Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Collectivism as individualistic propaganda

When a waking individuality defied the Corporate Sell, The Corporate then sold “individualism” as identity-reinforcement. The video documentary series: “The Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis is worth following for this thread. (Freely online).

A false individualism sells the idea one is free and self-defined while framing apparent choices to mere forms of differentiation that are simply part of the divide and rule of ‘identity politics’. A false identity is “thinking” based – without the visceral creative transformative Life within it.

Indivisible and individual were once synonymous – you cannot be divided or split into parts. But the belief that you can and HAVE been – is the false or split fragmented sense of a Humpty Dumpty world.

We can align with ‘all the King’s men’ if we want – but will never make or regain wholeness from any point outside the relationship of our true Indivisibility.

You may align AGAINST all the King’s men if you want, there’s a ‘helluva drama going on’ and yet martyrdom awaits a god who never comes.

Or you can walk out of any thinking – any framing of meanings and get down quiet in the silence of no reinforcement for your little identity what-so-ever – to be moved anew in a fresh perspective – that – without taking thought – is neither for or against – but WITH what is real in everyone and everything – because that’s where you are coming from.

And then in some unguarded moment, reactions trigger a mind of ‘for and against’ and division rules in place of simple presence knowing right relation. For when coming from a place of self-judgement – one meets the same measure everywhere – without recognizing their part in it.

Because hiding or outsourcing your part, so as to minimise your conflicted pain, is how you assert a sense of private individual authority and seek to validate it upon the world and conform it to reflect what? A justified sense of grievance? Is rage the power that runs the world? or is terror the compression that keeps Humpty in pieces when he could otherwise embrace his peace?

It is good to let feelings rise and move that are denied – to a true acceptance. But important to pause their public or open expression – for until you Know where you are coming from, the deceiver can take you without your realizing until after you have woken from the spell to see the hurt and hurting re-enacted and guilt on your mind.

Family can be a quality of Relationship – not coercion. Don’t be deceived by the concept or the form when it is hollow! Without Feeling awareness – there is no possibility of recognition. The capacity to identify in fragmented and distorted thought has tragic consequence while the identity runs.

Are hate and envy bedfellows? Do we hate ‘power’ because we want it?

Are we not humiliated and enraged in our impotence?
Is that what it seems or can it be imagined and perceived differently?

The vax-pharm runs a mind that is off the rails and so derails our world to run in its imaging. I don’t know about you – but I cannot feel myself at all in those tracks and I feel to reach out to others to say – “there is a choice in this much deeper than seems” – because I am grateful to all that reached or reaches to me in embrace of Life – amidst the split-mind in its fascination with disease, destruction and death.

If medical pharma cant run an open honest shop – should it be running at all? But here’s the rub – there is an extraordinary investment of fear and guilt hidden within the belief and supply of “Power to Intervene, Suppress and Manage Symptoms”. And Vax has ‘generated’ this halo of foundational sacred science that is a kingpin in the new version of the old religion of power and sacrifice that took over before science had hardly a chance to draw breath.

Freethinking? Try it! Open communication? If you are not peer previewed and published in the institutionalism of clinical data you are auto-invalidated – ie: a non-elite. You are done for and if you dissent you will be done to. Monoculture is clearly superior to natures profligate diversity – and anyway its the only way we can pretend any sense of control – by denying everything else than our own brand of truth.

But beneath the changing forms of fear-religion that must coerce against exposure by denying the messenger symptoms of out-of-true, is the cult of sacrifice of Individuality – of joy in wholeness – to a Minotaur that rages in its maze – where it has been hidden; to a priesthood that rules in the name loveless image of the god of ‘The Law’; to a blind arrogance that re-defines truth to set its own crown – and none must laugh at Humpty – for demanding sacrifice to guilt is the secret of power over – and without it… Life restores to Joy. How can this be – when Herod smites so?
I cant tell you but you have to live your life for yourself – true to to yourself and understand within the step you take and not in rehearsal before.

This post received a flattering response to which I replied:

I prefer to see a co-creation or synchronicity in which we meet – and yet in a stirring that doesn’t fit into words and doesn’t need to.

Just as you can discern the ‘weapon’ in your words at times – and thus be free to choose another way to say it – I can feel the separation of specialness – and whilst I celebrate uniqueness of being in all – I don’t feel to embody or attain the idea of an ‘elite-ist’.
As for exploration of worlds – well perhaps instead of trying to fit anything into any kind of plan – you could simply allow and follow what you are attracted to, truly energized, excited or enlivened by and interested and passionate in – in any moment that a choice arises.

It is what you believe in your heart that creates your experience – regardless what the mind presents. Conflicting beliefs and purposes bring a conflicted world. You might say that what I believe makes no difference, but to see a call for help where before I only saw an attack is a huge difference and draws an entirely different response. But I don’t ‘do’ belief from the outside in – as if they can be added to me by taking thought for myself. I release beliefs to what might be called a silence or void of self-assertion and listen and feel for the Life that rises of Itself to a true receptivity – for an instant of such ‘Life’ is so rich in Informational energy that if I lived to be a million I would not be able to write or act it all out and of course nor would I want to. However, as Neil Young sang “I see you give more than I can take, well I’ll only harvest some”. So I only need to know what I need to know, when I need to know it, and go with what resonates (there’s the joy recognition thing), and live this sense of unfolding – because it’s more about where I am coming from than where I’m going. If desire and imagination move me with the sense of inspiration to act then if I then don’t believe I can do it – the whole thing stagnates or constipates and no more inspiration can come in because I’m not listening truly to what I have – or I’d act on it.

The thing about these knots or logjams is to accept them as teaching learning opportunities rather than defining as failures or obstructions.

Blake access a wisdom that is available no less to you, but the nature of the receptive and expressive channel of communication may be less self-aware in you at this time in your life. But in your opening or letting of That Thou Art in Heaven to be right where you are – you will of course access a richness of being and wisdom to live it – if you remember to ask within rather than presume you have it – that will express in the unique way that might share vibrational resonances with all kinds of energetic connections – yet be recognisably Michael Burns. However – this is already unfolding as your life and if anything is ‘missing’ it is your conscious appreciation of it – which grows presence as mind is released from trying to manage or ‘control’ Reality – which it is not designed or capable of fulfilling – but it can generate great burden of suffering in the attempt and become ‘negatively polarised’ as a result. Generating a sense of disconnection from Life and as they say – the rest is history.
Well met!

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