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Competition - redefining fitness to replace worth

In Reply to this comment on the deification of competition in Post-Darwinian ideas

Yes - who exactly defines what fits?
The mentality of the Grand Overview is so easily in a complete disconnect from the human family and its unfolding experience. And so  'Grand Ideas' are touted as 'Great Discoveries of an Enlightened Era' and work against anything real growing from the ground up that can meet a compassionate sense of top-down - rather than a dictating self-righteousness.
Fitness for purpose needs to align with awakened purpose - which is innate and uncovered rather than manufactured and asserted or imposed.
It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing - but really I feel it is a partial interpretation of knowledge for to truly know is in the heart sense of a wholeness - but to attempt to articulate or define this is to re-enter the world of interpretation. I read the Promethean symbol as taking something out of its natural context and thus re-defining its function and nature in the framing of the mis-take. The underbelly of the light-bringer is of course a terror. Hiding in a false light gains a temporary power at a price. We don't necessarily compete for the goods so much as for the means to allay the evils - or 'outsource them' onto others and so are fear-driven rather than good-seeking.

A Christed sense of worth has nothing to do with social or personal status whatsoever - but its acceptance depends on a willingness of eyes to see and ears to hear. Who tries to become worthy secretly believes their own lack  and teaches lack of worth in terms of the measure of their own judgement. That's why self-righteous 'actors' insinuate a false sense of worthiness and a distorted reading of any teachings of true awakening - to subvert them into crab barrel futility.

Recognition of worth is a spontaneous shift from the mind of (self) hatred.
Back to competition - a worthy opponent is one who meets and engages in the game at a level that makes it passionate and exciting to play. The gaming mentality is a large part of the human fascination - and even the game of global domination is likened to a game of chess. And for all who engage directly there are so many more who attend from the sidelines - feeding the dynamic of conflict, taking sides, investing in outcomes and vicariously getting off on it.
Hence in a blame culture there is a morbid fascination with who gets vilified and a tendency to join in at some level - as some little play in the game of power.
Perhaps the issue is whether balance and communication can be maintained in a competitive situation. For some, yes - but for many the good v evil mentality is triggered and truth is sacrificed to war. Which means war is now defined and accepted truth - and truth redefined as invalid, irrelevant and insignificant to the true 'cause'.
I don't believe that competitiveness is a contemporary virtue - so much as an obeisance of conformity by which those human traits are NOT embodied or given voice, that witness to communion, community and true communication.
The heart is denied from this world. Jesus illuminates the symbol of a mentality dependent upon the death of love - as one polarity of a choice that we cannot change until we recognize we are making it. In competition with our own being. This is of course absurd - and no less is our mind and world in its fragmented conflict of competing 'identities'.
Recognise your part and withdraw support and allegiance. If you come from a true sense of yourself - you are not waiting on a specific outcome. Yet if you wait on specific conditions before coming forth in your life - you wait for ever. The call to joy is always Now - and yet the competing thoughts are always saying you cant afford to give it your willingness - yet. Divide and rule out (deny) a living sense of wholeness. Identify in this as personal 'power' and take your 'power' at the expense of others. But the power of love will be your forfeit - in fact you wont even be able to believe in it. Love un-worthiness operates a cold light of judgement that seems irrefutable. That's how powerful the mind is through whatever you give focus to. Too big to fail? Or too addicted to the game?

In Reply to Nerevar:

Noting that anti religion is another example of competing identities.
Identity that depends on being AGAINST - is fatherless or illegitimate for it gets all that it seems to have by the denial of the life of the other.
The lie and the father of the lie arise in 'resisting evil' in the sense Jesus warns against.
For what you resist persists.
Fools think he means succumb to evil or be a doormat for evil. But is that interpretation not because they NEED their enemy to cover over that in themselves they are as yet unwilling to own - preferring rather to cast the first stone?
No one can change what they are unwilling to own. Thus we give power away to that which protects our un-consciousness while asserting it as our waking consciousness. Ma tricks ;-)

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