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The Lie - and the identity trick

The Corbett Report "Why do people lie about climate change?"  (and lots else too).


The question ' why do people lie'' is posed within the surface assertion that freedom exists at the personal level and presumption that we have it.

The answer is that fear (terror) operates beneath and within - and upstream to the personality focus, AS the basis (along with victimhood) for the personality led (sic) experience.

Top-down or externally imposed fear of pain and penalty, conditions the mind in conformity to evade threat - and much of this occurs beneath the waking consciousness - so that the moment of choice is given a blind eye. Any sense of Self-betrayal is then associated with the failure and treachery of 'others'.

The 'lie and the father of the lie' - aka the 'tares among the wheat '- is untruth given power of acceptance and allegiance as true. This operates a 'Forgetting' or denial of our true nature in creative freedom that operates an 'anti-life' principle or agenda... until Awakening from the spell of the illusion of power as falsely framed by fear or lack.

Within awakened responsibility, 'negative agenda' is repurposed to serve the opening of new perspective upon creative freedom. For such is the implicit nature OF Creation. However, a false sense of freedom is the power to override and exploit Life under mis-taken image, symbol and concept of self/reality- which is a use of mind in denial of Life - that then declares the denying sense to be life! This is a reversal that accuses everyone (else) of what IT does.

Power in the world can make and break you - in the world - and the making of such a self is the subscription to its world of conflicted reality, because the persona masks the un-owned and unhealed conflicted self.

So why do we lie but because it serves a purpose in that moment that we believe saves us from pain or loss of self. This is what the mind was made to do as a protector and defence against fear of pain and loss of Self - with the instruction to never let it be lived again. ("Hold that door Hodor!"- Game of Thrones ref).

BUT there is no freedom or joy in a substitution-life - excepting in a vanity and arrogance of exploiting and using life (our relations) for private gratification, and thus become hollow. The reluctance to accept this takes time to recognize - so timing is everything.

The replacement of true with false was a blind self-serving self-belief - bolstered by a sense of adversity and enmity (and secretly dependent upon it - because only persistent conflict establishes the conditions in which truth is denied awareness) - But the re-awakening of true is of a different foundation that does no violence to the false foundation - but simply shines to knowing. This quality of being establishes a different consciousness than what increasingly is now recognized to have been reactive conditioning (while believing itself free).

The pathways of mutual entanglement and individual responsibility set up a dream that turned to nightmare, and have persisted as further dissociation and fragmentation ever since. And so within each of us, is a timing that honours our free willingness - or power of acceptance - whilst illuminating the illusion of self to its increasingly recognized checkmate or futility and facilitate the clear choice between alignment in true and the submission to false.

The desire to persist as the dream operates to keep such awareness out of focus. For example; if something calls your attention and you follow it - and persist in that while ignoring the call to a wholeness of being, you are not disconnected from wholeness of being - but the dissonance of such persistence brings that belief and experience as a result.

Our submission to fear-reinforcing 'reality' is the submission to Narrative Identity. But the yielding of such mind to the true movement of being is to be graced with a mind renewed - and living AS this (of this movement in being) is the way to grow and share and thus abide as our waking life.

In a recent Corbet report discussion:  there was a shared appreciation of the need for a true foundation FIRST - because otherwise the error goes forth to multiply - as if getting everyone ELSE to change is the prime directive. See how the sacrifice of self appears and appeals in the form of an evasion of having to yield to true. Why do we - any of us - evade, avoid, deny or block out truth? Because the mind is Already the act of so doing and we follow it as our self.

Within our relationships in the world - this is because feared truth terrorizes or conforms us to false 'self-presentation as a sense of self-preservation' - and operates as 'natural' strategic self-interest. But within the denial or masking of such fear is the WISH that something-be-true that embodies the denial as a mitigated or limited sense of pain and loss. Again this is experienced as self-inflation and self-importance and not in the underying terms that set it.

The lie is thus a 'convenient truth'. For those seeking insulation from pain and loss - as the embrace of a crusade that gives them some sense of righteous or powerful or helpful identity.  This operates the motif of "don't let the truth get in the way of a good story'.

