Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The device of demonizing operates hidden hate

Advice against eating fat was wrong. It is time the experts admitted it

My comment to the article above:

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You might recognize that the demonizing principle jumps ship - such that we grow to become the thing we hate - unless of course we recognize hate as the driver of the demonizing device and choose not to use it.

I'm glad you are focusing on real food as opposed to the adulterated or heavily processed  'food' that suits the logistical and distribution and market capture 'needs' of corporate cartels.

The kind of carbs makes a big difference, as with fats. But also the effects of many pesticides and herbicides on our gut bioflora affects the ability of the body to metabolize particularly refined carbs. Pharma-harm also arises from anti-biotic, and most likely anti-anything. Quite apart from substituting for awakened responsibility.

There are positive synergies of benign influence as there are negative, and isolating co factors to assign magical healing or demonic powers is part of the attempt to validate and reinforce identity based in conflict - or it would not be driven so.

Our gut bio-genome is unique - regardless being an identical twin - and the effects of diet are also unique. Therefore we can only arrive at general guidelines with accommodation for diversity within them - for some thrive on what others cannot survive - and they do not need demonizing or invalidating for being 'different' to a church of technocracy in which the one true diet or any other freedom of discovery and association - is used to conform or negate all else to its model.

The corruption of science is the same patterning as any other corruption - involving institutional ego as an investment in fear of loss - that adulterates and undermines its true function. A diet of persistent fear makes hollow of Life - reducing consciousness such that only the impending breakdown of the model can catalyse awakening from a false investment.

A good teacher makes themselves obsolete - and healthcare is not about generating and ever larger capture of addiction to sickness management - so as to prove and justify investment in the model. But addiction to power operates beneath the masks of social or even personally accepted 'reality'.

Our environment includes our thought - and the tacitly agreed definitions or model of reality that we operate - largely unknowingly - generates the feelings and perceptions from which we tend to grow our personality strategies for surviving WITHIN such conditioned parameters. Science developed as a way of challenging cultural blinkers or belief-filters - but has become another church-state corruption.

The influence of cartels of wealth and power in key moments can and does direct or distort perception of reality. The lobbies that promoted the mistaken or fraudulent vilification of cholesterol and saturated fat found a key moment in Ancel Keys - who was a relatively unknown economist making associations that are like blaming fire appliances for causing fires because they are found at the scene.

But note the investment in demonizing anything is inversely proportional to the power that is then assumed and identified in self righteousness. Power in this sense is corruption from the outset. Science does not need engage in fighting un-truth so much as sharing in true communication - that is in honesty and transparency. This is a tall order for human beings - because we are human beings and not dis-embodied minds untainted by power struggle of conflicted identity seeking reinforcement in validation.

But honesty is our bedrock - for without it insanity runs unchecked. War is the condition in which truth is the first casualty. And so honesty is uncovering the truth of what seems irreconcilably conflicted or un-resolvable.

Joy of appreciation and gratitude for being is a primal contextual diet. Anxiety is toxic if not immediately brought to light and transformed. Fear feeds fear to grow monstrous in the dark. Reason is also Light.

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