Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Conflicting mindshare, False stats and side effect by design

Companies clash over statin side effects. Which is lying? By Jerome Burne

My main comment to the article above:

Waking up to treachery and deceit by which such suffering is doled out and suckled on as 'help', is disturbing - and the apparent inability to simply correct the error adds to this sense of powerlessness. Because no one is able to publicly come out without meeting blanking, ridicule or invalidation, and denial in ways that cause many to withhold natural and needful communication because it can attract penalty from vested power interests.

But we educate ourselves, grow in vigilance and discernment and withdraw allegiance from dodgy, deceitful or destructive agenda  while truing up from a clearer sense of purpose and more conscious communication. For  communication is feared or there would not be such distortions and censorship (whether actively imposed on media and other institutions or self-imposed within a tacitly communicated fear of crossing the line and attracting financial sanction, legal suits or other kinds of penalty. But allowing for personal compromise to silence those who should report and witness for society at large there is still a very destructive corporate pharmocracy that has only been insinuating itself more insidiously into our thinking since Thomas S. Szasz coined the term back in 1960.
Behind the FORMS of the world we think we know is a power agenda of very clever but unfeeling mentality. The idea of deceiver is not new  but the technological reach of destructive agenda in all of our expanded abilities is global  as is the prize for those who take idea out of living context and force it on the living or force the living to conform and suffer it. I dont really see profit as the motive  but the ownership of market  which is mindshare and indeed mindcontrol or social engineering. Power corrupts  it goes to the head and loses the heart  unless clearly held in real relationship of transparency and accountability. Ive ranted on here  I meant to recommend the perspectives and work of Stephanie Seneff, note the film Stain Nation, and indeed You Must Be Nuts  and to remember that hatred is also toxic  and so research and grow in health from the ground up  because the top-down has been compromised, and corrupted. We give power to external agencies to make symptoms go away or mitigate them while persisting the same freedom to live out-of-true and outsource the costs and consequence until it comes home. There is no blame in my saying this because we do not know what we do when our OWN thinking is compromised and protected from anything that seems to threaten our world.

David Bailey (to the article):

I guess this leaves one interesting question. How did researchers come up with evidence that statin side effects and placebo side effects were approximately equal? These were sufficient to fool Ben Goldacre -normally a severe critic of the drug industry.

... Nowadays, when drugs are approved even if they only have marginal value, is it possible that placebos are concocted to produce a small amount of the very problem the drug is supposed to cure/prevent!

My response:

As I see it, the active placebo effect  where some bodily response "tells you" that the drug is working such as a dry throat, is known to have a greater result than say a sugar pill alone. Drug companies also utilize this in their "real medicines".

I have the distinct impression that drug companies often set up their trial parameters in such a way as to distort the results  So the placebo used may be inactive and the trial drug  say fluoxetine (prozac) is adulterated with active extras that "tell" the subject that the drug is "working".

There are a whole range of tricks that clever people routinely do to sell what otherwise would be less wanted, unwanted or indeed criminal to purvey.

The key points I see are that data, to have any scientific credibility, must be open, and that the trials really need to be independent of the drug company influence - which is a trillion dollar distortion field. How could it NOT be?

Our modern society is built on "getting" while avoiding being "got from". And is no basis for whole or healthy anything  nor one in which healing or reintegrating modalities and perspectives can grow and fruit. This calls on a profound paradigm shift in our core self definitions as to who we are and what life is for.

If the foundation is corrupt - everything built upon it - no matter how well intentioned  follows suit.

One can petition inherently corrupt institutions to deliver fairness or just and honest service and communication  and fight the lack of this in law to some degree - and there are ways of doing this that share true witness rather than pursue a merely private agenda  but the desire and willingness to uncover a true foundation is discerning what truly resonates your integrity rather than handing all power over to experts - who may yet be worthy advisers to your informed decision.

Is sickness an absence of drugs? Is pre-emptive sacrifice for the sake of reducing risk of fear-mongered conditions - the true causes of which are not investigated or published, a worthy or sane response?

If power and wealth is so disproportionately distributed, it belies that the vast majority want to give it away - or rather use others as their protector and guide rather than awaken their own responsibilities. And those riding the wave encourage it and and are encouraged  even demanded  to persist. How insane can insane get before it can no longer mask as sanity - and therefore attract allegiance? They say everyone has their breaking point - but dissociation can fragment into less and less consciousness operating more and more regulated existence - perhaps without ever breaking ranks to question its reality.

("Anatomy of an Epidemic by Robert Whitaker" is a worthy perspective upon the psychopharma drug approach and its consequences that has relevance to the broader pharma practices and underlying social beliefs that support them).

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