Friday, 17 June 2016

The Snowden Test

The Snowden Test

An article questioning the accepted narrative in the sense of being deceived by apparent revelations of a whistle blower.

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The personality level perspective is inherently a 'game' whose fundamental tenet plays out in fragmented or segregated conflicts of apparent power struggles - while the 'power' operates from the shadow.
Where you 'read' your reality-experience from is the measure of what you receive as your sense of existence. If an exclusive ego-centricity of private and authoritative control is your presumed starting place - so will you 'read' and experience your private control-defined reality.
The lure of the dynamic of conflict is the certainty of guilt - and this is the root of 'power in the world' - for victim of a believed unfair attack claims hate justified as power of protection and retribution.
The attempt to manipulate or coerce Life can only reflect the same measure, and promise of total control is the imminence of utter defeat - for the denial DEPENDS upon that which it denies and has no presence in the movement of Life apart from giving power to denial of It.
In asserting an identity of masking and controlling Life - to redefine Life in our own image and as our self justification, we give power of presence away for promise of conditional outcomes that soon reveal their hollow transience without a truly shared presence.
If the one reading me here would understand the reversal by which they live apart, then the urge or drive to operate power or control must be recognized loveless - by the love that you are beneath the mask.
Reaching to or perhaps I should say synchronizing with the one beneath the mask is not a plea or persuasion, nor any kind of leverage or coercion based on moral guilting or judgement - but is the very act of extending a quality of presence that really comes through us and not from and by us - as we have conditioned ourselves to believe ourself to be. Perhaps considering this reveals how much we 'love' to hate - for who would extend worth to those judged love's enemy and undeserving?
But beneath all that we hate in the world are resonances of what we hate in ourselves - as we have judged and believed ourself to be.
The blame game is a sort of negative pass the parcel - no one wants to be the sacrificial victim to another's specialness - yet few recognize that addiction to self-specialness (I WANT IT THUS!) necessitates, dissonance, conflict, loss of awareness to a mind-set seeking power to validate itself.
The script of the world is very fragmented and very complex - but its core stories are our archetypes of human experience. The truth is not found in stories set to prove themselves true - yet the release of the insistence of judging and controlling the narrative opens a relational communication in which a Gift of shared being - true presence - recognizes itself in the giving.
Look into and receive through the eyes of those you meet or encounter through the extension of your appreciation and gratitude for being - and you will not be coming from a masking of fear, hatred, concealed rage or unworthiness. For these 'communicate' hidden strings of demand or denial that are felt as lack of acceptance and unsafe - meriting distrust and defence.
As for what to believe - never believe from the outside in - but go within by releasing the insistence of reaction and truly allow truth to rise as presence - without demanding what form the 'answer' should be - or the filters of our fears lead to mis-interpretations given power of true.
You can say everything in a world of apparently conflicting choices is a test to see if you want to persist in choosing conflict. Releasing the identity in conflict allows the underlying feelings to rise to be accepted rather than denied. This may seem more challenging than dealing with a world under threat of evil forces - yet it is an entirely different foundation from which to live - and grows a way of being that is truly felt presence - for presence is the point of true relationship and communication - regardless the 'world' believes this to be the 'sacrifice' or total loss of power or indeed of one's life.

But the thinking of mask of power in the world operates the sacrifice or denial of awareness of love's presence. When you demonstrate integrity and willingness to yourself by living it - you have a basis for greater trust. The mask would have you rehearse in thinking so as to justify staying in the mask. But what you step or stand forth in willingness is your accepted true of you and grows the capacity to see the tricks of the mask.

'Let the dead bury the dead' means bring your whole attention to the Living - for where you choose to give or focus your attention is your living will... or your willingness to let old and conflicted conditionings run in place of your Life.

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  1. Love this - I'm going to have to keep reading your stuff! Bookmarked. Such resonance, so deeply. Thank you.
    "''Let the dead bury the dead' means bring your whole attention to the Living - for where you choose to give or focus your attention is your living will... or your willingness to let old and conflicted conditionings run in place of your Life."