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Periods don’t sync, period

My comment to the above article:

Synchronicity is The Non Local Event - and yet in time is everything relative to its 'past' or future'. As you define yourself in past and future terms - so will you set up an interference pattern in which to posit a focus of awareness that grows to operate as 'consciousness of' this or that, then and so anticipate when. Because you focus Existence (see) the 'randomness' will never be - although the idea of order must create it as its supporting polarity.

I haven't performed or written up a peer reviewed study on synchronicity of menstruation cycles in women working or living together - though I have often met its occurrence - so I wont engage on whether this is or isn't so for you, for women or for glimpses of an implicate vibrational resonance into manifest existence.

The belief in randomness is a mythic displacement to the belief in a sense of imposed or imprisoning meaning. Again see the polarities that give each other apparent autonomous 'existence' - but not outside and apart from the mind that embraces them.

Meaning that is added on or imposed is a false god or self concept reflected back. So if you accept yourself separate from Life - you will perceive a separate world of separate things. If you accept yourself as conflicted purposes vying for order or unity amidst adversity or chaos then you perceive a world of conflict amidst conflicting forces and competing interests.

Like attracts Like - and yet in terms of feeling recognition - there is a repulsion that guarantees the persistence of the separating principle - so as to lead us to fight our own unrecognised shadow or shout at our own unrecognised echo and hate our own unrecognised hate.

Life Works - because nothing else is - but definitions allow the freedom to experience it working against itself - and identify in this or that 'side' as righteous or gain fuel for hate in hatred of powerlessness or a sense of illegitimate limitation.

Myths are not the same as falsehoods - though science has largely been corrupted by hatred of the Mythic and equates myth with lie or imaginative delusion. Myths are archetypal symbols of meanings that embody our primary conditioned consciousness - and so are rich in meanings that can be used to persist such conditioned identity in conflict OR awaken and reintegrate to a wholeness of being that cannot be translated into terms of conflicted and separated verbal mental constructs. But synchronicity proves itself relative to whatever you choose to accept true for you - most of which is 'unconsciously' active as the mythic sense of conditioned self. So of course such a self 'sees' a mechanistic universe - without even a creative impulse from which patterns of harmonics and dissonances arise. It 'sees' that which is resonating or synchronous to the vibrational quality of its own thought - and thought devoid of creative impulse is as close to dead as to deny the true Mater in material embodiment - and so operate against Life within the fantasy of power. All such power is conditional upon denying it to others - then it is not power but limitation in support of fantasy - an archetype of censorship to shut down Communication.

The patternings that we grow and embody through the purposes we accept are the Ideas through which Culture flowers or withers. Love operates human synchronicity - but the fear and denial of love operates a falsely imposed 'meaning' upon the chaotic and conflicted negative synchronicity.

The 'elitist' power class think to use contrived myth or controlled narrative to leverage or trigger outcomes in their favour. The truth of it is not in the story - but in where you are truly coming from - the active purpose.

You cannot communicate 'data' to any meaningful end without interpretation and translation into story definitions at some level. If you choose to be out of sync with the movement of your being - you can get a hit of power for a while before it fragments into a paralysis of complex frustration or meaninglessness in which the game is no longer worth the candle. But it's your light - and your choice as to where to focus and receive reflection.

I feel you have an axe to grind - and seeking the ammunition to wage vendetta. Perhaps the meaning of Life escapes you - and you feel cheated or denied something precious? Whoever 'started it' I see the dynamic of conflict as the cause of the oppositional reflection - and so I feel for ways of expanding perspective rather than reinforcing rejection and denial.

I just 'happened' to read your article and to then write whatever 'happened' to arise as to the desire to share communication - and yet the synchronicity extends according to the quality of a like attention and curiosity - finding its 'timing' within the free willingness of acceptance - which is always a recognition of presence and not a mental construct to apply in some other moment than this.

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