Wednesday, 22 February 2017

NASA to Announce Alien Life?

NASA to Announce Alien Life?

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 The pushing of this meme in the main stream, to prepare the way for "we are not alone in the Universe" - may serve the fear-drip..drip..drip that frames attention in stress chemistry (in which a sense of disconnect from true feeling being operates the fight or flight response). But it can serve the recognition that the belief "we are alone" - which is a collective expression of a personal sense of isolation - is NOT true - and that the framing of an exclusive sense of defence against fear COSTS us our true being.

The 'alien'-ation of our true being makes us stranger unto our self. As for top-down consensus - how else could a lid be kept on the fear of loss of control. But - if you are following this - how much of what we assign the term 'control' to, is in fact an investment in illusion of control that actually generates or feeds disorder.

Life that is not within our sense of definition and control is often feared - because we contain urges or motives that are fearful and hateful. Including the manipulation of others by leveraging their guilt and fear.

What to believe and who to trust in these times? Without a true foundation, one can be in effect 'phished' or hacked by someone else's thinking running as if your own. Especially when this is an emotionally triggered reaction.

Meeting the reality of an 'other' Life can only be through the true of our own. Or else we simply 'meet' our fears or 'shadow self' and recoil in horror in attempt to kill it - shut it down - put a lid on it - hide...

But whatever we deny is only pretended away - and is no less active in our reality for being redefined or re-assigned. The desire NOT to know is the mask - and yet the desire to know and be known is a movement of being. Disclosure can be a wonderful surprise or a traumatic dissociation. Are we preparing for a life more abundant - or to compress into further fragmentation? We are beings of choice - but only within conscious awareness.

The kind of people we attract into our lives is not random and the qualities we draw out of those we meet is not random. Fear given negative imagination is mis-creative or as they say - a self fulfilling prophecy. And wishful or good 'intentions' are only a further mask over un-owned fears.

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