Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Considering Cause - beneath all appearance

I said all actions have consequences and someone replied "dare I say all actions have causes?".

I'm glad they did, because it opens the possibility of addressing cause instead of being exclusively set in a focus of division in the idea and attempt of manipulating effect.

There are thoughts and actions that proceed as conditioned reactions of a misidentification, and there are thoughts and acts that embody a quality of wholeness of purpose.

All acts are embodying thought. For 'as a man thinks in his heart, so he is' - and does. When we accept thought as our own, by acting from it as true, it becomes belief, and interprets perception, and that determines what you see and sets the range of available responses. Accepted beliefs also operate automatically to find reinforcement and support - not because they are 'acting independently' but because the subconscious aspect of our personality has such reinforcement as part of our capacity to remain focused in physical experience. Actions imprint consciousness at the body level to make habit-routines of reaction.

Many are divorced from the heart's knowing in a mind of reaction they then take as their self and that 'mind' frames everything in terms of separation - including a sense of causing and defining itself and having to function, cope, manage, prevail and survive, according to its own self-defined limits. These thoughts and actions persist in asserting and defending a separate self sense that may operate like a guardian of the heart - but in its own image and definition of heart - and upon its own terms - and so operates more as a guard over a denied and imprisoned heart - for redefining the feeling quality of relational awareness and expression in mental terms - and giving it priority and power - is to accept a loveless power as one's cause - regardless that it has its own version of 'love' - which is both conditional and contractual to the effect that it allows presence of feeling only when certain conditions are met - and withdraws and withholds presence with anger or hate if those conditions are not met.

So far I have only looked at where one is focused in or 'where one is coming from' and not at all on what any act is or does.

The focus on the form of an action without its relational context is seeing or accepting a meaning that isn't necessarily there. It is a private bias that makes association. But meanings of association then become a false currency of short-cuts that cut out actually checking in with what is actually presenting or presencing itself.

A phishing attack is a current example of masking a hidden intent in a familiar form, but the ruse of a mask or disguise is pervasive within our own consciousness and therefore in our social and political interactions.

The nature of the masking has a protective element - but it is also a denial of Life - and with consequences that are dissonant and destructive to a true appreciation of Life.

It may be seen as putting something on hold because it could not be faced, resolved or integrated at the time, But this is a temporary holding aside or keeping away that cannot be made a foundation from which to live without the conflicted nature of that foundation manifesting in all that then transpires. So the dissonance is truly the call for healing - but the persistence in 'power' interprets dissonance as a call for attack - and this is a false identity that runs with all the power the belief in attack gives it.

But of course it is experienced real, and defends and reinforces itself as a chosen idea or belief through which to focus and have your experience. But it is blind to its own predicament while it attacks effects without pause to reveal cause.

The redefinition of cause into assigned forms of association assigns it to the past and in the Other and projects it to a future anticipated to repeat the past - and so a residual sense of control is asserted in protecting from fearful unwanted and hated outcomes that denies any sense of presence - for the attempt to escape a feared past - or repeat and maintain a 'loved' past is the re-enactment of the same core pattern that imprinted such a past.

But is it the past or is it a way of defining a present trace of a focus that has value and meaning? Is it the past as a fixed and irrevocable act by which all was set awry - or is it experienced entirely through the lens of a presently held sense of self-belief?

Do we in fact have more power than our thinking allows - but of a different order than power to deny, mask, assert and present a mask to be validated?

Stupid is persisting in what does not and can not work while not 'getting' the feedback and making wiser connections. However, the mindtrap that I sketch out here is ingeniously devised - because the power that called it forth is Power of Life - yet it now seems to work against us rather than for us, and to deny the even the life we thought to have in the way we thought to have it.

That we can use power to deny and limit power is a contradiction - but we are operating a mind in contradiction with itself and with its Cause. A mind is not meant to function as power or as mask of power - but as a channel of communication that connects and reflects relationally.

The conditions in which to re-cognize or know again a true relation or alignment at heart or as a balanced wholeness of being are here to read and to use. Or you can persist in attacking, denying and seeking to manipulate and coerce outcomes from an incomplete and distorted sense of yourself.

You know truth because it does not need any such assertion of 'power' to be itself. You can in that sense, rest in it - not static - but as one with a flow of unfolding. Losing balance is part of learning to walk. Without willingness, curiosity and imagination of an open Mind - the halt lead the blind.

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