Monday, 16 November 2015

When true expression is feared then war on truth seeks to prevail

The Intercept has a series of articles on the drone method of assassinations.
Secret military documents expose the inner workings of Obama’s drone wars
The Assassination Complex

"It’s all in the mind. The battle is for our minds.
That is the most valuable real estate".
The comment above invited this general reply:

The battle for fragmented (secret) minds is operating in place of unified or functional communication. To put it another way; the denial of any real process of self-reflection is achieved by projection, blame and attack.
Such denial dictates looking ONLY at effects (outward) and thus to avoid looking at cause (within). Then to assert cause as blame within the appearances of effects - and seek to assert power over effects.
The attempt to coerce reflections without aligning or healing the cause, is an exercise in dislocation, insanity and tragic futility - yet to the 'survival mentality' operating out from a past made in terror and in anger - it is considered necessity and non-compliance , a threat to the order that only war can maintain.
The real estate of our mind is not self-possessed or stolen - but is a reality of God's Estate from which we have defined and believed ourself in terms of a mind at war with reality - for a mind identified in self image can ONLY defend and act according to the dictates of such image.
Reality is not fixed, static, stuck - and Meaning Itself is infinitely rich in expression and appreciation... if one is open to receive and share it.
Identifying AGAINST something is giving power to it - in secret - and getting a false power in seeming to be able to get rid of it. Our guilts and fears and rages give power to the shadow that  - far from being 'got rid of' is negating our very consciousness by inducing us to war upon our own unrecognized denials and reflections. The 'battle' is the war by which truth is denied. There can be no true victory in such war and yet there may be a call to stand in the truth of who you are against the temptation to make a self in hate. Discerning what is true is the result of looking within - not asserting power by stealth or deceit in mind-games to protect a false sense of self against exposure.

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