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Mind as having a virus or being the virus

John Rappoport wrote a piece on 'memes':
    Do memes exist? Or are they fictions?by Jon Rappoport

This page has elicited numerous perspectives from me - and here are two that pick up on the idea of mind as being a virus or having a virus. One is to the comment of another and one to the general theme after further reflection.


medicinehorse179 says: Try Richard Brodies’ “Virus of the Mind ~ the New Science of Memes”. And, you MIGHT have a choice to keep Santa out of your life, but you can NEVER get Santa out of your mind. Your mind is now permanently imbued – infected – with the Santa Claus meme….You HAD TO write that!
And, “images, mottos, slogans, ideas, styles, behaviors” were ALL invented before 1975 – they can’t possibly be memes, because they pre-date the creation of memes….

I haven't read virus of the mind - but the idea of a loss of presence in which a parasitic, alien or destructive intent works its own agenda as 'my thoughts' is aptly inferred by the defence against such attack. You can see this pattern in the war against terror - cancer - or indeed anything - because the seemingly justified attack is the propagation and persistence of the seed idea it presumes to 'eradicate'.

This is the trick my which a mind splits to war within itself - and power struggle undermines or distorts all communication in asserting and enforcing a will - that is in fact the denial of true willing, for it does not communicate within and as a balanced outcome of free association - but coercively conforms to a rigid or fixed sense of self and life that imprints forcefully as identity in concept - or indeed in self image that then resists and seeks to control and exploit change - in terms of the fixed sense of self and its reality experience.

While the uncovering of the force of feeling associated with hidden fear and masked rage can serve awakening to a living presence of free willing acceptance and restored communication, it is closely associated with being triggered to attack, deny, withdraw and hide.
The triggering is not the 'evil' so much as the original imprint of survival amidst a framework of confusion or partial and incomplete understanding. The identifying against and in fear of evil (within) by hating it (without), is an en-trance to the focusing in conflicted sense of self/reality and the lens through which to engage physical experience in exclusive terms.

My sense is that the latter came first as the desire to focus in a specific idea/experience by disregarding alternate 'reality perspectives' and that confusion of identity arose within the conditioning feedback of such exclusivity - where the personal sense through which we extend and experience our Soul in this way - becomes imprinted with the urge for power over, rather than balanced cooperation with, along with its attendant experience of denial, deprivation and pain of exclusion that becomes the validation of such power to a dissociated sense of disconnect from any real relationship.

This is off at a tangent no doubt from the virus idea of wolf malware running in in the sheep's clothing - and I don't say this to mean 'sheepie' - but as the currency of forms of accepted communication. I feel it is the sleeping in the FORM of communication that invites and perhaps necessitates the wolf to wake up the flock from 'sheepiedom' to flocks of free and true association.

Pests reveal where the breaches or compromise is. If one addresses the FORM of the pest without the underlying correspondences, then that FORM of pest control becomes the perfect hiding place for the parasitic intent to operate through - and it may not think itself such to operate personal or private agenda at the EXPENSE of the whole, of integrity, or genuine communication.

So the net-bot operates a collective of compromised individual nodes within a larger relationship - of a controlled collectivism, and once set up to run code 'unconsciously' or as undercurrent reality denied conscious acceptance - aligns to undercurrent power in any triggered event.

Sweeping the moneylender out of your template consciousness is not a political act but a reclaiming of true presence and purpose. And rage of illegitimacy is appropriately serving this turnabout within by fully feeling it - but not propagating hate that masks the underlying hurt - or pain will recycle itself in ignorance and arrogance of reactive conditioning.

Speaking truth to power is a political act that can only come from the capacity to receive and extend presence - for all else is a presentation seeking validation - be that seeking to regain lost power or lost love. Both are part of our human conditioning and both are sought in ways that operate against fulfilment and become co-fused with each other in self-destructive negative definition.

Freedom truly resides in the power to accept idea and run it while it serves the movement of your focussing desire. If the idea is actively manifesting in your reality, it is serving some purpose for you or you wouldn't give it the time of another moment. Communication acquires layers of coded pain in attempt to attract a sympathetic outcome or ward off a sense of violation.

Discernment is a quality of communication that is both native, simple and direct - but denied by the masking of and attempt to escape pain - in whatever form of identity that takes in each of us.
Our core beliefs and definitions are not on our sleeve but hidden because they are conflicting or fearful to uncover. So we create or discover 'permission slips' that work for us as a way of getting in touch with what we already knew but didn't allow, acknowledge or act from as our true self.

The more light, the more that which hides is revealed - and comes up not to damn us but to be undone or healed. But the 'light' of cold analysis is an unloving light. If you feel, you will simply know - but to truly feel, the thinking must be paused from running that 'tells you how to feel'.

Pausing the triggered reaction opens a space in which another perspective can 'voice' for you - if you are even a little willing to listen there. THAT is the issue. Finding willingness and recognizing your own life amidst emotion-backed thinking that was made to keep it hidden - for reasons that don't apply now - because - your willingness has found you.



The increasingly common perception that humans are a virus on the Earth is part of the engine for 'population control'. The virus idea is itself a mask over the idea of an oppositional and violating evil. But whereas Religion started out with the recognition that wholeness was sanctity, the corruption of the idea of a lack of wholeness in conflicted purpose to 'sinner-hood' transferred to organic sin of germs that could then be eradicated  but of course the honeymoon wears off but the scam remains. The scam is in our own thinking - for it is false thinking that deceives and operates destructively - not humanity as such.

Addressing our thinking is of course what the scam refuses to allow - and we all play a part in it while operating from a conflicted sense of self that seeks to prevail over the 'shadow' or scapegoat others. While such roles are in place, no communication is possible - so communication must occur within our own consciousness - as a deeper honesty than we would otherwise allow - because we too have refused to allow or open feelings and thought that is deeply distressing and triggering to strategies of escape that may not be honouring of others and from a clearer perspective, not honouring of ourselves. Without extending and sharing in honour, we carry self-hate and cynicism - that poisons our lives and leads to seeking validation in self-righteous reaction that conveniently hides our own part.

The scam is always a blame game. True responsibility is always a perspective of clearing the air and stepping forth in fresh willingness. Taking on responsibilities that are not ours and then trying to live up to it prevents us living that which forever is ours. The ability to respond is the ability to feel and know, recognize and accept. That which operates to block or distort communication is that which has to be recognized and released to see clearly how to be - in any given moment.

Pride comes before a fall - but the fall - embraced in willingness for truth - transforms humiliation for a true humbling that under-stands the true power of Life and aligns with it rather than presuming to speak for it! Tripping over is part of learning to walk. In this metaphor, learning to prove one will never walk is the insistence of guilt and blame as the guide for thinking.
Without allegiance, the feelings of such take on a different purpose. It feels like shit - but also reveals hidden information that in time becomes a living sense of acceptance for being exactly who we are - as a always unfolding and evolving recognition of Life - rather than its 'controller'. Not that control is missing - but is a balancing function within wholeness rather than a presumption to coerce effects as if outside the Flow.

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