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End of the Story or vengeance as usual?

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Trump, Watergate, Nixon, Rockefeller: the real lesson
jerseyg said:   

If “they” didn’t want Trump to win, he’d have never gotten into the WH in the first place. Their high tech weapons could have taken him out long before he even won the nomination. Let’s get real here. Attributing all the power to the Rockefellers and Rothschild and then acting as if they created such a monumental blunder of letting him slip through to the presidency is a ridiculous assumption. He is beholden to the zionists. They financed him through his failures. He is their puppet. End of story.

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"End of story?"
Rather, the continuation of 'Story' as 'narrative control'.
Look how everyone takes a part in the framing of events. Are we being manipulated? Or are we suckling the juices of our own emotional investment?

But your point is that Trump - for all the 'outsider' status - (true within certain levels of identity aligned within Establishment Was) -  was/is being run by 'insider' cabal - even if as a 'controlled explosion' or shaped charge.

No asset - allowed or installed into agency of power or influence - is to be allowed to out-serve or out-grow its purpose. Nor will such a notion of power itself out-serve or out-grow its purpose.

So while we invest in Its framing as our own aligned identity - such purpose serves out its time in Story.

One of the realisations of noticing (aka mindfulness), is that attention WAS scattered and fragmented in preoccupation with fantasy of past and future imaginations. But the 'continuity manager' or ego of self-sense runs the automaton of a fantasy life or subjected virtual reality of adjustment to its lack of presence - so as to present worthiness, love or power - as if one had it. Possession is the name of the game - for who would possess, is thus possessed or entranced by the game until played out.

Story calls for sacriface in justifiction, which is backwards. Original nature creates from a just or true awareness in which no one has to deny or be denied, to behold it is good - very good.
A false sense of rightness asserts and propagates the very 'evil' it sees in OTHER - as its own blindness. Some carry this role to extremes - but it takes one to know one. Noticing allows awareness of choice and change in place of an apparently unchangeable self, mind or reality.

But the wish something be true... or not true - resets and reinforces the conditioned imprint of the golem. Fantasy fulfilment has one outcome - no matter how often repeated... unfulfilment. Be that structured upon the symbols of love or power.

In a book I appreciate is the line: "There is no life outside Heaven" - and yet of course what passes as life, is traded in and exchanged and made real to such mind-drift into unreality - is viciously defended against wholeness of being, against a light in which a mistaken identity is no longer accepted or accorded real. Gone!

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A further comment in the page:

"The people spoke loudly enough"... (referring to Trump's election)

Was that rage seeking vengeance or a refusal to accept false power over true sovereignty of being?

I'm not asking anyone to speak for anyone else - but to ponder that these can be co-fused and reversal operate such that the demonic is accorded faith - or the true healing messengers - demonsided and killed.

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