Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Weather Modification - Chemtrails

I'm curious about this. It is being held very secret. My sense of the Sun these days is significantly different than it was before. Aluminium is also used as sunscreen - at great health cost.

Sunlight has been demonised when its beneficence is manifold - albeit proportionately to sensitivities and exposures.

The image I feel is of a dawning light of a nature that calls the end of the party for the shadow deceiver mind. I don't have any physics for that except it chimes with my reading of the times.

If there were some basis of believed 'threat' that atmospheric modification was called for - but the threat was felt too fearful and threatening to public 'sanity (sic) - and so it goes on un-announced, and un-acknowledged excepting with a 'climate change' ruse to add a sort of backdated cover story.

Yes I know there is also the callous willingness to poison and sicken and retard populations as is also occurring via all sorts of other means - but they are generally power consolidating and profit making - whereas poisoning the Earth is more of a mass biocide. I'm aware a lot of people now have human self-hatred and see them (sic) as a virus or plague on the Earth - but their thought would call forth depopulation of humans not a biocide of Earth. That destructive agenda speaks more of a hatred of Life Itself - that 'Luciferian victory' of glorying in death as power over Life ... or perhaps Job's tempter.

Biology is a deeper frontier than might seem - because as I see you are already aware - it is being utilised in the war against Consciousness.
I sense that many cannot FACE what is going on and their mind shuts down in apparent cynicism or gullibility - while they are usually more than willing to immerse in dark and heavy movie scripting. So I feel to join the opening of the mind to the dark scripts that are active in our collective reality - with an unwillingness to engage in and indulge in a negatively directed imagination.

I refine my sense of using 'democracy' to any mode of arriving at outcomes or decisions through a process of honourable communication. This may not even use voting - but in order for it to be real - even the unpopular or discomfiting voice must have a space of willingness and acceptance in which to be heard.
This is an entirely different basis to the old ways of fighting out arguments  where only the powerful have a voice and artful deceits rob power by setting up legal procedures and forms that exclude all but initiates.

Natural Human: (Posted this link)

I'll watch this - I have read a bit and watched a few other videos so far. Will this one add anything new? ....I'll find out. (Edit : A sense of a growing conversation).

But just posting links or relaying information - does not communicate any ownership of what moves YOU to bring it up or share it. There is a tendency to 'share on' information of either positive or negative import as if everyone Else has to get it and act.

But merely opening to something as information is not the knowing from which to act or speak. I feel we have to allow ourself to be transformed so as to act from a truer clearer sense of who we are - or... we are being run by fears and guilts that we are not even aware of - because they are packaged up in ways that hide or screen from accepting what is really going on.

Denial of fear enacts denial of Life in forms of power imposing order upon it. This is not original human nature - and I feel to uncover and flow with the natural human - which is not framed in a false sense of power - or in reaction to it.

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