Friday, 22 July 2016

Psychopathic Hatred

To this comment by rtj1211
One has to say that Obama’s lies about sarin gas attacks are worthy of him losing office. Can he be prosecuted in the ICC for such wilful negligence, false-flag promotion and proposed murder??
If not, can he be impeached on Capitol Hill?
If not, can he be forced out in disgrace through resignation before his term is completed?
If not, why was American democracy and the ICC designed so badly that none of the above are possible??
I also simply do not understand the American aristocracy’s obsession with crushing Russia. Are any American Aristocrats those who were forced out in 1917? Were any of them descendants of Napeleon’s armies crushed so brutally by Russia? Are any of them Poles with hatred of Russians in their hearts?
I really would like a very good explanation of that, because the only reason I can see is that Americans are psychopaths who have to dominate the whole world and Russia demands autonomy to be respected……

Clearly the law does not apply, or has no one willing or able to apply it. Notional Security overrides all else. Power plays an open disregard for truth. The power of the lie is at least no longer confused with a velvet glove.
There are many ancient hatreds. I read of the Khazarians holding a hatred for both Europe and Russia - who between them destroyed their Empire. That was a very long time ago - but the result was a diaspora of east European 'Jews'. For Khazaria adopted a form of Judaism.
However, all that is required to elicit hate from powerful and power-hungry people, is to not align with or accept subjection to their dictate - and be powerful enough to be seen as a blockage to be eradicated.
But yes - world dominance - and indeed broad spectrum dominance - which means control of the narrative/mind - food and medical models, - in fact to be as gods effectively - over sub-humans - or humans denied their humanity.
There is a deep seated hatred of Life in the human personality construct - that is usually masked in 'rational' terms of improving it, or managing and manipulating it to align or conform to our fantasy of power over Life.
Few look beneath the persona to recognize the hate that hides behind the veiling smile. But I see our times as being the exposure to ourselves of ourselves - and I mean that in terms of the unconscious and subconscious forces that run almost invisibly through us as a result of a surface persona founded to operate the suppression or evasion of that which we personally and collectively deny awareness and acceptance of - except in the hated scapegoat.
Reasonableness and rational good intentions are part of a collective desire to suppress and perhaps 'rise above' a base nature or hateful intent. But there are those who see life, humans and themselves as predators and as being without scruple in claiming power as the prize of a ridding themselves of the weaknesses and make-believe - that lesser men have to use to protect their minds from the stark and only truth - as such a compulsion to eat, possess or dominate Life - must see. There is a kind of god in this - in that it is the demand for sacrifice. And the kind of humanity that is set on such hidden foundations is one of sacrifice of Life to idol of self-concept that substitutes for Life.
And so we sacrifice the truth of our presence to conform and fit to an idea of who we are supposed to be - or indeed who we are not allowed to be.
Denials are invisible as long as we don't trigger hate by breaking the rules and conditions that are largely tacitly induced and agreed in very early life and reinforced throughout. But see how quickly 'love' turns to hate when the 'rules' are not kept. It NEVER was but hatred withheld.
There is a recognized syndrome of victims who 'love' their abusers and interpret the withholding of penalty as 'love'.
This is more true of us that we might like to recognize... on both sides of the story.

Without a deeper honesty - and I might add a natural humility and compassion arising from there - there is no resolution to the human recycling of hate - though it gains global reach through increasingly pervasive technologies.
Maybe forces will rise against hate in hate and sow a new crop in a seeming respite? Maybe we recognize that we no longer want any part in it and therefore have to find a different foundation from which to live and through which to appreciate and share Life - instead of hating it because it does not meet our conditions and demands.

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