Thursday, 21 April 2016

Breivik the monster

I couldn't get the site to accept the whole thing so I chopped off bits until something went in. This is the whole of what I wanted to post:

Firstly - all this attention and provocation is being consciously purveyed in mainstream media - so it is serving more than Breivik's agenda - whatever that might be.

Mob-Judging others as to what they "deserve" is an expression of out-sourced and un-owned self hatred - which is very difficult to feel and abide. Of course the LAST thing that features is anything to do with self - for hating the sin in the OTHER is the way to excommunicate any trace of it in ourselves. 

Vengeance and justice are antithetical to each other, or rather, when vengeance is equated with justice, hate is accepted and worshipped as power and true relational communication - and all that comes from it is denied. That is the undercurrent purpose of any act of terrorising; to reset and re-frame the narrative in ITS terms.

Note that self-righteous hate begets self-righteous hate... unless you choose not to be define in hate - but to re-assert a core integrity of humanity. 

Assessing what conditions are appropriate for the restraint and potential re-education or re-habilitation should not be sentimentally driven - either in hate or pity - but compassionately discerned within an honesty of being that hate denies and breaks in order to persist in our thinking.

To love yourself as your brother as the Source of Life is not intelligible to hate or to power derived from hate. Love is the quality of presence that is being with what is real in yourself, while being with who or what you are with - for these two are not strictly separable; you will interpret through your "self" however much seeming to justify judging another from a higher place.

Mirror images of extreme polarities are dividing us in ways that invoke hatred under guise of righteousness - including extreme 'centre' of anti-extremism.

But when triggered into hateful feelings we mostly have no awareness or willingness with which to consider any perspective but our conditioned reaction. And so whatever else is called for in practical terms, to use the negative experience to generate a positive or re-integrative outcome is to stay in true sovereignty of will and refuse the usurping deceit of hating to feel better about yourself.

Once a denial of humanity is established in one case, it will be expanded to other cases. Hence invalidating terms given currency, are then used to justify summary executions, invasions and subjugation of others in every aspect in which power is transferred from a process of true communication to the judgement of whoever has the biggest gun or control of those who have them - and that includes economic weapons.

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