Friday, 17 June 2016

DNA Matrix

Scientists confirm DNA holds a second layer of information

My Commenting to the theme:

The complexity of manifest existence hides the consciousness as it from the experiencing of consciousness 'within' its matrix.
The intent to define, map and control is itself a 'program' running of a coercive force acting upon - otherness.
However, I came here to input that the DNA - and function of our 'gut' micro biota is far more radical than is perhaps widely known and an unfolding frontier of revelation. Identical twins each have unique microbiogenomes and thus different responses to the same environmental exposures or relations.
The ignorance/arrogance of prevailing over and enslaving nature or indeed Life is an anti-biotic that operates beneath the appearances of self-protection and empowerment.
This operates as a binary polarity for the limited local expression of Life to define against.
The desire to express and experience Life calls forth or is synchronous with the patterning that creates such unfolding experience - spontaneously. But such desire is not in any true sense separate from its fulfilment. The experience of time-process in spatially defined location is in a sense a Gift  and the recognition of true desire as distinct from programmed or conditioned reaction aligns the life within Life so as to reintegrate from conflicted and driven reaction. Uncovering reaction seems to reveal a mechanistic 'life' - but that which is aware of mechanism is Awareness of desire - and at this 'level' choice operates as the current focus of attention and intention or 'desire'. To know or be conscious of one's purpose is to be whole or unconflicted in desire.
The archetypes of consciousness revealing through math-geometry operate as the depth and richness of the experience of embodiment of Idea.
What Idea is made of is seemingly asked by a position of being outside or apart from in order to exist as the questioner. A trick of the mind by which to seem to be something else - and thus trigger equal and opposite reaction in a split-minded 'relationship'. The fear of Other - and sense of intrusion, violation and limitation, never left the mind that set off the division in taking or mistaking the form of a question as if a real question - when the form masks a statement or assertion by which to identify in 'as if'.
I'm not here to spoil the party - but to undo the driven and hidden hate that fuels a lack of wonderment for the sake of power, wealth and of course validation of identity in question.
In relationship of self revealing honesty - a like reflection rises naturally in the other -  but not as a ploy to rape them or control and collect them. Extending a true willingness of communication opens an embracing Identity that can only be lived or shared - not weaponized or marketised or conceptualized. In modern terms I might call it a Non Local Awareness that re-wakens through its local extension of expression. Plunderment or wonderment - it is a choice already in play - but because the exclusive sense of self is not conformed or cooperated with - but meets opposition and adversity - it operates in the dark as a coercive deceit - so as to make the true seem false and the false, true. Then your motivation can be correct while your definitions are corrupted - but this is always experienced as power struggle and the need to validate and justify lack of presence in forms of problem that persist the original take or mis-take of 'as if'. One such is to assert impenetrable complexity and set the mind-trap of belief that The Answer is in the puzzle. However, living your life is already the 'answer' to the desire to open and share in experience - and so enjoying whatever are the passions of your interest and enlivenment will honour the true desire that - underneath all the apparent complexity - moves you.


  1. In curious about the fear of intrusion you speak of - I'm a place of deep reprogramming and integration and am finding I enjoy my space and meditation and higher frequencies - so I am ignoring phone calls and opportunities that I feel are out of alignment - but Really I feel many people and things scare me because I am fearful of their intrusion or taking me over - taking my energy or taking over my beliefs with their controlling intents or energy.

    I desire to maintain this space and rebirth-ing I am in without escaping this fear or healing opportunity if I see it's true nature and the reason it was created within me.

    Please advise if you are at all able.

    Thank you - I will keep reading your writing.
    (Email is

  2. Thankyou and my apology for not being aware of comments sooner. I will contact you via your email.