide in - but we can release allegiance in it - and as we do, we see what it hid from sight, truly - and not in the framing of fear given power.

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