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Meme: Linguistic redistribution

John Rappoport wrote a piece on 'memes':
Do memes exist? Or are they fictions?by Jon Rappoport

I wrote various segments into considering this idea. This is the first.

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Linguistic redistribution:

Szatz asked; does mental illness exist - and his answer was no. A relational conflict is not an organic illness residing in the body or brain of one individual - though the State can and does assert and impose 'treatment' on such peoples whose 'reality' does not fit, or who are induced to fit to a pathological 'reality' in order to 'treat' themselves. That doesn't mean there are not relational conflicts where communication breaks down and leaks out in behaviours including 'phyicalised' conditions that are then experienced without understanding their call, and their context.

The idea of autonomy or 'self-existing, self-creating, self-directing', is the idea of a thought separate from Mind or an individual separate from its relation. A 'me' of self-concept whose image is asserted to protect against loss of face, and loss of power, functions as differentiation within awareness that is consciousness of Existence through self-differentiation. Generating from conception; feeling, and perception, as experience of existence within All That Is - within the fact of being integral to All That Is - as an individuation of Infinity.

The idea of self is the same as the idea of god or soul, mind or spirit - it is the First before time and space from which all else derives as the embodiment of Self as self.
But Self without an object cannot know or feel or experience itself existing and does not will to be alone but goes forth and multiplies as the sharing of the knowing of being that IS expansion, creation, and evolution of Idea.

The idea in mind goes forth and multiplies - not because it has power in itself - but because You give it power of energy and attention - which is love. You therefore also give it meaning in terms of the purpose it serves you - and thus agree or choose to be bound by your own power along the lines of your own thought. Logic is not applied or 'added' to mind but inherent as it.

To be curious and to play in ideas of separation, is an 'as if' perspective. "What if I was different than I Am", and believe it with such force as to generate an experience unlike Full Open Communication"? And so 'creating' distortions that operate a limiting as a segregative sense of self - over and against the Fully Open Conscious Communication. Such idea then 'goes forth and multiplies' limitation, lack, conflict and threat in the name of a god of specialness, set apart and judging over.

The god that asserts itself and lords it over is not the First - but a derivative from an adulterated currency of Idea. However, it has all the power and meaning we give it - regardless of any form it takes. "An idea that is self-replicating' is simply a variation of "Look what you made me do!" - which is the victim play of a hidden mind in serious engagement in its own sense of self in conflict.

The reversal of Consciousness - where effects operate in place of true Cause, is giving power - the power of your acceptance of Will - to that which limits, denies and kills the Will.
How far down the rabbit hole of crazy is it your 'defined joy' to accept and endure?

Thank God for Richard Dawkins! It is remarkable that certain maggots can be used to cleanly and completely remove dead tissue in wounds that would otherwise be extremely open to infection.
There is much in the 'spiritual' bandwagon that 'adds' or overlays magical beliefs of association that may have roots in actual relational intimacies - but which pass on as currency of merely wishful and therefore weak, ineffective and divided thinking - which is very effective as false currency of adulterating and usurping the true relational felt quality of shared being.

So I see the linguistic construct of memes as part of the movement to invalidate or get rid of Consciousness excepting as conforms with the god who lords it by judging and asserting its judgement true - or in vernacular terms, 'controlling the narrative'. Fighting over the control of the narrative is always the pyramid of power - for power is upstream and here you get to look at mind-control because what is going on - in the Idea of Separation running 'as if' with great force - is... mind control. But who is fooling who?

In cartoons the characters can run off a cliff and don't have any problem until they look down.
The force of the imprinting of the separate self sense is a fragmentation that will not stop until there is a pause in which to notice or stir as a wakening of original being. There is a grace to the quality of such existence that is unspeakable.

But to anyone who now recognizes another foundation than conditioned self-survival thinking at the very core of their being - there is now a freedom to renew or rediscover the world and all abilities in it, to serve a fresh purpose - for the hateful that was hidden is 'outed' and recognized to NOT be who you are. This may be soon covered over in the reaction to the habitual momentum of conditionings that have not been not recognised and re-aligned with who you are - but the nature of the device of 'covering over'. itself becomes uncovered because you have a basis on which to challenge and question the belonging of such devices as your choice now.

The movement of mind-control includes its reactive shadow. It takes two to tango, and the idea, counter idea and transcendence is usurped by going upstream to 'win' rather than a true transcendent embrace of all perspectives as a result of true hearing and speaking. Full and open communication is NOT mind control - but the opening - to a mind-control perspective - of all the 'evils' it seeks to kill or hide.

But the rewakening of original being rises from another 'place' and brings another perspective within the same situation. Meanings are not set in stone - but nor is manipulating or rebranding the same old power trip to seem superior or knowing, amidst sown confusion, meaningful or honest.

The 'idea whose time has come' is not a specific form, being timeless it can use all forms for restoring true communication. The idea of conflict is always associating forms with asserted meanings that are not true - in order to play the game of judge and having the last word as your private mind.

The movement of a re-integrative Consciousness is not in separate individuals - for there is no such thing. Right relation is a creative dance of feeling and knowing yourself in relation to the other - not a mono-cultured homogeneity. This is feeling. Not emotionalism of suppression of true feeling but a quality of being, without which life is flat, featureless and may as well be a bunch of memes running in software loops on some machine that have no belonging in a Living Earth while so militantly denying Her Life. Our Life.

Upstream thinks its thinking is creative - incepting 'memes' and downstream takes the pain. If You Really Are First - then nothing can ever contradict you. Any alignment with original being brings this realisation Home. So contradiction means 'against your word'. Self-contradiction goes forth and memefies a war of cause on effect in which effects seem to fight back with a will of their own!

Wake up in a true idea that is truly shared. It's time is willingness, not circumstance. Has a time of willingness come? It's not just an idea - it is a living active call and receptivity to the movement of being - and faking or mimicking it becomes a self-betrayal that serves to not feel good. But at least you can still feel and move with acceptance of feeling to align more truly with who you know you are - without having to first define the form it takes, rather than persist a language of 'mindcontrol' by which to justify your denial in terms that deny your involvement in it. This 'anti-creative' power is using your own power against your Self while playing victor over victim and can only operate when we are not in our right mind; out of communication in dissociation believed real.

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