Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What or Who is the Establishment?

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I think the establishment's fear of Trump is genuine. This leads me to believe that they do not control him. The funny thing is that The Ruling Class will have more control over Trump if he is elected than they do now. Is he smart enough to see the trap? If so, will he be able to do anything about it? The USA has already gone over the edge into what appears to be a neofascist abyss. No executive, no matter how skilled, will be able to stop the crash. SECEDE...SECEDE...SECEDE!!! Then SECEDE again.

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What is 'The Establishment'? the structure of conformity that bulks it out or the quickwits behind the strings.
When there is a big Crash, almost everyone get burned - but not everyone. When there are world wars almost everyone is burned - but not everyone.

Insider dealing is a market term but also serves for those who are inside the timings or even the events, and direct and seed trends so as to be positioned to exploit and benefit - often in quite long term plans.

If fascism is governing by dictate and without assent or accountability, then it tends to run either on a 'popular' personality or a collectivism presented as fairness that operates a kind of mind-control.

What is the nature of control? Either undisguised threat or a subtler deceit. What is the true nature of governance? A process of communication out of which outcomes arise that honour that process of communication.

If we use smear and propaganda in place of communication then we are already part of a controlled opposition and no matter how much we may seem to be a loose cannon, we are infected with the same mind that we profess to hate in the other.

However, Trump has a platform for witnessing issues that the Media and its puppeteers cannot altogether shut down and deny while he is undefeated in this bid. Regardless of what presidency may or may not be able to enact or change - while he is in the spotlight he can expose more of the deceits going on.

Somewhere down this page was a mention of chemtrails - which - whatever it is supposed to be for - is toxic to Life on Earth. This cannot be talked about without meeting the denials of the Establishment - which is mostly a zombie army of mistaken and mis-directed self-interest. And so the Established Narrative is that whatever they are is either nothing or out of bounds to hold to account. There are many 'corporate' agendas that result in biocide. The answer is to change their legal status to hold persons accountable and stop accepting legally defined entities as having personal rights (without corresponding responsibilities).

However, I note Trump is willing to raise the similar issue of vaccinations - which have a trojan horse of scientific "consensus and believability".
I believe the best strategy is freeing our mind and using it to reflect a true witness in which deceits must be recognisably deceits. Will there then still be the sense of power with which to rule by fist alone? And is such a rule anything more than a SHOUTING over the truth that they cannot and will not accept?

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Yep. A healthy dose of truth would be most beneficial.

binra >>> rahrog
No one is open to truth who already believes they have it defined - or that opening will deprive them of whatever they believe they have. And fixation upon the evils or faults in the Other is the symptom of that.
If someone is on a red alert as their normal state of mind then they simply wont get any invitation to reconsider the role of control.
As in True Medicine; simply remove and desist from the toxins and do nothing to prevent the intake and exposure to nutrient and a true supportive environment - and health rises and regenerates of itself. The caveat is that 'toxins' are not just embedded in all sorts of chemistry - but are neural pathways of conditioning associated with negativity that has been dumped in the body and denied emotional expression and release and so there is a HUGE backlog - and the World reflect the same complex MESS!
However, in the willingness for truth there is a shift by which our relationship to symptoms changes and we are no longer so defined or subject to them. Freedom is firstly being who you are without fear or guilt or any call for justification or apology. Some things change radically and instantly and others may persist but become insignificant to fulfilling your life - or serve some purpose of keeping you focused.

I felt to share this because I don't feel to wait on anything or anyone or even another moment for a dose of truth ;-)

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