We are each invested in our own 'story' and that is not wrong as an exploration of teaching/learning and uncovering of what we find in such a  journey experience, (and not necessarily in terms of the goals of the characters. Life is for living - not for-getting or for using up!

I find that I CANNOT interfere with or change another - I cannot 'tell' anyone anything they are not already of a willingness to know or a vibrational match to the communication. So the narrative frenzy of an attempt to TELL (others) what to do, substitutes for sovereignty of will, as addiction to Story - and to the power of the telling. For regardless the 'powers that be' - the secret judge within operates the same in all.

- - -


My response to a climate change exchange on the same page - with regard to 'conspiracy of controlling agenda' vs pumping toxins into the atmosphere.

You bring up (retch?) another facet to the Climate con's piracy - and that is the capture of the true environmental movement (regarding actual toxic effect/fouling the nest) to a demonisation of CO2 which is absolutely essential to Life on Earth and to life more abundant! You may notice you breath is partially under your control - but you are not in control of breath. Likewise covert weather modifications can and do effect weather but do not control climate.

The Universe is essentially electromagnetic resonance - not gravitic - in nature - and Solar and Galactic influence are airbrushed out or hidden by the agenda that rides the gravy train of an induced scare-city.

Common sense - as I see it - pauses from ANY thought of reaction or identification to FEEL what is going on here - as the context to 'facts' being thrown about, colluded in and made identity of.

You can tell when a fear agenda is being used to manipulate a response - IF - your identity is not already running reactions that prevent you from pausing to see, hear, feel and know.

I don't care if the end of of the world is nigh if such news is being subverted and exploited to serve a fear agenda - a toxic agenda - a death agenda. No thanks!

Keeping a channel of Communication OPEN - is abiding in a connected presence WITH whatever is going on. This means NOT falling for the trap of a fearful identity - and that takes practice over time to get your life back - if you let it drift into a false sense of power and protection that you must start to realize is a racket you ultimately subject yourself TO - regardless the manipulators or the force of common illusion as the allowed reality.

Conspiracy is a poor term to use because it is coined by CIA and used to invalidate critical challenge to Narrative Control - which is going on in the open - but hardly anyone sees it - because they think within its framing. Half of this is that people WANT unconsciousness relative to their fears, shames, rages, that grow out of a deep sense of guilt and terror. No wonder - but it doesn't WORK to stuff toxicity out of 'mind' when it still runs covertly ALL THE TIME. The other half is that a power structure - and a market, arise from meeting the demand for unconsciousness, that fuse to become a slave-owning elitism - though it may start out as shepherding the flock to hold the balance of needs of the tribe and society.

Just below the surface reality is hate of private agenda that justifies itself by what they hold as done to them - or even the threat that it might be. So it doesn't seem like hate - it might feel like saving the Planet! But anyone NOT in that self-righteous compulsion can Feel immediately that these people are driven - compelled - fearful and coercively demanding - and there's no talking to them in the terms they set except to become entangled in the same nonsense!

Tell me when change HASN'T been the nature of life in the body. Show me anything that does not rise and fall from awareness as part of the always changing experience of being. There's no such Thing, but the wish and the grasp and the defence and the fear of loss all make an identity that loses TOUCH with its own nature - and periodically has to re-align with what is actually here - rather than running on Narrative Control.

Everything is Changing - and the basis on which we 'think' is changing - which feels like the breakdown of reality (but it's the dissolution of unworkable identity). In the true flow of our joy in being - no 'identity' needs assert its right or justify or apologise for being all that it is. Identity struggle is the adjustment to being out-of-true instead of living out-from-true. Struggle resorts to every kind of coercion and deceit - but true being is a no-brainer. No need to call in the dark arts of obfuscation. Feel your way - and all your resources align as needed.

It is true that those focusing on 'conspiracy to wield power over us' tend to also become fearful and polarized in identity Against Them. One can only start with where one is at, and the disturbance of uncovering a fake world is the beginning of an unfolding 'journey' to true apprecaition - a real world we can actually meet in and work and play and rest in - without all the armouring and fakery of masked intent.

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