Friday, 17 June 2016

The nature of personal responsibility

To a poster who brought in personal responsibility as the key to any real healthcare:

I appreciate your joining in with this theme. The nature of personal responsibility is a key in all of the conflict and woe of humanity. Personal guilt and blame adulterates, corrupts and replaces awakened responsibility and bring coercion and deceit in as the hiding of a guilt and blame agenda.

So a genuine disclaimer needs to honour and address the potential or actual awakened responsibility in its readership rather than merely give unto Caesar as Caesar demands as its due.

Whatever we say - we have no control over what anyone else interprets it as, uses it for or does as a result of reading it. But we do have responsibility to our health and wholeness - our integrity of being - and this does not communicate carelessly or callously - but on purpose and in unified purpose.

Conflicted purpose or 'hidden agenda' communicates mixed messages. We may learn to align, integrate and balance by actions that reveal more about ourselves and our world as a result of living. Or... we fix ourselves into static assertions of identity and fight our corner by whatever means are deemed necessary according to the fix we are painted into.

In the market place is the phrase 'buyer beware' as a warning to be vigilant when trading, to check that all is as it is said or sold to be. This is no less true in accepting any ideas or perceptions - for deceit is pervasive when personal investment in outcomes overrides the way in which they are arrived at.

I see the corporate mask of technocracy that is currently running as determined to eradicate awakened responsibility or free willingness, so as to enforce conformity to a pseudo scientific 'system' of penalty and disincentive. That is - a fear-driven dictate - no matter how it is disguised or presented.

If people are determined and insistent of evading and escaping their innate responsibility, then they will give power to anything and everything that enables them to buy more time in which to persist in the identity they have grown thereby.

Accepting a sense of true worth is the first responsibility - because if a sense of self-unworthiness underlies all presentations of seeking, then well being cannot be had - or recognized if it leaked through.

The words cant really say what one's own being recognizes - but they can get in the way of recognition if they are read without also feeling within.

If you meant that a system of penalty should keeps everyone conformed to not being a drain on society then I say such a society is itself sick because it has no sense of doing what you love and bringing that into your relationships, and society as a whole. And if you cite instances of deprivation I can only say one has to start somewhere and grow the spark that a sense of self-denied would starve of light and life.
No one else can be your life - but if you don't hold true to your place - everything else will come in and rob you of it.

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  1. Actually I think that last line is full circle as to what is going on:

    No on else can be your life - but if you don't hold
    True to your place - everything else will come and rob you of it.

    I suppose I am
    Finding that True place (again).

    In much gratitude,