Thursday, 21 July 2016

Brexit confusions

Some of my responses to various comments into an article that sought to frame the Brexit issue in a 'workers perspective'

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I get it - you did not get 'your own way'.
Excepting your still insist on seeing everything 'your own way' and see everything different in very negative terms - and calling on very negative outcomes.
I voted leave because I feel for a shared humanity worthy of more - so much more - than a corporately contrived and controlled technocracy. But out of the frying pan is not yet clear of the fire. Collectivism operates the sacrifice of individual sovereignty, and a false or corrupted  individualism operates an exclusive elitism to which also true or free willingness is sacrificed.
People largely do not have much perspective or articulation of their predicament - or if they might - they keep it hidden because it is not felt safe to come out amidst such a hateful blame culture as has become the basis of socially engineered and managed 'normal'. In fact it is only felt safe to come out with some kind of hateful negative opinionated put down - as has been established 'normal' thanks to the subversion of the institutions of our society - and in particular the Media.
Everything we accept as our thought, colours and paints our world, our part in it and its response to us. It isn't that I feel we get the world we deserve so much as the world we serve up and make real to our experience by accepting it true. If responsibility = blame, then bad choices condemn you and us all to bad outcomes. But I see true responsibility = choice, and in recognizing  a choice that doesn't align true, I can now make a better one - thus even negative experiences can serve a positive outcome. Blame and hate culture is not this or that system of governance but must undermine any possibility of communication and exchange in any such system. But it is none the less a vote for accepted outcome in which responsibility is not accepted and lived - but denied, evaded and sacrificed to socially engineered 'rules' by which those at the top of the hate pile get to dump on everyone else and believe that privilege to be power in life.
The only way to a better appreciation of who and what we are, is an honesty of being that seeks and finds a better sense of self-definition, from which to see - and extend - a sense of worth. Don't believe for a moment that all the accounting statistics are anything but mass evasion of responsibility. If the environmental and health costs were truly accounted for then almost none of our corporate 'economy' would be profitable - and even disregarding the destruction and degradation of Life on Earth - it operates a debt scam into which our Humanity - of the embrace of Life on Earth - is sacrificed for evaporations of wealth, power and self-specialness. For those who want it their own way - and are positioned to get it - are imposing it without the willingness of consent. For we are stupid dolts who cannot be entrusted with Life - and so must be socially engineered, managed and manipulated to keep ourselves that way.

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A corporate protectionist cartel serving its own interests at expense of yours - but presented in deceits of extended power and protection from threat. EU've been had. But nor is the nation state able to serve a representative willingness for Life on Earth unless we truly embrace and live such willingness. From a basis of a sense of wholeness - we can open and join in relationships with others. But you must know that our 'representatives' are at best trying to make the best of a bad job - for our corporately driven influence abroad is not 'internationalism' excepting a power class of transnational elitism eschew any relationship or responsibility for the host they asset-strip.
False foundations undermine all possibility of true outcomes. The banker always wins... unless of course we played to a different tune.
Whatever else 'Brexit' might be, it is serving a divide and rule 'hate' agenda that operates a perfect smoke-screen for the real power moves to occur unnoticed.
Reality is too disturbing for ordinary 'citizens' and so they are to be fed a version that empowers their fantasies so as to better cope in increasingly compressing terror of powerlessness. The 'devil you know' is often chosen above an unknown in which to discover - but I say the devil we think we know is boiling its frogs slowly - so that they do not recognize the terminal nature of the heat - nor simply jump out.

Basically Everything is Changing. (Anyway and regardless). Position yourself within the currents that you feel Life in - or cling too the driftwood of 'paradigm lost'. Uncovering true foundation is the only real option. Now, or defer Now to later - to some other moment of some other day awaiting some other conditions in hope of some other choice.

Currency is corrupt. False economy. Sacrificing the Good into the bad and cooking the books to make it seem as if someone is in any kind of control - apart from control-freakery gone mad! It is the end of the world for such control-freaks - but do they have to drag everyone else down with them?

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Working class had a function. 'Useless eater' has none. As workers are replaced with more easily conformed and cheaper 'units' and with automated robotics, they are discarded and 'encouraged' to self-destruct - whilst providing revenue stream via tax and NI. Whereas aristocracy operated a paternalism of managing the farm, a globalist cartel of corporatocracy bleeds 'profit' from disinformation, sickness, death and destruction and no matter what political 'face' it wears, operates a very different pharming of mindshare - or indeed mind-control.
Reclaiming our lives is a matter of questioning the terms and vocabularies we 'think' in - for identity-politics is the manipulation of masked or denied fears that has us seeing everything and everyone in terms of what is 'wrong'.
There are wrongs that call for correction - but identity-politics appeals to self righteous hate - which does not recognize itself as hate - being of course wholly justified against an evil or wrong. But hate feeds the war that operates on every level of every aspect of our human experience. I don't say deny and blame hatred. I say we have to feel what we feel, long enough for a deeper perspective to unfold - for there are always deeper perspectives beneath the triggered reactions. I don't write to a collective polemic - but simply in individual witness to a sense of human worth beneath the confusion and hatred that covers it over with distorted sense of un-worthiness.
I see I have two legs and arms and that they work together in common cause. If my mind offends me - I pluck it out - or not use it as a basis for acting in any way that harms myself or others until a saner perspective rises to replace it.
A core and FELT - sense of Humanity rises in place of divide and rule thinking. Its an ongoing willingness of commitment - not a smug 'answer'. How another identifies or defines them self is not my business - but how they live and act to me is where I meet them and it is what is lived that finds communication or a breakdown of communication - and a willingness to find common cause or not. I cannot do anything for your choices excepting to live my own - and share witness from which you may freely align with or not as you will - as you feel and know and accept yourself to be.
Compassion embraces supportively in solidarity. Sympathy operates destructively as the 'gift' of a presentation in place of true presence. Beware of the mind born of the sense of self-specialness or superiority - and celebrate uniqueness and diversity as a working together in common cause. In shared purpose. In living purpose that truly CAN share and be shared in - not an ideology.

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