Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The way out of a mind trap

 Commented into an article on the movement to define 'conspiracy theory' as a mental condition - and a criminal act.

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The way out of a mind trap is to recognize you are not in it. Any other direction is reinforcement. A false thinking will trigger or bait you into reaction by which you will have made belief by acting from it.
War-mindedness is hate and blame. But beneath this is fear and pain and getting in touch with the underlying feeling as an emotional honesty - before acting or broadcasting attack - allows a process of integration from which to become more aware of deceits so as not to be baited as well as more able to discern how and when and with who to address the issues that are beneath the appearances.
Lack of fear is not a lack of discernment in reckless disregard for consequence. Every act has consequence so the key thing is to be on purpose - that is truly aware and aligned with who you are - so that whatever then occurs is part of your purpose and to be understood within it - not as a loss or violation of it.
If you don't know who you are then you are running on 'thinking' that is not worthy of you. A false currency.  A directed narrative that operates with built in defences against being questioned or exposed. If you are part of such a 'conspiracy' then you see the world as being 'done to you' and cry 'foul!' as a basis from which to withhold and withdraw behind a mask. If you play the 'innocent' over an against another's guilt or the righteous against another's sin or lack, then you are strengthening that 'mind' in human consciousness by living from it.

In framing 'them' as almost all powerful, your own power is negated. So look to how you define and talk about others. Its telling stories that are not true - or are not the whole truth. If others are identified in control and feel they are losing control or being threatened, then they will soon shift from suspicious to vicious.

Communication must begin within our own consciousness -or else one is simply running as conditioned reaction - of thinking - regardless the role played.
Communication as I say it is not thinking - but a real relationship; an intimacy within - though the word 'within' is redundant here. But focusing exclusively 'without' is the conspiracy of consensual blindness to truth. How else could deceits gain power?

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No need for anti-government - but rather express idea of true or just governance. Hate-led politics may be popularist - but it appeals through joining in hate as a kind of ritual release that does not actually release but persists he problem - albeit sometimes in different clothes.
This 'hate' founded reaction is part of a fear of being hurt and threatened in coercive terms - and is never straight communication. Governance - whatever that is - needs straight communication and fear of hurt and hate of feeling powerless, distort straight communication.
When politicians seek to use tactics like the above, they are admitting they have no credible communication to offer and are either bluffing because it works with so many that it doesn't need the iron fist to follow up, or it is in a corner and has no other recourse in the perspective it has painted itself into.
Most do not like to be seen as hate made manifest and so they seek justification so that it is no longer hate but dealing with dangerous or corrupting nutters or indeed vermin.
I feel that this is a time when real communication is needed to witness to true currency of thought - and one doesn't have to be hateful in intent even if expressing about issues in which there are hateful consequences that can be and should be addressed.
The way tyranny is give power is to deny any true voice expression - as a result of activating a pattern of self-censorship. Fear, hate and rage find entrollment via unconscious denial and projection. We are meeting 'unconscious' self in our surface reality.

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