Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Destructive agenda behind the mask

How far back behind the puppets and fronting organisations do you need to go to find a globalist agenda that operates  destructively under the aegis of creating a 'new world order' - as if hate can be used to serve as a means for a goal that is not hateful. For it is a hateful cold 'rationalism' that operates as the 'thinking' of the few imposed upon the many.

Indeed the fewer they get the sooner will the 'one' seek to claim its 'place'. There is no satisfying the addictive identity of power because the Place of First cannot be gotten by force or guile - only usurped and thus open to being 'stolen' back.

The appeal to a sense of personal power as 'over others' and as protection or privilege from aligning with it - is a 'Luciferian' dream - in which no 'other' can disturb or interrupt, deny, challenge, hold back or hold check, a sense of unlimited power... to serve what exactly?

Because without embracing a living relationship of growing trust and recognition is no Life - whatsoever. The fulfilment of such 'authoritarian rule' is a dead end - and appeals to, and uses death as power over Life  - in wielding terror as hate and rage - masked of course by appropriate personae - until perhaps the curtain raises to revelations of a different movement than that framed as its own thinking.

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In the UK, the EU did not force austerity, and privatisation on us. The new labour/tory government and cameron et al did it all by themselves.

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