Friday, 22 July 2016

Brexit confusions #2

Brexit: A Workers’ Response to Oligarchs, Bankers, Flunkies and Scabs

To this comment:
Would people such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other wealthy and philanthropic capitalists be valid exceptions to Ayn Rand’s (below) statement?
“Capitalism and Altruism are incompatible; they are philosophical opposites; They cannot co-exist in the same man or in the same country”…….Ayn Rand

No - for they give to get. You can use the internet to uncover more than PR.
But just because Ayn Rand said it - does that make it true?
What is altruism? Service to other? She saw it that way but I disagree.
What is capitalism? Service to self? If no self is celebrated free to discover and share in - where is joy in life? In sacrifice to an 'idea' of the 'good' of 'others'?

Serving self and serving others can and often does hide under the mask of the other and operate a mutually exclusive polarisation in which their unity is perpetually obscured or denied: divide and rule.
Division of self and other is presented as self-righteous judgement - whether of victim or perpetrator.
Do you invest your attention, time and energy in that which has no return? BUT if you uncover recognition that being the true of you depends on your willingness to give true witness TO others and To your world - then there is a basis from which to love your brother as yourself - but not as 'personalities' or persons. Identity politics begins with the sense of disconnection and loss from that which identifies you perfectly. Thus rises the mind and the mask of a personal sense held over and against that which is associated with disconnection and pain of loss. As such it is negatively or segregatively defined 'self'. Human being contains the capacity to re-cognize mask as a strategy - and therefore not Self - from this honesty comes an integrative movement of aligning in joy of being rather than in aligning against the conditioned associations with the denial of joy. A positively aligned self is not 'trying' to be 'good or right' - but simply aligning in a clarity and capacity for communication - rather than seeking to control the narrative to engineer or manipulate agenda or outcomes that assert righteousness or try to present under a seeming 'good'.

Why don't we just be open and honest in uncovering and communicating what we want?
Because there is a heavy - indeed terror backed sense of denial - along with a deep sense of unworthiness. Some of us feel more identified in a sense of loss of power - and so dedicate our lives to the attempt to regain it - or the seeming of it. Others in a sense of loss of love - who seek that in the world no less. But the world of the persona is a masquerade or matrix of seeming by which power of love lies hidden - for there is no love in 'divide and rule' - nor any power of living in the sacrifice of joy to a blind law (or god).

   Brian H said:
    I have no idea. Who knows what the actual set up of these “philanthropic trusts” are. From what I’ve read, about the Facebook billionaire, he has “given away” about 50 Billion dollars, but still “owns” and retains complete control over the funds.
    Sounds like a “tax dodge” to me. Maybe someone can clarify how it all works……….

        Fronting trusts, organisations and institutions can be and are used as proxies to ‘astroturf’ a larger hidden agenda. Especially when the Media lacks the capacity or the willingness to expose such deceits – and becomes a tool for their operation on the gullible and cynical who like to believe they are sceptical – but are actually captured minds – or part of Branded Mindshare.PLC

Seamus said:
....Then there’s the deeper, philosophical problem with the whole notion of ‘charity’: when an oligarchic elite manages to control virtually all of the wealth and power in a society, and expects us to jump for joy and act grateful when they oh-so-magnanimously share a tiny percentage of it with us, that is dehumanizing and patronizing. The world doesn’t need charity; the world needs socialism–worker control of the means of production, and of wealth and power in society.

If someone - including the State - offers you something, it is up to you to feel if there are strings attached - and be aware of what you are getting into. If something is truly given - then there are no strings attached.
Any centralized control mechanism is open to being corrupted by political and indeed corporate power. Any attempt to organize a cultural and communitarian solidarity has been undermined, subverted and denied by the power class - regardless their political 'face'. There is little or no representation for human community. "Socialism" has been co-opted to serve as a face of the corporate-state - as a technocratic bureaucracy of manual mass management or 'social engineering'.
True charity is never wasted. A mean spirited and miserly inclination to focus on the hateful as self-justification passes off as true currency. I don't know what the 'world' needs in terms of the form it needs to take - but I do know we need a true currency of thought - and a grounding foundation in something that isn't just more spin.

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