Thursday, 17 March 2016

Mocking the mockers of God

Kasich delusional; Rubio not in God’s plan by Jon Rappoport

In the comments below this writing on 'religion' in the US political theatre I read:

P.D.C says:   
You think it is funny to mock GOD? All I can say is you better be prepaird to make your bed in hell.

I moved to say:
Hang on a bit - if what is being discussed is a corrupt culture that 'mocks' God by using His name without His Nature - then it is the mockers who are being mocked.
When so many 'use' the idea of God as a deceit to hide in and manipulate through, many feel the name cant be used because its been given corrupted meanings as a result of no longer being actually connected with. Instead an image or symbol or concept of 'God' is hyped up and 'given' power. There are warnings against this in the Bible that no longer find ears to hear.

How do you know if the God you love is real? (that's a trick question).
You know what is real by recognizing it in love and extending love to it.
If you try to love hate - it will not return your love but devour it and tell you that sacrifice is 'love' and that love is hateful weakness that works against your struggle to sacrifice and be free of unworthiness.
Love reveals you already worthy - and it is this quality of being that recognizes itself in others - and in the world - and extends appreciation and gratitude for the gift.
Another term for God is Mercy or Unconditional Acceptance. if you know better than God - stay in what your own judgement demands of you. But the Last Judgement is a Restatement of the First Creation: You Are my Beloved in Whom Is My Delight.
Jesus was a way-shower - not a sacrificial victim to appease a god of hate.

Prepare yourself for Life by self-honesty - not coercive conformity to feared outcomes.
Appearances can be faked - but a false self-assertion is a mask that always inevitably slips.
Such is a time for celebration! Light has entered - what are you going to do with it? "Kill the hypocrite!" or open a communication that until now could not be had.
When the one who feels they deserve death is extended Life they have a real choice to accept and recognize Life. Otherwise the hatred  rejoices in its 'righteousness' and feels 'closer to its god'.

As I indicated in a post on another recent Rappo-Rap - we cant damage the Original - but we can suffer a distorted and conflicted copy. It is your balance of mind that you keep in the heart - not God's Well Being. Taking offence is a choice - with consequence.
Be ye perfect even as God is Perfect - could mean Be on purpose and whole in unified purpose in your own consciousness so as to align and attune to Universal Purpose. It has nothing to do with what FORM this takes. But only love is capable of wholeness - where hate has to have at least something OTHER than itself to seem to happen.
The god of HATE is the changing of an Intimacy of being to a world of ugly strangers - against whom the elect and elite seek to prevail. Its a scam but with an extremely intense force of will in it. (Though I now see the true Will was forced down and then blamed in false scapegoating).
Jesus exemplified discovering the true Will of the relational situation - by pausing the mind of reaction and putting it behind - then what rises clear as Obvious is truth to rest in - as balanced action.
Take up thy bed from hell and walk!

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