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Who cares what anyone thinks?

I was not able to get the main comment to accept at the page titled
Beware of 'What British Muslims Really Think?' on Al Jazeera

I don't focus on Muslims any more than anyone else in addressing what I see as the issue that moved me to write.

"Correctness" of form operates personal or political power as a kind of thought control. But - as an old saying runs - "who is changed against their will is of the same opinion still". It is behaviour that is 'controlled by systems of incentive and penalty, and what can pass off as obedient alignment can thus hide in the form of being correct or acceptable and accorded respect.

What a 'man thinketh in his heart' may be undercurrent to surface or allowed 'consciousness'  - but is always active as the communication of current focus and acceptance. No one escapes their purpose.

So "what we really think" may not even be what we present to ourselves to mask or hide deeper and intolerable sense of rage in self hatred or fear - and so is it to the world that we also mask - and mask ourselves in. The masquerade of a struggle of powers to mask from, deny or distort communication, is itself an order of thinking that runs deeper than many who 'walk the world in armature' will ever imagine. But is reflected in our world because to mask something is not really to escape it - so much as to create a private 'mind' that automatically seeks and finds validation and reinforcement - that is - it operates to survive and prevail AS private and apart from and 'over and against others'.

The nature of an emergency of assertive imposture of control over mind leads to the loss of functionality of mind as a focus and channel of communication. Thoughts instead of opening and multiplying a scope of creative communication, become locked doors, brick walls and prisons - along with magic keys of promised escape from such 'prison'.

Definitions and beliefs that are no longer aligning true with who you feel and know yourself to be thus become as if sealed or locked in by 'personal' and group persona identities. So much so that issues can no longer be addressed without being subverted to the 'clash of personal identities' in which all sides of conflict operate to protect conflict as the source and determiner of perceived power. While calling on one's 'justifying script'.

How we obviously are defining ourself in relation to consciousness, power and identity is often a reversal of the true order - as a private assertion of self seeking external validation - and thus invoking and feeding external 'power' that undermines or invalidate inner freedom to receive and imagine and create real relationships that bring and share riches of many kinds and qualities.

The mind that is not aligned in the heart of what is consciously felt and known in true presence is often seen as a deceiver - and with good reason - for it is used to justify a false or masked sense of self - that has taken something of the true but set it in a private context of its own unquestioned thinking.

True willing is aligned within - not conformed without - though of course there is a parental role in the guiding of children to their own inner integrity of listening, feeling and knowing. Adults should not be encouraged to be passive dependants on state or any other institution. The desire for parental power can become a destructive obstruction to the development of consciousness whilst taking on 'controls' it cannot meet - and thus become overwhelmed and vulnerable to negative inlfuence.

When anything of the inner is turned to weapon, it loses its true or whole meaning to serve as mask of power.
But when turning to the inner within a true willingness for communication and relationship, is to pause from 'weapon' and discern the issues beneath the 'personality conflict' - and uncover the beliefs and definitions these issues embody. These have been laid down over millennia and have to be undone step by step. Perfect solutions allow no step to be taken, but one good step leads to another and perspectives shift. If God were a static perfection - there would be no unfolding or evolving of conciousness as to its true nature. True transcendence embraces all apparently opposing polarities, accepting that which is resonant to a true sense of one's own being without having to justify that by invalidating others.

It is not the words that make the man or woman - but the deeds that communicate the presence - or indeed the lack of Soul.
Words and concepts are currencies that can become adulterated through misuse and false worship - for they are not the thing they point to. They can conceal toxic debt in complex instruments of persuasion. Finding a true currency of exchange, communication and relationship has to start from the extension of true presence - which is naturally receptive and discerning of the willingness in the other - such as is present to join with in mutually honouring terms or strengthen by not joining in false currency. Trust has to be grown in a mutual honouring. Power can only 'trust' conditioned obedience.

Paranoia and fear does not allow inner receptivity for fear paints reality in sharp contrasts according to the fragment of Self each is identified with protecting and this polarizing of conflicted identity is an open invitation to a shadow third party manipulation and dominance.

The narrative reality is not truth, but the stories we tell that either align true, or mis-alignment we think we want more than truth - and so believe at expense of knowing and feeling within. Truth is not determined by thinking, but its recognition inspires thought and action of alignment - as we freely accept.

But what I feel and know within is not for me to ascribe and assert true of anyone else - though I can meet others of a like willingness. But - for the sake of making a point - if I should seem to conform others to believe the same it will also be they who manipulate me so that they do not have to awaken responsibility of thought - for this is where power is given so as to use others to get it back-handedly. There is always a pay-off for whatever we believe - even unconsciously - or it would not be running. But closer re-evaluation will find much that we took to be true is not - and much of what we took to be symptom of disease or disorder is a true messenger unrecognized. If we assert our own identity, we deny and deprive the joy of being identified in love - be that in any of the innate or true qualities of Life. Asserted 'love' in the form of learned behaviours can only mimic and mask towards gaining acceptance.

What do we really feel about our thought? This may be too simple to ask - but if we feel fear in the fruits - then there is fear in the roots. I see Humanity as a great diversity of experience and perspectives that hold potential for war of conflicted 'power' or for sharing power in which war is not waged against the living - so much as embodying a unifying willingness for Life; giving as we in truth would receive - rather than as un-checked thinking would react.

"What do I really think"? Well in time, every kind of thought has some representation - but that does not mean they gain acceptance as that from which I live, or keep it if they teach me to choose better. That is the choice by which I align with unified purpose in Life. Our fruits communicate regardless the forms may deceive. If 'Caesar' insists on controlling the narrative - then of course 'Caesar' is given his due. But giving unto God that which is due means honouring Creation - Life - and discerning it beneath the distortions of personal and cultural masking. These words don't have to be your words for your feeling of the meaning to be true of you. Life is not forced on us against our true will - though is certainly seems to be when we have conflicted purpose within it. Life is a gift only recognized in giving likewise - not because you should... or Else! But because you are truly moved to freely accept - perhaps after learning what does not work!

The idea of making thought conform usurps love's function of freely choosing to cooperate and share in a greater sense of joining. We all have our 'reasons' as to why we withhold our blessing or withdraw our presence - and this thinking runs mostly un-checked. Does fear in fact protect us from loss, harm or corruption, or does it blind us to guidance in Life that helps to heal these deeply imprinted ways of thinking and seeing? When the baby is thrown out with the bath water there is no real attending to the living. Ideas are easy to play in - but consequences can be very painful and all idea accepted and lived as true desire - has consequence. This is not incentive and threat. Sowing and reaping is in every choice we make and every thought we accept by living as if it is true.

A commenter said: Who cares what Muslims think.

Once you can judge what others think, you can invalidate them. Once they are defined thus they can be forced to 'correct' or forcibly treated by a self-righteous duty! 

Because you 'care' to judge a category used to identify a group of diverse people, you embody such exclusivity or 'elitism'. If you had said 'who cares what anyone thinks' you may have uttered something wise.

I care that you know you have a choice as to where you get your thinking from. When everyone aligns with elitism, power trickles up to evaporate. The loss of consciousness on Earth is disguised by clever thinking - as is the usurpation and evaporation of wealth.

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